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2018-03-07 ArtNo.46207
◆Rouhani lauds India’s diversity, peaceful co-existence of religions

【Hyderabad】Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on February 15 lauded India’s cultural diversity, saying multiple faiths and schools of thought co-exist peacefully in the county.
 Speaking at a meeting with Muslim intellectuals, scholars and clerics last night, Rouhani, who arrived here on a three-day India visit, said Islam is not a religion of violence, but one of moderation.
 “Iran wants unity, independence and support for the East. Iran wants fraternity with India. We do not want to have any differences with other countries as well,” said Rouhani who is on his first India visit since assuming charge as president in 2013.
 Iran believes that there is no military solution to problems which are diplomatic in nature, Rouhani said. “When a war is imposed, people have no other option but to defend themselves, and those who defend are the true companions and true followers of the almighty God,” he said. “The Western world oppressed and exploited the Eastern world and its resources” and caused tensions and differences to arise between oriental countries, he said.

○India, Iran sign nine pacts after substantive talks Modi and Rouhani

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on February 17 held “substantive” talks on key issues of terrorism, security, trade and energy, at Hyderabad House in New Delhi after which the two leaders witnessed signing of nine pacts, including a lease contract for a part of Chabahar port’s operation.
 Other pacts included avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income, ratification of extradition treaty, exemption from visa requirement for holders of diplomatic passports, traditional systems of medicine and establishment of an expert group on trade remedy measures.
 Addressing a joint press event with Rouhani, Modi said the two countries want a terror-free world and they were committed to stopping the expansion of powers that encourage terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking, cyber crimes and other international crimes. On his part, Rouhani said, “We are determined to combat terrorism and extremism.”
 They also witnessed exchange of instrument of ratification of the bilateral Extradition Treaty, which brought the bilateral pact signed in 2008 into force.
 The trade bodies of the two nations also signed four more Memorandums of Understanding during Iranian President's visit to New Delhi.

○India set to take over operations of Chabahar Port

【New Delhi】India is set to take over the operations of Chabahar Port in Iran, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the West Asian nation's president Hassan Rouhani witnessed signing of the lease contract in New Delhi on February 17.
 The Port and Maritime Organization of Iran leased out to India Ports Global Limited a part of the Phase 1 of the Chabahar Port (a.k.a. Shahid Behesti Port) of the Islamic Republic for 18 months.
 The Chabahar Port will give India a sea-land access to Afghanistan and Central Asia, bypassing Pakistan, which has been playing spoilsport to initiatives for connectivity between South Asia and Central Asia.

○Iran president at Mecca Masjid: Ready to share oil with India

【Hyderabad】Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announced on February 16 that Tehran was ready to share its oil and natural gas with India, and ease visa norms, to further strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties between the two countries.
 Addressing a gathering at the historic Mecca Masjid here after the Friday prayers, Rouhani said the opening of Iran’s Chabahar port to India will provide a gateway to Afghanistan, central Asia and Europe. “Iran is rich in oil and natural gas resources. It is ready to share its natural resources with India for its development and progress,” he said.
 Indian investment in Iran, including billions of dollars in connectivity, infrastructure and oil projects topped the agenda of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's three-day visit to India.
 “The two countries are on the same positive, right track,” Mr. Rouhani said, just before leaving for Hyderabad. He told reporters that the Chabahar investment project is a “key objective” for Iran while several MoUs would be signed after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
 Union Minister of State for Power R K Singh and Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Governor ESL Narasimhan received him, who was accompanied by a 21-member delegation, at the Begumpet airport.

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Rouhani lauds India’s diversity, peaceful co-existence of religions

India, Iran sign nine pacts: Substantive talks Modi, Rouhani

India set to take over operations of Chabahar Port

Iranian president at Mecca Masjid: Ready to share oil with India

Rouhani to push for investment

Iran President Hassan Rouhani arrives in Hyderabad on three-day India visit

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