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2019-07-10 ArtNo.46531
◆India gives Modi a high five

【New Delhi】Making major gains in West Bengal and Odisha while holding his own in northern India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cruised to a second term in office, with the BJP alone looking set to win just over 300 seats in the seven-phase Lok Sabha election.
 Decimating the Opposition alliances in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the BJP ensured that the Congress, which hovered around a tally of 50, would not be able to claim the official position of the Leader of the Opposition for the second time running The defeat could trigger major churn in the Opposition ranks, particularly in the Congress.
 Its major National Democratic Alliance (NDA) allies — Shiv Sena 18, Janat Dal (United) 16, Lok Janshakti Party 6 and Akali Dal 2 — took the alliance tally to a staggering 345, making it clear that the voter had come out in support of stability and a projected strong leader like Mr. Modi. "Thank you India! The faith placed in our alliance is humbling and gives us strength to work even harder to fulfil people's aspirations," Mr. Modi tweeted.
 However, the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) notched up impressive numbers at the expense of the Left in Kerala, winning 19 of the 20 seats, while the DMK-led coalition demolished the AIADMK-BJP alliance in Tamil Nadu, winning in 37 out of 39, including the lone seat in Puducherry.
 Caste calculus goes for a toss in the north. Shrugging off its north-centric tag, the BJP won eight more seats in Karnataka over 2014, taking its total in the State to 25 out of a possible 28, and also made further inroads in the northeast.
 The air strike on the JeM camp in Balakot had become a big plank for the BJP ahead of the general elections. The Prime Minister, who campaigned relentlessly on the Balakot plank and repeatedly called the Opposition alliances examples of grand adulteration, dropped just 10 seats in U.P., and took all or nearly all seats in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
 In contrast, The Opposition's efforts to pin down the government on issues like demonetisation, GST or the Rafale purchase seemed to have made no impression on the electorate, which backed his second-term campaign to the hilt.

○The 2019 verdict is a manifestation of the deepening religious divide in India 【New Delhi】It

would not be an overstatement to say that the 2019 Lok Sabha election verdict and the sheer scale of the National Democratic Alliace's victory is in large measure a manifestation of the deepening religious divide in Indian society.
 While the BJP swept Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir saw a split verdict and Punjab provided some comfort for the Congress
 The BJP makes a clean sweep despite satisfaction with the AAP government. The BJP with a more than 56% vote share simply outdistanced the AAP (18%) and the Congress (22.5%), whose cumulative vote ended up being less than that of the BJP in the seven constituencies in Delhi. The Congress remained a distant second in almost all the constituencies.
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India gives Modi a high five

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