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◆Lessons for India on why Israel leads in innovation!

【New Delhi】India and Israel both survive in a very hostile neighbourhood and with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's maiden visit to the Jewish country, the two democracies are seeing a new high in relations.
 In the past, India and Israel have not looked eye-to-eye. For decades India was leaning towards Palestine and the relationship got transformed during the Kargil conflict, when Israel came to India's rescue by supplying sophisticated weapons which helped push back the Pakistani infiltrators in the Kargil zone. Since then, the relationship has grown by leaps and bounds.
 India launched an Israeli spy satellite, TecSAR, in 2008. India also bought a similar satellite from Israel, RISAT-2, to keep an eye on its hostile neighbours, this was cooperation at the government level. After the visit by Modi, the space agencies of the two countries can now start cooperating in earnest now.
 Today Israel is a power house of high technology. If India's mission to succeed as 'Start Up' country has to go forward there is a lot to learn from the original 'Start Up Nation' Israel. Many lessons need to be learnt like from seeing the working of one of the top ten most successful venture capital companies JVP(Jerusalem Venture Partners), a technology powerhouse.

○IAN builds startup highway to Israel

【Bengaluru】Having entered Israel, one of top four startup hubs in the world, Indian Angel Network intends to create a link between India and Israel to help startups in either countries leverage expansion opportunities within the network.
 The company recently announced the fund of 350 crore in April 2017 in India. The expansion into Israel takes Indian Angel Network’s presence to seven countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel, apart from India.
 On entering Israel, Indian Angel Network Chairman and Co- Founder Saurabh Srivastava said, “One of the reason, the whole world’s eyes are on Israel, is its technology.
Israel is good at what is called ‘deep technology’. So, artificial intelligence, innovative medical devices, virtual reality, machine learning, data analytics that have application in agriculture, healthcare are popular themes in Israel.” The company, which has a network of over 450 institutional and individual members, invests in about 30-40 startups every year.
 On investment plans, Srivastava said, “While we have not earmarked a sum for investment in the startups in Israel, we are not limited by the number of startups or amount of investment. We are wiling to invest as per requirement. The investment can range from $1 million to $10 million, as we identify good, innovative companies.”

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Lessons for India on why Israel leads in innovation!

IAN builds startup highway to Israel

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