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【ニューデリー】インドは異論の多い原子力安全保障の国際ランキングでその順位を2つ昇級させたものの、『2016年核脅威イニシアチブ(NTI:Nuclear Threat Initiative)』指数は、あたかもインドを愚弄している。
2016-01-31 ArtNo.45669(2/12)

【新德里】虽然印度在争议性国际核安全排名上提升两位次,不过核威胁倡议(NTI:Nuclear Threat Initiative)协会所公布的“2016年核安指数报告(2016 Nuclear Security Index)”似乎嘲弄印度。
2016-01-31 ArtNo.45670(3/12)
◆India suspects nuclear security index a ploy to reveal country’s stockpile

【New Delhi】Even though India moved up two places in a somewhat controversial international ranking on nuclear security, the 2016 Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) security index was greeted here with derision.
○Pakistan's nuclear warheads aimed at deterring India: US report
○Pakistan to sell 8 JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to Sri Lanka, inks eight agreements(...続きを読む)
2016-04-22 ArtNo.45716(4/12)

2016-04-22 ArtNo.45717(5/12)

【孟买】NTT通信系统公司现在准备从印度数据中心(DC)企业Netmagic Solutions的创始人沙拉德·桑吉购买前者还没有拥有的剩下19%的Netmagic股份。
2016-04-22 ArtNo.45718(6/12)
◆Japan’s NTT to fully acquire Netmagic

【Mumbai】Japan’s NTT Communications is set to acquire the 19 per cent of Indian data centre firm Netmagic Solutions it does not own from the company’s founder, Sharad Sanghi.
○Toshiba bags $34-million contract from Kenyan firm
○India Inc cut costs with entry-level hires(...続きを読む)
2016-07-03 ArtNo.45788(7/12)

【ニューデリー/ソウル】『原子力供給国グループ(NSG:Nuclear Suppliers Group)』は6月24日、『核兵器不拡散条約(NPT:Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)』を批准しない限り加盟は認められないとして、インドのNSG加盟申請を棄却、ナレンドラ・モディ政権は外交的敗北を喫した。
2016-07-03 ArtNo.45789(8/12)

【新德里/汉城】纳伦德拉·莫迪政府于6月24日遭遇了外交上的挫败,由于在那天,核供应国集团(NSG:Nuclear Suppliers Group),拒绝了新德里的申办加入该俱乐部,除非它签署核不扩散条约(NPT:Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)。
2016-07-03 ArtNo.45790(9/12)
◆India singles out China for putting 'persistent' hurdles as NSG bid fails

【New Delhi/Seoul】The Narendra Modi government on the 24th of June suffered a diplomatic defeat when the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) turned down New Delhi’s bid to enter the club unless it were to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
○A path forward for India to become NSG member by year end: US(...続きを読む)
2016-07-29 ArtNo.45818(10/12)

2016-07-29 ArtNo.45819(11/12)

2016-07-29 ArtNo.45820(12/12)
◆Delhi's disastrous play in Kathmandu

【Kolkata】Policy flip-flops have put India on the global chopping block with respect to Oli's ouster from power. For a country that saw eight prime ministers come and go in 10 years, the collapse of Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli's nine-month-old government in Kathmandu shouldn't make big news. But it did.
○Avail Indus Water Treaty norms to resolve matters: India to Pak(...続きを読む)
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