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2019-08-15 ArtNo.46570
◆Govt Finds 'Anti-Govt' Links In Mob Lyncing over Padma Bridge project

【Dhaka】So far, eight people, including women, have been beaten to death across the country over the rumours of child abduction. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on July 23 said those who are responsible for the killings will be made accused in murder cases.
 The minister has said no exceptions will be made for those involved in mob lynching, and spreading of rumours on the social media. "In such cases, if a hundred people are involved, the punishment will be the same. We are trying to identify those involved with the lynching of a woman in Dhaka's Badda area by examining the video footage. Meanwhile, some people have already been detained after they were identified from the footage," the home minister added.

○Information Minister smells politics

 On the other hand, Stating that those who are against the construction of Padma Bridge are spreading the rumour of child sacrifice, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud on July 24 said ruling party leaders and activists have been asked to resist the incidents of mob beating.
 He said without any ambiguity that "Those who had earlier said the government wouldn't be able to construct the Padma Bridge and those who don't want its construction spread the rumour that children are needed to be sacrificed for the bridge, triggering child-abduction panic among people. The killing of so many people or attacks over rumours of child lifting is very unbecoming and unlawful."
 Meanwhile, police found some of the arrestees in lynching cases in parts of Bangladesh having links to the 'anti-government' force.

【News source】

Government Finds ‘Anti-Government’ Links In Mob Lyncing

‘Rumour mongers want to obstruct Padma Bridge construction’

Home minister: No exception for those involved with lynching, spreading rumours

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