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The baptism of the Holy Spirit (The Origin of Zen Buddhism)
SEAnews eBookstore opens
SEA Research now publish the second edition of "The Origin of Christianity" with an additional article, subheaded "The part 3: The baptism of the Holy Spirit (The Origin of Zen Buddhism)" and start to sell the book through the SEAnews eBookstore which has officially opened.
This is a turning point of the era for the whole world and people are suffering the pains of labor, just as did also the people in the Mediterranean coast and Western Asia around 2000 years ago.
It is a pleasure to see this book help people overcome this turbulent era and realize their spiritual rebirth.
Atsushi Murakami
(Owner of SEA Research)
November, 2014 in Singapore

What is "Baptism with The Holy Spirit"?
According to the dialectic of the Gospel of John,
【thesis】 "A man can possess eternal life through accepting testimony of the Son of man and being baptized by him." (John 5:24)
【anti-thesis】 But "The one who comes from the earth cannot accept the testimony by one from heaven."(John 3:32)
How then can a man possess eternal life?
【synthesis】 "If you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, you can just go back to the word which was with God in the beginning (John 1:1) and certify that God is truthful. (John 3:33)"
When he said, "You are Huichao," Zen Master Fayan thrusted vivid Self in Huichao in front of his eyes. (The Origin of Christianity P.171)
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