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◆Indian companies bet on defence sector; pour in billions to manufacture guns, ships & tanks
【New Delhi】Some of India's biggest companies are pouring billions of dollars into manufacturing guns, ships and tanks for the country's military, buoyed by the new government's commitment to upgrade its armed forces using domestic factories.
 India, the world's largest arms importer, will spend $250 billion in the next decade on kit, analysts estimate, to upgrade its Soviet-era military and narrow the gap with China, which spends $120 billion a year on defence.
 Even before his landslide election victory in May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to assert country's military prowess and meet the security challenge posed by a rising China and long-running tensions with Pakistan.

○India's first indigenous anti-submarine warship commissioned
【Visakhapatnam】The first indigenously built stealth anti-submarine warfare corvette 'INS Kamorta' was commissioned by Defence Minister Arun Jaitley at the Naval dockyard here on the 23rd August.
 Kamorta, a frontline warship with an array of anti-submarine warfare, anti-air and anti-surface weapons and sensors, is the first of four ASW stealth corvettes designed by Indian Navy's in-house organisation, Directorate of Naval Design (DND)and was inducted into the Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy.

○India's orbiter to reach Mars in 33 days: ISRO
【CHENNAI】"India's ambitious Mars Orbiter Mission is just nine million kilometres away from the red planet and 189 million kilometres away from the Earth. 33 more days to MARS," Indian Space Research Organisation said on the 23rd August.
 Early this month, ISRO scientists ruled out Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre originally planned for August as the spacecraft was on track.

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Indian companies bet on defence sector; pour in billions to manufacture guns, ships & tanks

Arun Jaitley commissions frontline warship INS Kamorta

Anti-submarine corvette inducted into the Navy

India's first indigenous anti-submarine warship commissioned

India's Mars orbiter to reach red planet in 33 days: ISRO

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