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SEAnews aims to realize one world that overcomes race / religion / ideological differences.

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 Focusing on the Indian subcontinent, we will send you monthly via e-mail and web with current news on trade and industry, government policies, social information in emerging economies, forecasts and reviews of incidents and trends, and commentary. In addition, we will also deliver the miscellaneous feelings of the editor and publisher once a month.
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Company Profile
Company Profile

Corporate name:SEA Research
Registration No.:45126900D
President:Atsushi Murakami
Address:BLK 758 Yishun Street 72 #09-444 Singapore 760758
Line of business:Publishing SEAnew, Selling books through the SEAnews eBookstore
Founded:August 24 1991
Start Publication:April 15 1992

Since I have settled in Southeast Asia, I took the initials of South East Asia and made them as the company name.

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