Let's turn the light inwards, illuminate the Self. 回光返照
Learn to withdraw, turning the light inwards, illuminating the Self. (Doing so), your body and mind will drop off naturally,
and orijinal-Self will manifest. If you wish to attain suchness, practice suchness immediately. (Zen Master Dogen)

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"Birth of Judaism and eastern propagation" Slide show Episode5:Origin of Koan

Jesus said, "The messengers and the prophets will come to you and give you what belongs to you. You, in turn, give them what you have, and say to yourselves, 'When will they come and take what belongs to them?'" (Thomas 88)

'Kanwa (看話: meditation of word)' and 'Mokusho (黙照: Silent Illumination)'
 Today, Zen Buddhism in Japan is generally divided into two groups: Rinzai Buddhism (臨済宗), which favors the discipline of koan (公案) training called 'Kanwa (看話: meditation of word)' and Soto Buddhism (曹洞宗), which uses 'Mokusho (黙照: Silent Illumination)' as the fundamental approach to enlightenment. One day, a monk asked Zen Master FengXue, "Speech or silence is just a half of reality, how can I capture the whole thing?" Then Fengxue sang a passage of great poet DuFu(杜甫) saying, "I always remember Jiangnan (江南) in the third month, partridges calling amidst all the flowers so fragrant." (Wumenguan CASE 24)
 Wumen Huikai (無門慧開1182-1260), who wrote "Wumenguan (無門関Gateless Barrier)", an analects of Koan during the Southern Song Dynasty (南宋1127-1279), commented this koan (Wumenguan Case 24) saying, "FengXue's spirit is like lightening. It catches the target and runs straight away. But why does he rest upon the tip of ancient one's tongue (DuFu's poem) and not cut it off? If you realize this deeply, a way (of spiritual rebirth) will be found naturally. Just leave all words behind and say one phrase." He also gave us another advice in his following verse;
 FengXue does not speak in his usual style;
 Before he says anything,
 the secret, which the thousand sages have not transmitted, is already manifested.
 If you go chattering glibly,
 You should be ashamed of yourself.

 宋朝时代编制公案录《无门关》的禅僧无门慧开Click to text(1182-1260)对这个公案(無門関第二十四则)评论说「風穴機如掣電,得路便行,为什么坐前人(杜甫)舌頭不斷,若向者裏見得親切,自有出身(再活现成)之路。且離卻語言三昧,道將一句來!」并写颂说「风穴不露其骨句,却分付千圣不传的一句,如果你敢开口说一句,就臊得脸红。」

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