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2018-02-05 ArtNo.46183
◆India, Israel sign 9 agreements, may restart FTA talks

【New Delhi】India and Israel on Monday (15-01-18) inked nine pacts to step up bilateral cooperation in diverse areas, including investment, cyber security, science and technology and hydrocarbon sector.
 To increase trade and investment, the possibility of restarting negotiations on the India-Israel FTA was discussed too.
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu held formal talks at Hyderabad House in New Delhi before witnessing exchange of the agreements by the officials of the two governments.
 In a joint address to the media with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu following delegation-level talks in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "We will strengthen the existing pillars of cooperation in areas that touch the lives of our people." Modi also called upon the defence companies of Israel to make more in India taking advantage of the liberalized Foreign Direct Investment regime.

○Israelis sing a Bollywood tune

【New Delhi】Many were intrigued that among the nine agreements India and Israel signed on Monday(15-01-18), during the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there was one on co-production of films.
 During their joint media interaction, Netanyahu said his wife and he were excited about visiting “Bollywood” while in India. Ministry of External Affairs officials said the agreement was “exploratory” in nature to look at the joint production of films.
 Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale added, during the banquet that PM Narendra Modi hosted for the visiting Israeli delegation in the afternoon, one of the songs the live band played was "Ichak dana bichak dana (Here a grain, there a grain, grain on top of grain, here a grain)". He said the number of Israelis who knew that song was "amazing", and that they said it was quite popular in Israel. The song is from the Raj Kapoor directed and produced the film “Shree 420”, which was released in 1955.

○Modi-Netanyahu bonhomie: Israeli PM ready to do yoga with 'friend Narendra'

【New Delhi】The bonhomie between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his "good friend" Benjamin Netanyahu was on full display today when the leaders hugged and shook hands a number of times during their joint press event.
 The chemistry between the two leaders is well known. Netanyahu said, "My friend Narendra...any time you want to do yoga a class with me...it is a big stretch but I will be there. Trust me," Netanyahu remarked, reflecting the deep camaraderie the two leaders share.

【News source】

India, Israel sign 9 agreements, may restart FTA talks

India, Israel sign nine agreements

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Modi-Netanyahu bonhomie: Israeli PM ready to do yoga with 'friend Narendra'

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