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≪New book≫Birth of Judaism and eastern propagation (The origin of Christianity)

  New issue: the paperback versions of "Birth of Judaism and eastern propagation (The origin of Christianity)" in English edition and in Japanese edition are now available on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site. Please visit the nearest Amazon site and purchase in your favorite currency.
The Chinese paperback version of the manuscript has already been completed, and I am eagerly preparing for its release.
〇The secret story of the birth of Judaism

[Preface] The description in the Book of Joshua (Joshua chapters 3-5), the sixth book of the Old Testament, suggests that the nomads who conquered Canaan on the west bank of the Jordan River were uncircumcised non-Jews and different from the Jews who had escaped Egypt under the leadership of Moses.
Especially, the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh have the Y chromosome gene D, which is characteristic of Paleo-Mongoloids such as Jomon people (縄文人), indigenous people of the Japanese archipelago and Tibetans, thus they were genetically different from the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob (also known as Israel).
Moreover, these two tribes not only contributed to the founding of the Qin dynasty, the world's first constitutional state in China, the establishment of the Yamato dynasty in the Japanese archipelago, and the eastern transmission of Judaism and Christianity, as well as the conflict between Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church. It also seems to have become the source of the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict.
All the Jews fled from Egypt with Moses had died while wandering through the Sinai wilderness for 40 years.(Joshua 5:6) For this reason, Joshua, the leader of the Ephraim tribe, nominated by Moses as his successor, who had sent all the people of Israel to the west bank, including about forty thousand warriors of the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh who had settled on the east bank, ordered everyone to circumcise in Gilgal. (Joshua chapters 3-5)

Paying attention to the fact that Christianity was born from the "church movement" that had occurred in the process of the people of the Covenant scattered all over the world after they had migrated from the Fertile Crescent at the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to the Promised Land Canaan, I published the 6th edition of my book "The Origin of Christianity" with the subtitle "An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant" in 2019.
However, later, it became clear that the Ephraim and Manasseh, only who possess the genetic characteristics of Paleo-Mongoloid among the twelve tribes of Israel, played an important role not only in the conquest of Canaan but also in the eastern transmission of Christianity. Thus, I delivered the 7th edition with the main title of "An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant" in December 2020 and I have introduced the contents of the book as a slide show series since July 2021.
Since the series has settled down with the eighth episode, I decided to publish the contents of the slide show series as a paperback with the title "Birth of Judaism and eastern propagation (The origin of Christianity)." I hope that you will read it together with the electronic version of "An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant (The origin of Christianity)."
On February 24, 2022, just after writing the above thank-you notes and preparing to publish the paperback, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a television speech saying, "We will carry out a special military operation in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine." The Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun. Since I realized that the origin of the conflict dates back to the conflict between Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church, I added episodes 9 and 10 to the slideshow series. As a result, I will deliver the paperback including this additional amount. I would appreciate it if you could read it.
June 30, 2022
Atsushi Murakami
What is "Baptism with The Holy Spirit"?

According to the dialectic of the Gospel of John,
【Thesis】"A man can possess eternal life through accepting testimony of the Son of man and being baptized by him." (John 5:24)
【Anti-thesis】But "The one who comes from the earth cannot accept the testimony by one from heaven." (John 3:32)
How then can a man possess eternal life?
【Synthesis】"If you want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, you can just go back to the word which was with God in the beginning (John 1:1) and certify that God is truthful. (John 3:33)"
When he said, "You are Huichao," Zen Master Fayan thrusted vivid Self in Huichao in front of his eyes.
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