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◆IT companies exploring 'uberisation of workforce'

【Pune】Pune-based Persistent Systems recently broke away from traditional practices by including several freelancers and consultants in a team that worked on a short-term project, a relatively new idea that's steadily gaining popularity in the global technology services space.
 It's called the 'gig economy' or 'Uberisation' of workforce, where talent works on a demand-supply model, moving across projects and organisations as per the demand and their interest areas. Other Indian IT companies, including Infosys and Wipro, are exploring the idea of an 'Uberised workforce'.
 In India, the number of contract workers is currently pegged at 2.5 million, and may go up to six million over the next decade, according to staffing firm TeamLease Services. While Indian IT workers taking on freelance projects in their spare time is not new, the big shift has been that Indian firms are opening up to the idea of working with contract workers or consultants.

○Top firms ‘fire’ 81 C-suiters in 2 years

【Mumbai】The quest for revving up corporate performance has cost a host of C-suite executives their jobs in the past two fiscal years.
 According to data compiled by Prime Database, 81 senior executives at BSE500 companies – including CEOs, MDs and board directors – resigned from their positions from the beginning of FY16 till date.
 While resignations can never be wholly attributed to performance alone, and are almost always explained by companies as for “personal reasons”, many of these exits came close on the heels of poor quarterly earnings.
 “A C-suite executive is a high-cost element for an organisation; so if their performance is not consistently improving, they are asked to leave. The exit is often made to look voluntary,” said Pranshu Upadhyay, Director, Michael Page.

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Infosys, Wipro, other IT companies exploring 'uberisation of workforce'

Top firms ‘fire’ 81 C-suiters in 2 years

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