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2014-04-11 ArtNo.44953
◆Indian markets outpace EM peers
【Mumbai】The Indian equity market has outperformed its emerging market (EM) peers over the past one month on the back of strong inflows from foreign institutional investors (FIIs).
 The BSE benchmark, the Sensex, has gained more than 6% in dollar terms, with FIIs pumping in $2.4 billion over the last 25 sessions beginning February 12.
 Only Indonesia (5.41%) and Brazil (3.31%) among emerging market countries have given positive returns in dollar terms over the past one month.
 Experts feel the general elections (April 7-May 12), coupled with improving macro-economic indicators, have made India more attractive as compared to its peers.

○BSE to launch equity trading on Bolt Plus from April 7
【Mumbai】Premier stock exchange BSE Ltd today said it will launch equity trading on Bolt Plus, the country's fastest trading platform, from April 7.
 "We are launching equity cash segment for trading on our Bolt Plus platform on April 7 this year. We have already launched currency futures and options in November 2013, interest rates futures in January and equity derivatives on February 7 this year on Bolt Plus Live platform," Bombay Stock Exchange CEO and MD Ashish Chauhan told PTI here.
 BSE upgraded its technology platform in November 2013 to BOLT+. The BSE trading system (Bolt Plus) is based on T7, the global trading architecture of Deutsche Bourse AG. One of the key features of the system is its response time of approximately 200 micro seconds, making it the fastest trading platform in the country today. BSE new technology is open source and low cost.

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Indian markets outpace emerging markets peers

BSE to launch equity trading on Bolt Plus from April 7

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