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2014-07-15 ArtNo.45187
◆Modi aims to turn Katra into a fully solar city
【Katra】After inaugurating the railway station at Katra and flagging off a train linking the country to the base camp of Mata Vaishno Devi pilgrimage in Jammu’s Trikuta Hills, Mr Modi addressed a public meeting and said that he had already shared his idea of turning Katra into a fully solar city and his government had started an ambitious plan of solar energy for the holy town.
 He also revealed his plan of connecting all the Himalayan States, which are dotted with spiritual centers, with a major developmental initiative that would benefit all these northern States. “This significant day is definitely pushing Jammu and Kashmir to a new direction---of progress and development,” Mr. Modi said.
○Why can’t railway stations be like airports, asks Narendra Modi
【Katra】Ahead of the Railway Budget FY15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pitched for a larger role for the private sector in the the railways, including upgrading stations through a sustainable PPP (public-private partnership) model.
The idea of PPP is to create commercial complexes at the stations that would ensure revenue streams robust enough to attract private operators. The NDA government is revisiting the model, possibly with more incentives to private investors.
 “Railway stations of metro cities and key cities such as Jammu and Kashmir need to be modernised. This can be done…This can also become an economically viable project. The policy will be such that… private party will be ready to invest,” he said, during the inauguration of rail link to Katra in Jammu and Kashmir, the base of Vaishno Devi shrine.
【News source】

An important day for J&K: Modi

Why can’t railway stations be like airports, asks PM Narendra Modi

Private sector will have a role in Railway stations’ facelift: PM

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