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2013-11-05 ArtNo.44620
◆BP dumps old partner to set up acetic acid plant with IOC
Oil and gas major BP gave up on its partner of 15 years, the Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertiliser Corporation (GNFC), and chose the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) as its new partner in its bid to set up one of world's biggest acetic acid plants in India.
BP's chairman Bob Dudley announced the company tied up with IOC to set up a world-class acetic acid plant in Gujarat during his recent visit to India
After almost two years of repeated requests from GNFC, a relatively small player to the one it was pitted against, BP refused to extend its patented acetic acid manufacturing licence to the firm to set up a new plant. The reason: It found a bigger and better ally in IOC.
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BP dumps old partner to set up acetic acid plant with IOC

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