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◆Commerce Ministry seeks more Indian ships for trade with Iran
【New Delhi】The Commerce Ministry has urged the Shipping Ministry to increase the number of ships plying between India and Iran as inadequate transportation options are impeding trade.
 Indian exporters are mostly dependent on global shipping lines that have proved unreliable and expensive following sanctions put in place by the West to curb Iran's nuclear programme.
 "Since Indian ships are insured locally and are not dependent on insurance and re-insurance from Western companies, these are not affected by economic sanctions by the US and the EU, like the global shipping lines," a Commerce Ministry official pointed out.
 It has written to the Shipping Ministry requesting that more Indian vessels be used on the India-Iran route. Of a fleet strength of over 1,150 ships, only around 8 per cent are deployed for trade with Iran.
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Commerce Ministry seeks more Indian ships for trade with Iran

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