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The Origin of Christianity
【Review】Two thousand and several hundred years ago, states and nations in a wide area, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian sub-continent, suffered tortures from a merciless tide of times. Around this time, many churches emerged in the vicinity of the trade routes between the Eastern and Western Worlds, and the Mediterranean coast. After two-three hundred years, a tidal wave of the church movement finally reached Jerusalem, the headquarters of Judaism.
At that time, two young religious leaders appeared, proclaiming "Turn to God" on the banks of the Jordan River and took on the role of leaders of the church movement. While both disappeared in just one to three years after being martyred, the awakening movement led by the two was propagated around the world. Afterwards, Christianity, Mahayana Buddhism and Islam flourished in the Western, Eastern World and the West Asia respectively.
Now the world is again facing a turning point and suffering the pain of labor. Exploring the headwaters of the awakening movement led by two young men 2000 years ago may lead us to the way to overcome the hardships and to harvest the fruit of a new era.
Atsushi Murakami
SEA Research
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