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”An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant” slide show Episode 8:The curse of Charisma

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Hitler, who was recognized for his charisma by mobilizing spectators at political rallies, jumped to the top as a signboard of the Nazi party at the age of 30. However, the charisma of the leader was maintained only by a continuous victory in the political struggle, and Hitler was not released from this curse to the end.: Professor Yuji Ishida
Nazi lawyer's memoirs

While awaiting execution, Hans Michael Frank, Adolf Hitler's personal legal adviser and the lawyer of the NSDAP, wrote his memoirs, Im Angesicht des Galgens (In the face of the gallows) and made the sensational claim that Hitler had commissioned him to investigate Hitler's family in 1930.
He states in the memoirs that Maria Schicklgruber, Hitler's paternal grandmother, had been working as a cook in the household of a Jewish man named Frankenberger in Graz before she gave birth to Hitler's father, Alois, out of wedlock and suggests that the family's 19-year-old son Leopold Frankenberger had fathered Alois. Not only that: he says that Frankenberger senior paid regular instalments to support the child on behalf of his son, until the child's fourteenth birthday. Alois used his mother's surname until he was 40 years old and then changed his name from Alois Schicklgruber to Alois Hitler.

However, in 1970, a researcher named Anton Adalbert Klein thoroughly investigated the Nazi lawyer's memoirs and found that there was no Jewish family called Frankenberger in Graz during the 1830s. In fact, there were no Jews at all in the whole of Styria at the time, since Jews were not permitted in that part of Austria until the 1860s. As a result, the Nazi lawyer's memoirs was judged to be unreliable.
Hitler in his youth when he was intimate with the Jews

On the other hand, Hitler, who made a living as a painter in Vienna from the age of 16 to 24, was intimately interacting with not a few Jew such as picture and frame dealer Jakob Altenberg, a miscellaneous goods merchant Josef Neumann and Siegfried Loffner, who lived in the same apartment and acted as an intermediary for selling his works.
Professor Emeritus Shunichi Fujimura (藤村瞬一) of Tsuda University (津田塾大学) said, "The existence of Jews is indispensable to Hitler's youth life in Vienna, and there remains a problem that must be investigated why he ran into such an extreme hatred of Jews in later years."(The reality of the "Hitler=Jewish" theory)
The curse of a charismatic leader

Professor Yuji Ishida (石田勇治1967-) of the University of Tokyo also described, "Hitler in his thirties was a little nervous, self-conscious, and loose in time, but he was a normal person until the age of thirty and there is nothing in these his personalities that suggests him from then on." when he gave a lecture entitled "Who was Hitler?" at the Japan National Press Club (JNPC). Mr. Ishida said, "Hitler, who was recognized for his charisma by mobilizing spectators at political rallies, jumped to the top as a signboard of the Nazi party at the age of 30. However, the charisma of the leader was maintained only by a continuous victory in the political struggle, and Hitler was not released from this curse to the end. Hitler's substance cannot be understood unless it is captured in a changing political and social environment. Hitler was a protagonist but not a soloist. If the environment and conditions are met, the second and third Hitler can appear."
Second and third Hitler?

It is unlikely that Hitler, who spent his youth intimately with the Jews as a non-political poor painter in downtown Vienna, was an anti-Semitic or anti-communist from the beginning.
Hitler rather responded to the anti-Semitic sentiment of the rural masses and the anti-communism of the conservative political and business world, and expanded the force of the weak political association Nazism. Anti-Semitism and anti-communism would have been the most preferred political propaganda in Germany at the time.
If so, as Professor Ishida points out, wherever ethnic conflicts or religious friction exist, the second and third Hitlers can appear anywhere in the world. It may have already appeared.
Wandering Ahasverus

On the way to the hill of Golgotha carrying the cross, Jesus exhausted and stopped by the door of a Jewish cobbler called Ahasverus and asked him a cup of water. But the Jew drove him along wickedly with these words: "Go, go you tempter." Then Jesus kept his eyes on Ahasverus for a while and answered him, "I will go but you must walk around the earth and never rest until my second coming in the Last Judgement." It is said that Ahasverus, who had been exiled from his native country, was witnessed all over Europe until the 18th century, which was even after one thousand and some hundreds of years later from it.
Lack of 'salvation'

According to Mr. Hidenao Arai (荒井秀直1933-), an honorary professor at Keio University (慶応義塾大学), under the background of Jewish persecution by the Crusaders in the early 11th century, similar fables based on the "Wandering Jew" appeared in various parts of Europe from the early 13th century. After a German church issued a pamphlet entitled 'A Jew, named Ahasverus' in 1602, the story of 'Wandering Ahasverus' seems to have spread not only in Germany but also in the whole world. And the feature of this story is that there is a lack of 'salvation' as a fundamental idea of Christianity. (According to a paper recorded in the 'KeiO Associated Repository of Academic resources,' which was published in 1968 by Mr. Hidenao Arai.)
Nostra Aetate

In 1965, the Roman Curia published 'the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions (Nostra Aetate),' which was made to commemorate Decree among other things exonerating Jews as a whole for Christ's death. In response to this, a Rabbinic delegation visited the Vatican on August 31, 2017, and presented Pope Francis with Jewish response to 'Nostra Aetate.' The 9-page response, titled "Between Jerusalem and Rome: Reflections on 50 Years of Nostra Aetate," which is signed by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, the Conference of European Rabbis and the Rabbinical Council of America. It is said to have taken two years for them to complete the response.
The teaching of contempt

After the Second World War, Jules Isaac (1877–1963), the French Jewish historian, who survived the Holocaust, but lost his wife and daughter in Auschwitz, set himself to discover the roots of anti-Semitism, tracing it back to the early history of the Church. Isaac charted the tendency of early Christian texts to blame Jews collectively for the death of Jesus and to see Judaism as a failed relationship between God and humanity. He called this "the teaching of contempt."
The Second Vatican Council

Isaac's work was read by Pope John XXIII. In June 1960 the two men met, and the Pope resolved to re-examine the Church's attitude to other faiths, Judaism in particular. He convened The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) in 1962. Thus began the process that led to Nostra Aetate, though John, who died in 1963, didn't live to see its completion.
Advice of Professor Sacks

According to Mr. Jonathan Henry Sacks, Professor of Law, Ethics and the Bible at King's College London, who served as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013, 'Nostra Aetate' transformed relations between the two faiths, so that today, after centuries of estrangement and hostility, Jews and Catholics meet not as enemies but as cherished and respected friends.
Professor Sacks says, "Rarely has this been more important than now, when religiously-motivated violence is bringing chaos and destruction to great swathes of the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Christians are suffering; so are Muslims; and so are Jews. What we need now is a new and broader Nostra Aetate, bringing together all the great faiths in a covenant of mutual respect and responsibility. We need leaders from every religion publicly to declare that much of what's being done today in the name of faith is in fact a desecration of faith and a violation of its most sacred principles. It took the Holocaust to bring about Nostra Aetate. Let's not wait for another crime against humanity and God to bring us to our senses. For though we are different, we are each in God's image. (Gen 1:26) We honour Him by honouring all humankind."
What is "Baptism with The Holy Spirit"?

According to the dialectic of the Gospel of John,
【Thesis】"A man can possess eternal life through accepting testimony of the Son of man and being baptized by him." (John 5:24)
【Anti-thesis】But "The one who comes from the earth cannot accept the testimony by one from heaven." (John 3:32)
How then can a man possess eternal life?
【Synthesis】"If you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, you can just go back to the word which was with God in the beginning (John 1:1) and certify that God is truthful. (John 3:33)"
When he said, "You are Huichao," Zen Master Fayan thrusted vivid Self in Huichao in front of his eyes.
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