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2018-04-12 ArtNo.46225
◆China objects to India’s ‘transgression’ in Asaphila

【Itanagar】In a fresh incident of friction, the Chinese military last month strongly protested against the Indian Army’s “transgression” into the strategically sensitive Asaphila area along the disputed border in Arunachal Pradesh, but India rejected the complaint, official sources said.
 The sources said the Chinese raised the issue at a ‘Border Personnel Meeting’ (BPM) on March 15 here but the Indian Army dismissed it, saying that the area in the upper Subansiri region of Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India and it has regularly been carrying out patrols there.
 The sources told PTI that the Chinese called India’s patrolling in the area a “transgression” and the Indian Army objected to the terminology.

○We’re alert in Doklam, says Defence Minister

【New Delhi】The government is ready for any eventuality in Doklam, said Minister for Defence Nirmala Sitharaman on March 25.
 The Minister’s statement comes amid India-China efforts to reset their troubled ties, and ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s expected bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping in June.
Mr. Modi will visit China to take part in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit to be held in Qingdao on June 9 and 10.
 Mean while, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on March 27 took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Doklam issue by stating that he hopes the “56 inch strongman” has a plan to deal with the situation.
 Prior to this, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on March 24 said that the “56-inch chest” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not decreased “an inch” and asserted that there should be no doubt on that score. He also said if Pakistan does not have the capability to curb terrorist activities in its territory, it should seek India’s help.

【News source】

China objects to India’s ‘transgression’ in Asaphila

We’re alert in Doklam, says Defence Minister

Rahul takes a dig at Modi over Doklam

PM Modi’s 56-inch chest has not decreased ‘an inch’: Rajnath Singh

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