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2018-06-01 ArtNo.46267
◆New CM's winning of trust vote rests the aftermath of the Karnataka election

【New Delhi】Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on May 25 comfortably proved majority on the floor of the Legislative Assembly with 117 MLAs voting in favour of the Congress-JD(S) alliance.
 With the cliffhanger 2018 Karnataka Assembly contest, both the BJP — which has emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats — and the post-poll combine of the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) with 118 seats (including one BSP member and two independents), had staked a claim to form the government. The BJP improved its tally to 104, up from 40 in 2013. While the Congress won 78 seats, down from 122 in the previous assembly, the JD(S) saw its number shrink to 37 seats from 40.
 The BJP walked out of the Assembly in protest against the unholy partnership between the Congress and JD(S). BJP strongman BS Yeddyurappa warned that the party will launch a state-wide protest on May 28 if Kumaraswamy doesn’t waive off farmers’ loans.
 Talking to The Times of India (TOI), Kumarswamy said his priority is to address the issues pertaining to the farming sector. “I will work towards ensuring that farmers do not face any crisis and live up to the confidence they have reposed in me,” he said.
 When asked how he will handle issues concerning responsiveness and cooperation from the BJP-led Centre, Kumaraswamy said, “Fighting it out at the hustings is different and dealing with the Centre is different. I will not go for a confrontation with the Centre. We will convince them about our requirements and persuade them to act favourably. Karnataka is the second highest revenue generating state in the country and we hope the BJP-led government appreciates the state’s contribution and takes decisions accordingly. The Centre should not show step-motherly treatment to Karnataka because they are not in power here and should not politicise everything.”
 Kumarswamy made clear that he is the CM and will hold the reins while his father H D Deve Gowda, former prime minister of India, will not micro-manage the administration.

○Mumbai Development Plan gets the green signal, finally

【Mumbai】The Maharashtra government has finally approved Mumbai city Development Plan (DP), which aims to create eight million new jobs in Mumbai city by 2034. Four years after it fell due, the plan is tuned for the New Age knowledge workers.
 The idea that a city’s spaces belong to all its residents must be reflected in its long-term plans.
A salutary feature of ‘Mumbai Development Plan 2014-34’ is that it makes a concerted effort to open up the heart of Mumbai to affordable housing, rather than banish ordinary folk to places some 50 km away in the mainland. Hence, the plan identifies about 3,300 hectares of additional land for housing, of which, 2,100 hectares will be carved out of the ‘No Development Zone’ (or NDZ, an area of about 13,700 hectares where construction has been debarred for environmental reasons). Another 1,100 hectares will be released from ‘Tourism Development Area’ and the remaining amount from salt pans.
 However, civil society groups suspect a sleight of hand with respect to the actual allotment of land for affordable housing.

【News source】

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