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2018-04-12 ArtNo.46240
◆Karnataka Assembly elections on May 12, results on May 15

【New Delhi】Karnataka will go to polls on May 12 and counting of votes to elect 224 legislators will be May 15, OP Rawat, Chief Election Commissioner, said on March 27.
 The State has 4.96 crore eligible voters. Of the 224 seats, 36 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 15 for Scheduled Tribes. The last date for filing of nominations for polls for the Karnataka Assembly is April 24 while April 27 is the last date for withdrawal of candidature.
 The polls are being seen politically crucial for the ruling Indian Congress Party as well as the BJP as it is the only big state where the former is in power after losing a string of Assembly elections to the saffron party in the last few years. The BJP is making a concerted bid to unseat the Indian Congress Party. Besides the Congress and the BJP, the JD(S) led by former prime minister HD Deve Gowda is the third player in the fray.
 On the other hand, the Election Commission of India (ECI) will probe an alleged leak of information on the schedule that was tweeted by the BJP IT Cell. The Congress has questioned how the BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya got hold of details of the election dates (though not accurate) before the announcement was made.

○Survey predicts 126 seats for Congress, 70 for BJP in Karnataka

【Bengaluru】A pre-poll survey has forecast a victory for the ruling Congress in the upcoming Assembly election.
 According to the the pre-poll survey, conducted by Gurugram-based C fore, the Congress is expected to win 126 seats with a 46% vote share. The BJP is expected to win 70 seats whereas the JD(S) will get a paltry 27 seats.
 The survey was conducted between March 1 and March 25 in which 22,357 voters from 154 Assembly constituencies covering all the districts were administered a structured questionnaire.
 C fore chief executive Premchand Palety said the survey was "independent" and was not commissioned by the Congress.

○Karnataka elections: NGO says lakhs of Muslim are missing from voters' list

【Bengaluru】The names of about 18 lakh Muslim voters are either missing from the recently updated voters' list or they don't have voter ID cards issued in their name for the Karnataka Assembly election 2018, according to a New Delhi-based NGO.
 The Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy (CRDDP), headed by Dr Abusaleh Shariff, renowned economist and member of the Justice Sachar Committee, has now begun a campaign to rectify this.
 When contacted for a reaction, Congress MLA Rizwan Ashraf said that the situation is concerning and has to be rectified. He ruled out the possibility of a unified Muslim community action against enrolment. "Who doesn't want to see their names on the list? The ID cards are being used as an identity for many other purposes. Whether you vote or not is another issue," said Ashraf.
 "We have to be cautious while fighting the formidable enemy (BJP) who is known for manipulation," said Manick Tagore, All India Congress Committee secretary in charge of Karnataka (Belagavi division). "A large number of names were deleted in many constituencies in the recently held Gujarat Assembly election. Most of these names were of either Muslims or Dalits, who are the Congress supporters. We have reliable information that the BJP is responsible for this."

【News source】

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