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輸送機器 Transport Equipment in 2015
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元のページへ戻る ►2015-01-20 ArtNo.45407(1/30)

【ムンバイ】2014年12月に消費税(excise duty)適用免除が取り消され、乗用車(car)とスポーツ多目的車(suv)の価格が5~6%上昇する中、インド自動車産業は新年早々守勢に立たされている。
2015-01-20 ArtNo.45408(2/30)

2015-01-20 ArtNo.45409(3/30)
◆Car prices soar on 4% hike in excise duty

【Mumbai】The new year has pushed the automotive industry on the back foot with prices of cars and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) soaring by five-to-six per cent with the withdrawal of the excise duty concession in December 2014.
○Car makers offer airbags as standard before govt order
○Automotive Research Association of India sets up new facility at Chakan(...続きを読む)
2015-04-20 ArtNo.45455(4/30)

2015-04-20 ArtNo.45456(5/30)

2015-04-20 ArtNo.45457(6/30)
◆India to buy 36 Rafale jets in ready condition

【Paris】Marking a breakthrough in the protracted talks for striking the French Rafale jet deal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced here on the 10 of April that India would buy 36 of the fighter planes in flyaway condition, citing critical operational requirements of the Indian Air Force.
○Germany cashes in on Rafale deal stalemate hardsells its Eurofighter to India
○In torpedo delay lies opportunity to build domestic industry(...続きを読む)
2015-09-16 ArtNo.45476(7/30)

2015-09-16 ArtNo.45477(8/30)

2015-09-16 ArtNo.45478(9/30)
◆PM. Modi lines up mega events for Silicon Valley Trip

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take his 'Startup India, Stand Up India' call to the Silicon Valley later this month, showcasing success stories of India's entrepreneurship to the Mecca of technology and startups.
○Development our sole aim: Modi(...続きを読む)
2015-09-16 ArtNo.45485(10/30)

【バンガロール】国営の国防産業企業Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)は、ジャム・カシミール州ラダック地区レーにおいて、独自に設計・開発した攻撃用軽ヘリコプターLCH(Light Combat Helicopter)の高温・高々度試験(hot and high-altitude trials)を成功させ、国産化計画を更に大きく一歩前進させた。(...続きを読む)
2015-09-16 ArtNo.45486(11/30)

2015-09-16 ArtNo.45487(12/30)
◆HAL completes hot & high altitude trials of Light Combat Helicopter

【Bengaluru】In yet another boost for the indigenisation drive, The Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has successfully carried out hot and high-altitude trials of indigenously designed, developed attack chopper Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) at Leh.(...続きを読む)
2015-09-16 ArtNo.45497(13/30)

2015-09-16 ArtNo.45498(14/30)

【金奈】雷诺 - 日产公司说,关于该公司应该享受的290亿卢比投资优待措施的谈判现在与泰米尔纳德州政府进行中。
2015-09-16 ArtNo.45499(15/30)
◆We invest in Tamil Nadu, nowhere else: Guillaume Sicard

【Chennai】Renault-Nissan has said negotiations are on with the Tamil Nadu government over Rs 2,900 crore in incentives due to the carmaker.
○30% of GM India's business would be from exports
○Jaguar Land Rover may have scrapped Saudi plans(...続きを読む)
2015-10-27 ArtNo.45509(16/30)

2015-10-27 ArtNo.45510(17/30)

2015-10-27 ArtNo.45511(18/30)
◆Boeing closed more defence deals with India than whole of US in last 50 years

【New Delhi】Aircraft manufacturing company Boeing on the 17th of October admitted that it has concluded more defence deals with India than the whole of the US defence industry combined in the last fifty years.
○Navy signs Rs 5,000 crore pact with Russian shipbuilder for submarine refit
○Test fire: India's indigenous cruise missile Nirbhay fails midway(...続きを読む)
2015-11-13 ArtNo.45548(19/30)

2015-11-13 ArtNo.45549(20/30)

2015-11-13 ArtNo.45550(21/30)
◆PM for indigenous manufacturing to cut defence budget by 50 pc

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 5th of November emphasised on indigenous manufacturing to help slash the defence budget by 50 per cent within a decade.
○BrahMos missile to be integrated on fighter aircraft: HAL
○India has 75-125 nuclear weapons: US report(...続きを読む)
2015-12-02 ArtNo.45578(22/30)

2015-12-02 ArtNo.45579(23/30)

2015-12-02 ArtNo.45580(24/30)
◆Maruti to spend Rs 15,000 cr to double sales infra in 5 years

【New Delhi】India's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki, which aims to increase its annual sales to
about 2 million units by 2020, will invest Rs 15,000 crore over the next five years in procuring
land for doubling its dealership network and expanding stockyard, warehouse and transportation
○Was ‘October Car Sale’ a flash in the pan or the start of a turnaround?(...続きを読む)
2015-12-25 ArtNo.45599(25/30)

【ニューデリー】最高裁は12月16日、ニューデリー市内の極度な大気汚染の悪化を抑制する一連の措置を発表するとともに、2000ccを超えるディーゼル・エンジンのスポーツ多目的車(SUV)および乗用車(car)のデリーと首都圏(NCR:National Capital Region)における登録を2016年3月31日まで禁止した。
2015-12-25 ArtNo.45600(26/30)

2015-12-25 ArtNo.45601(27/30)
◆SC bars registration of high-end diesel vehicles in Delhi, NCR

【New Delhi】The Supreme Court on December 16 banned registration of diesel-run SUVs and cars having engine capacity beyond 2000 cc in Delhi and National Capital Region till March 31, next year as it unveiled a slew of measures to curb the alarming rise in pollution levels in the city.
○Ola launches ride-sharing to back Delhi's car mandate(...続きを読む)
2015-12-25 ArtNo.45608(28/30)

【ニューデリー】インド海軍設計局(design bureau)は、第二、第三の国産空母エンジンに原子力エンジンを採用する可能性を前向きに検討している。
○国産航空機エンジンHTFE 25の試運転成功(...続きを読む)
2015-12-25 ArtNo.45609(29/30)

○国产飞机引擎HTFE 25的试验成功(...続きを読む)
2015-12-25 ArtNo.45610(30/30)
◆Indian Navy considering nuclear propulsion for aircraft carriers

【New Delhi】The Indian Navy's design bureau is favourably considering nuclear propulsion for the second, and possibly a third indigenous aircraft carrier.
○India set to develop own stealth combat drones
○HAL builds new aerospace centre in Marathahalli
○HAL's 25 kN aero engine completes inaugural run(...続きを読む)
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