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2017-04-03 ArtNo.45979
◆Recruitment of Ad-SEAnews Canvassers
○Full amount of advertising fee to be paid to you as a commission

【Sponsored Story】 SEAnews, which has launched a new business, AD-SEAnews, based on a new concept of "realizing borderless one world," is now preparing to start outsourcing people for ad canvassing and have prepared "Ad-SEAnews Canvasser Memorandum" in Japanese, English and Chinese. If you are interested, please download it. When you fill out the necessary information and return it to us (seanews0@gmail.com), we will send a certificate of canvasser registration to you. Then please introduce potential advertisers to us. If an advertisement contract is successfully concluded, we will pay the full amount of advertising fee as a commission to you for one year and 10% of it after one year according to the above-mentioned memorandum.

The following is the latest update of SEAnews.

The following is a sample site of "Ad-SEAnews."

○Procedure for canvassing
 The minimum condition as an advertiser of SEAnews is to have a home page. So, if you know a potential advertiser, please let us know the name of the company and the URL of its website.
 We will access the company's home page, create a sample of "WEB Picture Ad" for them and upload it to the above sample site of Ad-SEAnews. And then, we will fill out the necessary items of the "AD-SEAnews Order Form" and will send it to you.
 When you meet an acquaintance of the company, show the sample site of Ad-SEAnews with your own smartphone and try to solicit him/her.
 Perhaps, he/she may ask you to post a different Picture Ad from the sample. In that case, please check the link address and image source of the picture ad and correct the "AD-SEAnews Order Form" and send it back to us.

Link address : http://www.seanewsonline.com/ad/index.htm
Image source : http://www.seanewsonline.com/ad/img/ad-seanews.JPG

 We will send the invoice to the company in accordance with the "AD-SEAnews Order Form." Once the payment is made, we will start to publish the ad. And we will transfer the full amount of advertising fee paid to your Bank account or PayPal account as a commission.

○"WEB Picture Ad" and "Mail Picture Ad" to be canvassed in one set
 "WEB Picture Ad" and "Mail Picture Ad" are basically same. Thus when a company has decided to publish its picture ad on our web site, please recommend to publish it also on our newsletter in one set.
 Regarding "WEB Picture Ad," an advertiser has to just wait for readers to access our website. As for "Mail Picture Ad," we send it directly to readers' smartphones or PCs. Thus, the latter has immediate effect and can be expected much bigger impact compared to the former. However, only the news digests are posted on our newsletter. Readers have to access our website to read the full texts of them. Please emphasize this point when you solicit.
 If the potential advertiser wishes to post other than "WEB Picture Ad" and "Mail Picture Ad," please help for him/her to fill in the necessary fields of "AD-SEAnews Order Form." However, Initially, you may canvass focussing on "WEB Picture Ad" and "Mail Picture Ad." When you have got used to this job, you may also canvass other types of advertisement.

○Tips: Practically you can advertise free of charge for one year
 If you yourself are a potential advertiser or a staff of it and yet play the role of an ad canvasser for us, you can advertise practically free of charge for 1 year and 10% of advertising fee can be refunded afterwards. However, the advertising fee must be paid to us at first, and you will also have to bear the cost of transfer of money such as advertising fees and commissions.
 When you fill out "Ad-SEAnews Canvasser Memorandum," please mention that you are a potential advertiser, then we will process your application preferentially.

 We would appreciate it if you would consider the above plan positively.

Atsushi Murakami
Publisher and editor of SEAnews
BLK 758, Yishun Street 72,
#09-444,Singapore 760758
TEL: +65-87221054
Mail: seanews0@gmail.com

○One world:The aim of SEAnews

The aim of SEAnews is to realize one world that overcomes race / religion / ideological differences.

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