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建設/不動産 Construction/Real Estate in 2016
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元のページへ戻る ►2016-04-22 ArtNo.45701(1/12)

2016-04-22 ArtNo.45702(2/12)

2016-04-22 ArtNo.45703(3/12)
◆India and China can both be US partners without being its cat's paw or dogsbody

【Washington】Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to be in Washington DC again in June for his fourth trip to the United States in two years, this time on a state visit.
○Maharashtra setting up integrated plan for 22 smart cities: Fadnavis
○IREO ties up with Donald Trump company for office tower in Gurugram(...続きを読む)
2016-06-06 ArtNo.45761(4/12)

2016-06-06 ArtNo.45762(5/12)

○印度·伊朗发展港口协议,对中国跨国公司也好处: 环球时报(...続きを読む)
2016-06-06 ArtNo.45763(6/12)
◆This is an exciting time for India and China to join hands for future: Indian President

【Guangzhou】"As I stand before you today, I would, at the very outset, like to say that this is an exciting time for India and China to reinforce the old linkages and join hands for new." Indian President Pranab Mukherjee addressed at the India-China Business Forum in Guangzhou, China, on May 25.
○Beijing at it again, now says India-Iran Chabahar deal will help China(...続きを読む)
2016-06-06 ArtNo.45764(7/12)

【ニューデリー】中国・パキスタン経済回廊(CPEC:China-Pakistan Economic Corridor)計画に大きな期待が寄せられているが、少なからぬ者が、同プロジェクトの一部リンクの両義性に注目している。(...続きを読む)
2016-06-06 ArtNo.45765(8/12)

2016-06-06 ArtNo.45766(9/12)
◆China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: the new game changer in Pakistan

【New Delhi】Much hope floats on the potential of the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor — but many are also highlighting the ambiguity about some links in the project(...続きを読む)
2016-10-09 ArtNo.45866(10/12)

【バーゼル/ニューデリー】国際決済銀行(BIS:Bank for International Settlements)によると、インドは主要経済体の中では、金融危機に対する脆弱性が比較的軽微だが、隣国の中国はより大きなリスクに晒されている。
2016-10-09 ArtNo.45867(11/12)

2016-10-09 ArtNo.45868(12/12)
◆India less prone to banking crises;risks higher for China: BIS

【Basel/ New Delhi】India is less vulnerable to banking distress among the major economies while neighbouring China faces higher risks, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
○CAD narrows sharply to 0.1% of GDP
○Cabinet clears infrastructure push, allows PSUs to raise Rs 31,300 cr(...続きを読む)
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