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◆Modi, Obama for strengthening ties
【Washington】BJP leader Narendra Modi has said that in his conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama last Friday they discussed strengthening India-U.S. strategic partnership.
 In a tweet, Mr. Modi commented on the telephone talk, which took place on the eve of the election results, saying “In our conversation, @BarackObama & I talked about further strengthening India-USA strategic partnership that will help both nations.”
 Unlike the heads of state of the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, the Maldives and Singapore, no reply-tweet came from Mr. Obama’s or the White House’s account.
○US Senator John McCain congratulates Modi
【Washington】US Senator John McCain has congratulated Narendra Modi and his party on the resounding electoral success in the Lok Sabha elections and hoped to work with his government to revitalise bilateral relations.
○No pre-condition for talks: Pak envoy
【New Delhi】Setting the terms for revival of the composite dialogue process with the Modi government, Pakistan today made it clear that India should not shy away from dealing with "contentious" issues like Jammu and Kashmir and not lay down any pre-conditions for talks, stating that such an approach by the outgoing Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime had not worked.
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Modi, Obama for strengthening ties

U.S. senator John McCain congratulates Modi on electoral success

US Senator John McCain congratulates Modi

No pre-condition for talks: Pak envoy

Pak works out strategy to deal with new government

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