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2020-05-20 ArtNo.46774
◆China, US, EU step up funding to Pakistan

【Islamabad】As Pakistan marks over 24,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with the death toll doubling, on May 07 saw immense financial support from the international capitals. China, the European Union, and the United State stepped up contributions in millions of dollars.
 "The Chinese government has so far provided us with $4 million in cash donations in addition to 390 ventilators, 330,000 testing kits, 830,000 N95 masks, 5.8 million surgical masks, 42,000 protective suits, and millions of other PPEs", said the Foreign Office spokesperson Ayesha Farooqui during the weekly media briefing here. "Pakistan also received critical medical supplies including a vast quantity of disposable surgical masks, KN-95 masks, testing kits, protective clothing, and portable ventilators from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Three Gorges Corporation. Jack Ma Foundation has provided two batches of medical supplies, over500,000 face masks including N95 masks and a number of ventilators", said the spokesperson.
 Meanwhile the Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan Androulla Kaminara in a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan on May 07 presented Rs24.5 billion Covid19 package that the EU has put together in support to Pakistan.
 Earlier, US Ambassador Paul Jones announced a new American contribution of $5 million to support the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme and $2.5 million therapeutic food program for children diagnosed with acute malnutrition. The US Embassy said since designating Pakistan a priority country for coronavirus assistance, the United States had committed nearly $15 million in new funding to the country.
 Pakistan also remains confident that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be able to complete projects in time while the short-term impact of coronavirus will be counterbalanced by effective and swift mobilization of resources for timely completion of CPEC.

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China, US, EU step up funding to Pakistan

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