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◆India is a diverse society, the same universal values apply here as well: Google CEO

【New Delhi】Its India-born CEO Pichai, who ran Google Chrome and Android before being picked for the top job by founder Larry Page as part of a radical move to bifurcate the company into Google and Alphabet, last week waded into a hot-button political topic in the US of allowing Muslim immigrants into the country with an unequivocal statement that called for greater tolerance and open-mindedness.
 Asked about his views on the raging debate in India on rising intolerance, Pichai, 43, was diplomatic yet steadfast in his support for greater diversity. "I don't come to India and spend enough time to know all the details here. But I would hope, India has a strong tradition of all of this. It is a diverse society and so I hope the same universal values apply here as well," he said in his trademark soft tone. He was far more emphatic in his support of net neutrality in India.
 India, which already has more Internet users than the US, is the second-biggest market for Google for search queries. Pichai announced a raft of initiatives in India on December 16 including train 2 million Android developers, equip women in rural India through a fleet of Internet-enabled bikes and build a new campus in Hyderabad in addition to a plan to provide free WiFi in 100 stations.

○Google will connect 400 railway stations using wi-fi

【New Delhi】The telecom wing of the Indian Railway, RailTel, had signed an agreement with the subsidiary of Google India to provide wi-fi facilities at 400 stations across the country.
 "100 stations will have wi-fi by December 2016. Mumbai Central (station) to go live by January. This is in partnership with RailTel," Sundar Pichai, the technology giant's CEO, said at a Google for India event.

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Google to heavily invest in India, train two million developers on Android platform: Sundar Pichai

100 stations to go live with wi-fi by 2016-end: Pichai

We will bring Project Loon to India soon: Google

New Google campus at Hyderabad, more net access planned: Pichai

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