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労働 Labour in 2018
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2018-07-02 ArtNo.46287(2/12)

【新德里】随着数字化,自动化和人工智能的进步改变了工作环境,大约3亿7500万人,约占全球劳动力的14%,可能到2030年前将被迫转换工作岗位。 麦肯锡全球研究所的一份报告『失业和创造就业:自动化时代的劳动力转型』如上述警告。
2018-07-02 ArtNo.46288(3/12)
◆Ready for Industry 4.0?

【New Delhi】As digitisation, automation and advances in artificial intelligence disrupt work, some 375 million workers — or roughly 14 per cent of the global workforce — may switch job roles by 2030, forecasts a McKinsey Global Institute report, Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation.
○India's 40 lakh IT workforce needs to reboot to survive or get the boot
○Future of Jobs in India: Only 30 % will remain relevant(...続きを読む)
2018-07-02 ArtNo.46289(4/12)

2018-07-02 ArtNo.46290(5/12)

2018-07-02 ArtNo.46291(6/12)
◆Most TechM exits 'above project manager level'

【Bengaluru】The country’s fifth-largest IT services company Tech Mahindra is learnt to have let go of about 1,500 employees for reasons ranging from poor performance to technology shifts.
○Infy goes high-tech to map learning ability of employees(...続きを読む)
2018-07-02 ArtNo.46304(7/12)

【ムンバイ】保険会社と契約者双方にとって合理的なレートで1億世帯に50万ルピーの健康保険を保証すると言う中央政府の野心的な『国民健康保険計画(Ayushman Bharat Yojana:National Health Protection Scheme)』が今年10月に施行される見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
2018-07-02 ArtNo.46305(8/12)

2018-07-02 ArtNo.46306(9/12)
◆Premium rates for National Health Protection Scheme to be market-driven

【Mumbai】The Centre’s ambitious Ayushman Bharat scheme (National Health Protection Scheme) to provide a Rs 5-lakh health cover to 10 crore families is likely to be rolled out from October, with efforts to ensure that both insurers and customers get reasonable rates.(...続きを読む)
2018-12-07 ArtNo.46466(10/12)

2018-12-07 ArtNo.46467(11/12)

2018-12-07 ArtNo.46468(12/12)
◆Government to implement social security code in three phases

【New Delhi】Labour ministry has proposed a comprehensive social security system to provide retirement, health, old-age, disability, unemployment and maternity benefits to 50 crore workers in the country, in yet another populist measure ahead of the general elections next year.(...続きを読む)
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