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2019-09-19 ArtNo.46594
◆Support Rohingya island relocation or leave the country: Bangladesh to UN

【Dhaka】In an interview with a German media outlet, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that the Bangladeshi government wants the United Nations aid agencies to support its plan to relocate 100,000 refugees to a remote island in the Bay of Bengal.
 "The UN has failed to put enough pressure on Myanmar to take back the refugees. Dhaka wants UN agencies to accept the Rohingya island relocation plan or leave the South Asian country," the minister told Deutsche Welle (DW) in an exclusive interview.
 I think it is time to relocate them to Bhasan Char. But the island cannot accommodate all of them; we can send only 100,000 refugees there. We didn't want to repatriate them forcefully. We had hoped it would be done voluntarily. The island offers economic activities to the refugees. We have built embankments and beautiful houses there. If we tell Bangladeshi people to go there, they would definitely go there. The number of Rohingya refugees in the area is more than double than the number of local citizens. Already some of these people are getting involved in criminal activities. That is why we could force their relocation. Bangladesh is not a rich nation. We're the world's most densely populated country. Still we have done a lot for the Rohingya. It's time for others to come forward because it is not just our problem. It's an international issue, and had we not given them protection, they could have faced a genocide. The UN is not helping us much. They are not working to create a conducive environment in Mynamar's Rakhine state. The UN is not doing the job that we expect them to do. Source: dw.com

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Support Rohingya island relocation or leave the country: Bangladesh to UN

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