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Let's turn the light inwards, illuminate the Self.
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Bridge doth flow

The child of sin
A man who realizes his fiancee became pregnant before they got married together must fluster himself. When Joseph, husband of Mary, who bore Jesus, was wondering about divorcing her quietly, an angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel which means, God with us.” When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. And he gave the child name Jesus.
The Anointed
Every being in this world is set apart by God as his very own, and sent into the world. Therefore it's none other than the son of God. However Joseph, who not only brought up the child, whom someone else had made his fiancee conceive, as his own son, but also gave the child the name "God with us", was the greatest father ever in history. This immense and infinite mercy that Joseph demonstrated in his anguish bore Jesus Chríst.
The poem by Shan Hui Da Shi

Shan Hui Da Shi(497-569), a Chinese Zen master during the period of the North South Dynasty, taught us the need for this great diverting or ‘huiguang-fanzhao’ (learn to withdraw, turning the light inward, illuminating the Self) when he wrote the following poem; “Empty-handed I go, and behold the spade is in my hands; I walk on foot, and yet on the back of an ox I am riding; When I pass over the bridge, Lo, the water floweth not, but the bridge doth flow.”
Jesus' real father
According to Mr. James D. Tabor, the author of “The Jesus Dynasty”, Jesus' real father was possibly Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, a Roman archer of the Cohors I Sagittariorum. Jesus seems to have visited his own father on his way to complete his mission, according to a description in the Gospel of Mark.

President Obama's Hotsugan (Vow)
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, the first black President in the history of the United States, seems to have found a solution to save the sick major power, that is, a total elimination of nuclear weapons in the entire world. The United States, which has developed and stored enough nuclear weapons to wipe out life on earth, is far more sinful than Adam, who committed the original sin. However if it manages to abolish all the nuclear weapons in this world, its accomplishment will far outweigh its guilt. And then, not only the United States, but the whole human race can be redeemed. This is probably an endeavor no other than the United States can accomplish.
Let God transform you

In today’s turbulent times, not only people but companies and even large countries find it difficult to weather the angry waves. The more you flounder, the deeper you sink. Then you may get out of the water and stand on the bridge. You will find that the water does not flow anymore but the bridge flows together with you. Likewise if one entrusts himself to the will of heaven, he does not need to transform himself but he will automatically change.
Paul too preached in his letter to the Christians in Rome; “Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Roma: 12-2) .(Hensho 2009/07/10)

What is "Baptism with The Holy Spirit"?
According to the dialectic of the Gospel of John,
【thesis】 "A man can possess eternal life through accepting testimony of the Son of man and being baptized by him." (John 5:24)
【anti-thesis】 But "The one who comes from the earth cannot accept the testimony by one from heaven."(John 3:32)
How then can a man possess eternal life?
【synthesis】 "If you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, you can just go back to the word which was with God in the beginning (John 1:1) and certify that God is truthful. (John 3:33)"
When he said, "You are Huichao," Zen Master Fayan thrusted vivid Self in Huichao in front of his eyes. (The Origin of Christianity P.171)
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Hotsugan refers to the Tathagata's (Amida's) aspiration, in which he determined to obtain enlightenment in order to rescue sentient being.

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