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How to publish a POD paperback book
eBook making process (Supplement):Processing with Adobe Acrobat
Note:The following process is intended to create a eBook of "PDF" format. If you want to create only "ePUB" format one、then you do not need to do it.

1.Open the PDF just created
3.Click "Description" tab.
Title:The Origin of Christianity
Author:Atsushi Murakami
4.Click "Initial View" tab.
Page layout:Two-Up (facing
Open to page:1 of 501
5.Click "Custom" tab.
Name:SEA Research
Vlue: Singapore
6.Click “Advanced” tab.
Base url:
Binding:Left Edge
7.Click "Security" tab. (Tentatively leave the default setting.)
8.After the finish, save. File→Save as→PDF
Save as ePUB
Note:The following process is intended to create a eBook of "ePUB" format. using "Ichitaro," If you want to create only "PDF" format one、then you do not need to do it.
①『ファイル(File)』→『他の形式で保存/開く(Save or open in other formats)』→『EPUB保存(Save as EPUB)』

②『アクティブなシートのみ保存します。他のシートのデータは保存されません。実行したもよろしいですか?(Only the active sheets are saved. Data of other sheets are not saved. Are you sure you want to execute it?)』→『はい(Yes.)』

③EPUBファイルのプロパティ(Property of EPUB file):Fill in the necessary information and click "保存(Save)".
タイトル(Title):The Origin of Christianity (T)
作成者(Author):Atsushi Murakami
表紙(Cover):In general, you can choose "シート (Sheet)". Then, the cover image of your eBook shall be displayed on the right-hand side..
If you upload the cover and the text separately to some eBook publishing platform, such as Amazon KDP, select "なし(None)".
発行者(Publisher):SEA Research
著作権(Copyright):Atsushi Murakami

⑤Specify the "location" to save the file and the "file name," and click "Save."

⑥The process of converting into ePUB file is displayed. And when the process has been completed, the processing time which has been taken also will be follows.

⑦Then make sure the ePUB file has been generated in the location where you specified..

Comparison of ePUB and PDF versions
The display can be adjusted according to the size of the screen under the EPUB format, which has become an international standard of the e-book file and is suitable for uploading to the main electronic publishers' site, such as Amazon.
However, it is difficult to maintain the symmetry of the text contents and illustrations in a book using a large number of illustrations, such as "The origin of Christianity." (Although it seems to have a setting to fix the display under EPUB format, I did not use such setting.)
Comparing Japanese, Chinese and English three languages versions of the ePUB e-book made with Ichitaro by me, the symmetry of the text contents and illustrations is maintained on the Chinese version and there is no difference between ePUB format and PDF format. (That was confirmed with Kindle Previewer, when I uploaded it to the Amazon KDP.) There are some deviations in the Japanese version. And the frequency of the deviation has increased in the English version. However, the deviations in both Japanese and English versions are in the acceptable range and may not really bother you. While the sizes of Chinese characters are same but there are two types of character in Japanese language, that is, "kanji" and "kana" and the sizes of them are different. When it comes to English, the sizes of English words are very different. These circumstances may be the cause of the difference on the symmetry of the text contents and illustrations among these three language versions.
The symmetry of the text contents and illustrations in the document is maintained perfectly on the PDF format. In other words, the symmetry in the ".doc" file made with Word and the ".jtd" file made with Ichitaro will be maintained perfectly after they have been converted into PDF files.
The ePUB version of English edition and Japanese edition of "The origin of Christianity" made with Ichitaro have been distributed through Amazon KDP stores and the PDF version of Chinese edition of "The origin of Christianity" made with Word is sold by SEAnews eBookstore.

How to publish a POD paperback book
①Access bookshelf
When you publish your e-books with Amazon KDP, the following book shelf is set up in your account. Just click "+ Create paperback" next to the book on your Bookshelf.

Then the following page comes out.

②Please fill out the required data in the items, such as "Language", "Book Title", "Series", "Edition Number", "Author", "Contributors", "Description", "Publishing Rights", "Keywords", "Categories", "Adult Content" and "CreateSpace Books" under the tab of "Paperback Details."
Note: At the moment of this blog being written, only books in European languages can be published to paperback with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing's POD (Printing on demand) scheme. Both Japanese and Chinese are not included in the selectable language list.
Click the "Save and Continue" button to go to the "Paperback Content" page.
③Please fill out the required data in the items, such as "Print ISBN", "Manuscript" and "Book Cover" under the tab of "Paperback Content."
④Click on the radio button of "Get a free KDP ISBN" and click "Assign me a free KDP ISBN" button.
After a while it will be displayed as follows.
Your book has been assigned a free KDP ISBN:
ISBN: 9781549713620
Imprint: Independently published
⑤Please set "Print Options" as in the example below.
Interior & paper type :Black & white interior with white paper
Trim size:`8.5x11in
Bleed Settings :No Bleed
Paperback cover finish :Glossy
⑥In the "Manuscript" section, it is displayed as follows.

Upload a manuscript of your book interior content. For best results, we recommend using a formatted PDF file to create your paperback. You can also upload a DOC (.doc), DOCX (.docx), HTML (.html), or RTF (.rtf). Learn more about manuscripts or download a KDP template for your preferred trim size.
Click "download a KDP template" and download "Trim size: 8.5 x 11 in," a Microsoft Word specification template.
Please copy and paste the manuscript which you have created a PDF version of e-book with Word into the "Trim size: 8.5 x 11 in" template. After adjusting the placement of the illustrations etc. please click "Upload Paperback manuscript" button.
The upload is completed in a few minutes and it will be displayed as follows. After that, conversion of doc file to Kindle file is started. This process takes about an hour.

Manuscript xxxx.doc uploaded successfully
Processing your file.....
When conversion is complete, the display of "Processing your file ...." will disappear.
⑦Click on the radio button of "Use Cover Creator to make your book cover (upload your own cover image or use KDP's stock images)" and click "Launch Cover Creator" button in the "Book Cover" section.

Please select "From My Computer" among the options of "From Image Gallery", "From My Computer" and "Skip This Step."

Please specify the folder where image data prepared by you are stored. Design choices such as below are displayed.

When you mouse over the first design at the upper left, you will see "Choose this design." If you click the "Choose this design", "Quick Tutorial" will pop up.

Quick Tutorial
Red Line: All important text and graphics must be inside this Line. Anything outside of this line may be cut off.
White line: This line represents where the book will be cut to create the final trim size of this book.
Use these buttons to select pre-styled color schemes, alter the layout of your cover, and choose pre--matched typeface sets.
Please click "Dismiss" button. I placed an author image and the text of introduction of my book on the back cover, adjusted the size and position of the title and author name on the spine slightly, replaced the front cover image, changed the image magnification from "49.29" to "65", and placed it in the center. I repeated "Save" and "Preview" several times and made further adjustments.

⑧Go to the "Book Preview" section and click the "Launch Previewer" button.

The following popup is displayed.

Please preview your paperback for formatting, grammar and design issues that may need to be corrected.
We recommend focusing on the following aspects of your book:
1) Check the format, including headers, footers, page numbers, spacing, table of contents and index.
2)Review any images, graphics or captions (if applicable).
3)Read the book to identify grammatical errors and/or typos. You can also download a PDF proof of your book.
After completing your review, click ‘Approve’ to continue publishing your paperback.
When you click "Get started", the preview is displayed.

Please review the items on this list to ensure your book is ready to print.
Use the KDP Print Publishing Guidelines to learn more about formatting your book.
Check the error parts displayed in the checklist with the previewer, correct the manuscript copied on the template, reupload it and check it again with the Previewer.
⑨Click "Save and Continue" at the end of the page and go to "Paperback Rights & Pricing" page.
Select the territories for which you hold distribution rights.
Learn more about distribution rights.
All territories (worldwide rights) What are worldwide rights?
Individual territories What are Individual Territory rights?
Select "All territories."
⑪"Pricing & Royalty"

Min. $12.62, Max. $250.00
All marketplaces are based on this price
6 other marketplaces

⑫"Terms & Conditions"
It can take up to 72 hours for your book to be available for purchase on Amazon.
Until then, the book's status will be "In Review" on your Bookshelf.
By clicking publish I confirm that I agree to and am in compliance with the KDP Terms and Conditions and the KDP Print Beta Participation Agreement.
⑬When you click the "Publish Your Paperback Book" button at the bottom of the page, the following message is displayed.
Your paperback has been submitted
The Origin of Christianity
By Atsushi Murakami
$20.00 USD
It can take up to 12 hours for English and 48 hours for other languages to be available for purchase on Amazon. Until then, the book's status will appear as "In Review" on your Bookshelf.
⑭If you return to the "Bookshelf", you will see "IN REVIEW" displayed under "Paperback".

Paperback Manuscript Templates (Beta)
Paperback Cover Templates
Create Your Own Paperback Cover (Beta)
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Paperback Beta Participation Agreement
Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines
CreateSpace:Get expert advice to create, publish and distribute your book.

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