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2020-02-12 ArtNo.46675
◆Republic facing its fourth crisis: Ramachandra Guha

【Bangalore】The Indian Republic, as it completes seven decades, is living through its fourth big crisis, historian Ramachandra Guha said while delivering a lecture, 'The Republic at 70', at Bengaluru International Centre on January 26.
 He said the earlier three crises were in the 1960s, which saw the death of two Prime Ministers, India being defeated by China and food shortage; the Emergency of the 1970s; and the rise of communalism in the early 1990s.
 Exploring the contours of this crisis, Mr. Guha listed four aspects: deepening religious divisions, persistence of social inequality, growing environmental degradation and decline in autonomy of democratic public institutions.
 He termed the deepening religious divisions the most grave threat. "We have a majority of people today who think we should be a Hindu country, and Hindus have really become a majority with a minority complex. This is manifested in the most blatantly discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act. The CAA will change the very character of India."

○Republic Day parade underlines India's shift from Russian to US weaponry

【New Delhi】The all-time high participation of US-made aircraft in Sunday's Republic Day parade, alongside a noticeably reduced Russian presence, underlines the growing shift in India's weapons procurement priorities.
 While the Indian arsenal continues to field large number of legacy Russian weapons platforms, the new weaponry being inducted is mainly of US or Indian origin. The American aircraft in the parade included the newly arrived CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, the AH-64E Apache attack helicopter, C-130J Super Hercules special operations aircraft and the C-17 Globemaster III heavy lifters.

○The 'Rao' power of 'Mission Shakti'

【New Delhi】In perhaps a first, a defence scientist – Y Sreenivasa Rao – led the DRDO contingent displaying the indigenous Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASAT) from 'Mission Shakti' at the 71st Republic Day parade.
 During the RD Parade, it's customary for the serving officers of the armed forces to lead the DRDO contingent too. India became only the fourth nation after the US, Russia and China to have the capability.
【News source】

Republic facing its fourth crisis: Ramachandra Guha

Republic Day parade underlines India's shift from Russian to US weaponry

The ‘Rao’ power of ‘Mission Shakti’

○One world:AD-SEAnews

AD-SEAnews, New concept of SEAnews, aims to realize borderless one world.

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