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◆Amazon India launches wholesale marketplace; now SMBs can buy material in bulk

【New Delhi】E-commerce firm Amazon India on the 27th of September announced the launch of its wholesale marketplace Amazon Business (www.amazon.in/business).
 With this, small and medium businesses (SMB) including sellers on its B2C e-commerce platform – amazon.in – apart from technology and service companies, manufacturers, universities, schools and offices can buy office supplies in bulk.
 According to Amazon, small and medium entrepreneurs can order from more than 10 crore products along with GST-compliant invoices from the newly launched site. Products sold on the website include laptops, printers, network storage solutions, electronics, pantry supplies, office supplies, cleaning, etc. Businesses can register with their GST number and thus become entitled for input tax credit varying between 5% and 28% for different product types.
 On top of this, the Amazon Business also offers business-specific features such as business only pricing and quantity discount on bulk orders, said Manish Tiwary, VP, category management, Amazon India.

○If Amazon can buy into Shoppers, why not ease FDI policy in multi-brand retail?

【New Delhi】Amazon’s purchase of a 5% stake in Shoppers Stop has given the e-retailer access to a not-so-small brick-and-mortar presence for a piffling amount of less than $30 million.
 To be sure, Shoppers can tap Amazon India’s customer base, a potential 600 million eyeballs, and that will help it build an omni-channel presence. But equally important is the fact that Amazon can now open outlets across 80-odd Shoppers’ stores, where customers can check out the merchandise available online. The tie-up would suggest Amazon, which is ostensibly building an e-commerce business in the country and committed to spending some $5 billion, feels it is useful to be seen on the ground, too. But instead of spending big money on rolling out a chain of stores, or even small outlets, it is simply piggybacking on Shoppers’ ready-made infrastructure, at a minor expense.
 It might still not be too late to make amends. However, the government must make it easy for global players to do business here, not strangle them with regulations. A boost to the retail sector will mean a boost for real estate, too. And, in general, for the economy.

【News source】

Amazon India launches wholesale marketplace; now SMBs can buy material in bulk

If Amazon can buy into Shoppers Stop, why does Center not ease FDI policy in multi-brand retail and see jobs surge?

Amazon buys 5% equity in Shoppers Stop for Rs179.25 crore

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