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企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2007
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◆Hindustan Zinc/Hindustan Copper、亜鉛/銅値下げ
【ニューデリー】Hindustan Zinc Ltd(HZL)は4日亜鉛製品(primary high-grade zinc)のトン当たり国内価格を21万2200ルピーに、9300ルピー引き下げた。(...続きを読む)
◆Hindustan Zinc,Hindustan Copper cut zinc and copper prices
【New Delhi】Hindustan Zinc Ltd has cut the domestic prices of its primary high-grade zinc by Rs 9,300 a metric tonne to Rs 2,12,200 a tonne.
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38886(2/1140)
◆India plans are not yet finalised, says Nissan
【Tokyo/New Delhi】 Nissan's official, on January 2, said the company expects to finalise its India plans, including setting up of a manufacturing facility, by March this year as it is still at an early stage of talks with Mahindra-Renault for a joint venture.
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38887(3/1140)
【ニューデリー】年商30億米ドルのHeroグループに属する世界最大の自転車メーカーHero Cycles Ltd(HCL)は4日、電動バイクと電動スクーター(E-Bike/E-scooter)の変形バージョン合計7種類を御披露目するとともに、電動三輪車事業に乗り出す計画を明らかにした。(...続きを読む)
◆Hero to make electric three wheelers
【New Delhi】Hero Cycles, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and part of $3-billion Hero Group, on January 4 announced its plan to foray into the electric three-wheeler segment on the occasion of launching its unique range of two wheelers — seven variants of E-Bikes and E-scooters here.
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38888(4/1140)
◆Reliance Digital、大手家電メーカーとアフターサービス契約
【ムンバイ】Reliance Retail Limited(RRL)の耐久消費財子会社Reliance Digital World Pte Ltd(RDW)は、グループ独自の商標(private label)により販売されるあらゆる製品のアフター・サービスを完全に引き継ぐため、LG/Videocon/Philips等の指導的消費者用電子製品メーカーと関係契約を結んだようだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Reliance Digital signs pact with top brands for after-sales service
【MUMBAI】Reliance Digital, the durable subsidiary of Reliance Retail, is learnt to have sealed deals with leading durable manufacturers like LG, Videocon, Philips and others to completely take over the after-sales service across brands and categories sold under their private labels.
【孟买】瑞莱恩斯零售公司旗下的耐用消费品子公司瑞莱恩斯数据据说跟LG, Videocon, 菲利普电子等主要家电制造商已经签署售后服务合约。这项合约包括在自创品牌下销售的所有产品。
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38889(5/1140)
◆LG loses top direct cool refrigerator slot
【NEW DELHI】After years of dominance over all categories of consumer appliances market, LG is facing more than just topline growth pressures. For the first time LG has been taken the number one spot in the mass category of refrigerators by Whirlpool.
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38891(6/1140)
【ムンバイ】富士通の北米子会社Fujitsu Consulting Inc(FCI)はインドに照準を合わせ買収に手頃なBPO(business process outsourcing)企業を物色している。(...続きを読む)
◆Fujitsu plans to acquire another BPO firm
【MUMBAI】Fujitsu Consulting Inc(FCI), the American subsidiary of Japan's IT company Fujitsu Limited has India in its crosshair now. It is now looking at another BPO acquistion.
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38892(7/1140)
【ムンバイ】マドヤプラデシュ州Sasanとグジャラート州Mundraにおける各4000MW(メガワット)のウルトラ・メガ発電(ultra mega power)プロジェクト入札が成功したのを受け、電力省は、民間部門の参加を得て14件のウルトラ・メガ送電プロジェクトを進める方針を発表した。(...続きを読む)
◆The ministry announced 14 ultra mega transmission projects
【MUMBAI】Encouraged by success of bids for the Sasan and Mundra ultra mega power projects, each with a generation capacity of 4,000 mw, the power ministry has announced 14 ultra mega transmission projects for private sector participation.
【孟买】印度政府电力部看到中央邦州 Sasan和吉吉拉特州Mundra的4000mw超级大型发电计划的招标成功受到鼓励而发表在民间的参于下进行14件超级大型输电工程计划。
2007-01-08 ArtNo.38893(8/1140)
【アーマダバード】Meghmani Group of Companies(MGC)は1000クロー(US$2.257億)を投じグジャラート州のDahej特別経済区(SEZ)付近に2期に分けて化学品コンプレックスを設ける。(...続きを読む)
◆Meghmani to set up Rs 1kcr chemical unit
【AHMEDABAD】Meghmani Group of Companies plans to set up a major chemicals complex near the Dahej SEZ entailing an investment of Rs 1,000 crore in two phases.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38894(9/1140)
◆A fresh $10-billion-plus FDI to flow into Indian realty mkt in H1
【NEW DELHI】An ever-increasing influx of foreign funds has complemented the boom in real estate. In view of more than 35 big foreign funds have already entered, industry observers are confident that the first half of 2007 will see at least 20 more funds making an India entry. If it materializes, another $10 billion should add to the FDI pie in the real estate sector.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38895(10/1140)
◆三井のSesa Goa51%持ち分にArcelor Mittal等が関心
【ムンバイ】三井物産が売りに出したゴア拠点の鉱山会社Sesa Goa Ltd(SGL)の51%の権益にはArcelor Mittal、Sterlite Industries、BHP Billitonの入札が予想され、この他、Tata Steel、OP Jindal group、Mysore Sales Pvt. Ltd(MSPL)、ブラジルの鉄鉱山会社Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD)、Rio Tinto、Aditya Birlaグループ等の名も取り沙汰されている。(...続きを読む)
◆Arcelor-Mittal too bids for Mitsui's 51% in Sesa Goa
【Mumbai】The race for Mitsui Corp's 51% stake in Sesa Goa, the Goa-based mining company, has attracted major companies such as Arcelor Mittal, Sterlite Industries and BHP Billiton. Other names doing the rounds include Tata Steel, OP Jindal group, Mysore Sales Pvt. Ltd(MSPL), Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD), Rio Tinto and the Aditya Birla group.
【孟买】三井物产要出售的赛萨果阿公司51% 股权吸引了阿塞勒米塔尔钢铁公司,斯特利工业公司,澳洲必和必拓等内外的主要企业。据说对以印度西南部果阿基地的矿业企业股权表示关心的其他企业还有包括塔塔钢铁,OP京德勒集团,迈索尔贸易私人有限公司,巴西的谈水河谷公司,英澳力拓和埃迪亚·贝拉集团。
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38896(11/1140)
【アーマダバード】全国鉄道開発計画(RRVY:Rashtriya Rail Vikas Yojana=National Rail Development Project)の結節機関(nodal agency)を務めるRail Vikas Nigam Limited(RVNL)傘下の特殊会社(SPV:special purpose vehicle)Kutch Railway Company Ltd (KRCL)は、Delhi/Mumbai間及びDelhi/Kolkata間フレート・コリドー・プロジェクトを含む様々なプロジェクトに関わる覚書を日本企業と間もなく締結する。(...続きを読む)
◆Kutch Rly prepares to sign MoUs with Japanese cos
【Ahmedabad】Kutch Railway Company Ltd (KRCL), one of the special purpose vehicles (SPVs) floated under the aegis of Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL) which is the nodal agency for the National Rail Development Project, is now set to sign memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with Japanese companies for various projects, including the proposed freight corridors between Delhi and Mumbai and Delhi and Kolkata.
【艾哈迈达巴德】推行全国铁路发展计划的中心机构Rail Vikas Nigam有限公司旗下的特殊目的机构卡奇铁路有限公司现在准备跟日本公司签署关于德里-孟买间和德里-加尔各答间的货运通道项目在内的各种个样项目的备忘录。
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38897(12/1140)
【ムンバイ】DaimlerChryslerはマハラシュトラ工業開発公社(MIDC:Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation)がPuneに設けたChakan工業団地内に工場を設け、C/E/Sクラスの車両を製造する。同社はこのほどマハラシュトラ州政府と関係覚書を取り交わした。(...続きを読む)
◆DaimlerChrysler to set up factory in Maharashtra
【Mumbai】DaimlerChrysler has signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the Maharashtra Government to set up a new manufacturing facility in Chakan MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) area, Pune, to manufacture the C-class, E-class and S-class vehicles.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38898(13/1140)
【ハイデラバード】バーコードと無線自動識別(RFID:radio frequency identification)ソリューションを提供するBartronics India Ltd(BIL)は、262クロー(US$5900万)を投じて新たにスマートカードとRFIDタグの製造工場を設ける。(...続きを読む)
◆Bartronics to set up a plant for smart card, RFID tag
【Hyderabad】A barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions provider, Bartronics India Ltd, plans to set up a facility to manufacture smart cards and RFID tags entailing an investment of Rs 262-crore.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38899(14/1140)
【ムンバイ】Anil Ambani氏に率いられるReliance Communications Ltd(RCL)が計画する見積もりコスト15億米ドルの海底ケーブル敷設契約は、多国籍テレコム企業4社-NEC/Tyco/Alcatel-Lucent/富士通-により争われることになった。(...続きを読む)
◆Four global majors in fray for Reliance undersea cable project
【Mumbai】Four global telecom majors — NEC, Tyco, Alcatel-Lucent and Fujitsu — has been shortlisted for implementing the $1.5-billion submarine cable contract from Reliance Communications (RCL).
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38901(15/1140)
◆Cairn India、探査活動にUS$15億投資
【ムンバイ】英国石油探査会社Cairn Energy PLCの現地上場子会社Cairn India Ltd(CIL)は向こう3年間にインドにおける探査開発活動に15億米ドルを投資する。(...続きを読む)
◆Cairn India to invest $1.5 b
【MUMBAI】Cairn India Ltd, a listed local subsidiary of Blitish oil exploration company Cairn Energy Plc, will invest $1.5 billion in exploration and development activities in India over the next three years.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38902(16/1140)
【ニューデリー】Petronet LNGがケララ州Kochiとマハラシュトラ州Dabholにスケジュール通り液化天然ガス(LNG)ターミナルを設けるなら2009年には、国内のLNGターミナルは現在の2カ所から4カ所に倍増する。(...続きを読む)
◆India's LNG terminal capacity to increase to 2 times by 2009
【New Delhi】If Petronet LNG's Kochi terminal and the Dabhol terminal go according to schedule, the country will have doubled its LNG terminals to four from two, at present by 2009.
【新德里】如果Petronet LNG按照时间表完成科钦液化天然气站和达波尔液化天然气站建设工程,到2009年底前印度国内的天然气接收终端从现在的2个增加到4个。
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38903(17/1140)
◆Narmada Valley Fertilizers、US$2.5億TDI工場建設
【ヴァドダラ】Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd(GNFC)の子会社Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals(NCP)は1100クロー(US$2.47億)を投じて年産5万トンのトルエンジイソシアネート(TDI)製造工場を建設する。芳香族系のTDIはポリオールに反応してポリウレタンをつくる。(...続きを読む)
◆GNFC to invest Rs 1,100 cr for TDI plant
【VADODARA】Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Ltd, part of Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers, is planning to set up a plant to manufacture touline di-isocyanate (TDI) at an investment of about Rs 1,100 crore.
【巴罗达】古吉拉特纳玛达河谷肥料有限公司旗下的Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals有限公司计划投资110亿卢比兴建新化学厂而制造甲苯二异氰酸酯。
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38904(18/1140)
◆Zicom Electronic、生体情報施錠装置導入
【コルカタ】マハラシュトラ州Mumbai拠点のZicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd (ZESSL)は家庭向け総合警備ソリューション(home security solutions)を提供するため、生体情報認証システムを応用した施錠装置『bio-metric locks』を新たに導入した。(...続きを読む)
◆Zicom Electronic to offer bio-metric locks
【KOLKATA】Mumbai-based Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd (ZESSL) has decided to introduce bio-metric locks in order to offer a complete range of home security solutions.
2007-01-10 ArtNo.38905(19/1140)
【ニューデリー】FMCG(fast-moving consumer goods)企業Dabur India Ltd(DIL)の製薬子会社Dabur Pharma Ltd(DPL)は4日、抗ガン剤タキソール(Taxol:一般名paclitaxel)のナノテクをベースにした新薬物送達システム(NDDS:new drug delivery systems)『Nanoxel』を市場に投入した。(...続きを読む)
◆Dabur Pharma introduces nano drug delivery system
【New Delhi】Dabur Pharma Ltd(DPL), a FMCG(fast-moving consumer goods)company Dabur India Ltd's pharmaceutical arm, has introduced a novel nanotechnology-based drug delivery system, Nanoxel for the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38908(20/1140)
◆Indian Gasohol、ビハール州にUS$30.6億投資
【ニューデリー】タミールナド州拠点のIndian Gasohol Ltd(IGL)は向こう3~4年間にビハール州に1万3557クロー(US$30.60億)を投じ、エタノールを製造する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian Gasohol to invest Rs 13600 cr in Bihar
【New Delhi】Tamil Nadu-based Indian Gasohol Ltd has proposed to invest Rs 13,557 crore in Bihar over the next 3-4 years to produce ethanol.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38909(21/1140)
◆Dubai World、西ベンガル州港湾/SEZ開発にUS$6億投資
【コルカタ】ドゥバイ政府の投資持株会社Dubai World(DW)は西ベンガル州におけるKulpi港と特別経済区(SEZ)の開発に2600クロー(US$5.87億)を投資する。(...続きを読む)
◆SCI joins containerised sailings to West Asia Gulf
【Kolkata】Indian government owned Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) has started offering containerised sailings between India and the West Asia Gulf for the first time by participating in the Hyper Galex service.
【加尔各答】印度政府拥有的印度海运公司通过参与Hyper Galex服务已经第一次开始提供印度和西亚之间的集装箱化海运服务。
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38910(22/1140)
【コルカタ】国営海運会社Shipping Corporation of India (SCI)は、Hyper Galexサービスに加わり、インドと西アジア(West Asia Gulf)間のコンテナ海上輸送に始めて参入した。(...続きを読む)
◆Essar Steel to expand capacity at Hazira by 75%
【MUMBAI】The Rs 6,400 crore Essar Steel has been unable to make any headway with its four MoUs signed in 2005 for greenfield steel plants in Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. In view of the situation the company is now drawing up plans to scale up capacity at its integrated plant at Hazira by 75% to 8 million tonne in the next three years.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38911(23/1140)
◆Essar Steel、Haziraプラント75%拡張
【ムンバイ】年商6400クローのEssar Steel Ltd(ESL)は、チャッティースガル州/オリッサ州/アンドラプラデシュ州/ジャールカンド州における新規鉄鋼プロジェクトが何れも進捗せぬことから、グジャラート州Haziraの既存プラントの年産能力を向こう3年間に800万トンに75%拡張する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Honda Siel invests Rs 2,000 cr to set up its second factory
【New Delhi】Honda Siel Cars India Ltd said on January 9 that it was investing about Rs 2,000 crore to build a second plant with an annual production capacity of 250,000 units and had zeroed in on three States — Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra — to set up the facility.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38912(24/1140)
◆Honda Siel、US$4.5億第2工場計画
【ニューデリー】Honda Siel Cars India Ltd(HSCIL)は9日、約2000クロー(US$4.51億)を投じてラジャスタン州/タミールナド州/マハラシュトラ州の何れかに年産24万台の第2工場を設ける計画を明らかにした。(...続きを読む)
◆Honda plans to launch a small car in the next 2-3 years
【New Delhi】Honda Siel Cars India Ltd plans to launch a small car in the next 2-3 years and aims to manufacture 1.5 lakh units of small car at their second manufacturing facility.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38913(25/1140)
【ニューデリー】ホンダは2、3年内にインド市場に小型車(small car)を投入、第2工場で年間15万台の製造を目指す。(...続きを読む)
◆Hero's plan to foray into four-wheelers to put Honda in a maze
【NEW DELHI】Honda has been caught by Hero group's plans of diversifying into four-wheelers in a maze. However their discussions with Hero Honda for integration of their Indian business are still on.
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38914(26/1140)
◆ホンダ、Hero groupの四輪車ビジネス進出計画に当惑
◆Indo-Thai venture to sell e-bikes
【KOCHI】Sovereign, a Ludhiana-based bicycle company, has forged a joint venture company LA Sovereign Bicycles Pvt Ltd with LA Thailand, and will soon launch e-bikes.
【科钦】总部设在旁遮普州卢迪亚那的自行车制造商Sovereign跟泰国企业LA Thailand合作的联营公司LA Sovereign Bicycles有限公司计划在印度发售电动摩托车。
2007-01-12 ArtNo.38915(27/1140)
【コーチ】パンジャブ州Ludhiana拠点の自転車メーカーSovereignとタイ企業LA (Thailand)の合弁会社 LA Sovereign Bicycles Pvt Ltdは、近く電動バイク(e-bikes)を発売する。(...続きを読む)
◆How the low-cost PC effect ended up with?
【Mumbai】Precisely a year back, Newspaper advertisements, hoardings and billboards screamed with messages such as Xenitis' 'apna PC', 'amchi PC' and 'amar PC' and Sahara's 'Dare to Compare'. Indian market was abuzz with the talk of a personal computer (PC) which cost less than Rs 10,000. But today we do not hear of sub-Rs 10,000 PC any more.
【孟买】仅有一年前到处听到『一万卢比电脑』的风声风言,报纸上和屋外海报上都看到Xenitis的apna PC/amchi PC/amar PC,Sahara的Dare和Compare等广告。可是到了今天已经没有听到也没有看到『一万卢比电脑』的消息。
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38919(28/1140)
◆Reliance、GE Plastics買収?
【ムンバイ】Mukesh Ambani会長に率いられるReliance Industries Ltd(RIL)が、米国General Electric Co(GE)の合成樹脂部門GE Plasticsの買収に乗り出すものと注目されている。(...続きを読む)
◆Reliance keen on GE Plastics
【MUMBAI】Mukesh Ambani group flagship Reliance Industries is likely to bid for GE Plastics, General Electric's plastics business that is expected to be put on the block.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38920(29/1140)
◆JSW Steel、1千万トン鉄鋼プロジェクト覚書
【コルカタ】Jindal Group傘下のJSW Steel Ltd(JSL)は1月11日、3万5000クロー(US$79億)を投じ西ベンガル州Paschim Medinipur県Kharagpur近郊Salboniに年産1000万トンの鉄鋼プラントを設ける覚書を同州政府と取り交わした。(...続きを読む)
◆JSW Steel inks MoA with West Bengal Govt
【Kolkata】The Jindal Group company, JSW Steel, on January 11 inked a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with the West Bengal State Government for setting up a 10-million tonnes per annum (mtpa) steel plant at Salboni near Kharagpur by investing Rs 35,000 crore.
【加尔各答】京德勒集团旗下的京德勒西南钢铁公司(JSW Steel)计划投资3500亿卢比在西孟加拉邦州梅迪尼普县Salboni兴建年产1千万吨的钢厂。他1月11日跟西孟加拉邦州政府签署有关备忘录。
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38921(30/1140)
【ムンバイ】Ispat Industries Ltd(IIL)はジャールカンド州に総合的鉄鋼プラントを設ける計画で、同州政府と関係覚書を交換した。(...続きを読む)
◆Ispat set up an integrated steel plant in Jharkhand
【MUMBAI】Ispat Industries has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Jharkhand Government for setting up an integrated steel plant.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38922(31/1140)
【ニューデリー】昨年12月の乗用車(passenger car)販売台数は伝統的に市況が低調な時期にも関わらずコンパクト・カーの好調な売れ行きに支えられ、前年同月の6万5853台を23%上回る8万1026台をマークした。(...続きを読む)
◆Car sales jump 23% in December
【New Delhi】Led by a significant rise in the sale of compact cars, domestic passenger car sales were up 23% for the traditionally slow month of December, at 81,026 units as against 65,853 units the year before.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38923(32/1140)
【ニューデリー】乗用車両(passenger vehicle:乗用車と多用途車を含む)の昨年12月の販売台数は10万5000台と、前年同月の8万6946台に比べ21%増加した。(...続きを読む)
◆Passenger vehicles sales grew 21% in December
【New Delhi】Passenger vehicles sales, including cars, utility vehicles and multi-utility vehicles have registered a growth of little over 21% and stood at 1.05 lakh units in December '06, against 86,946 units the year before.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38924(33/1140)
◆Mobike sales rose 4.5% in December
【New Delhi】Domestic motorcycle sales grew by just about 4.5% to 4,92,288 units in December '06 as against 4,71,075 units in the same month a year ago.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38925(34/1140)
◆Bajaj Auto、自動変速スクーター『Kristal』御披露目
【チェンナイ】Bajaj Auto Ltd(BAL)は10日、95cc、4ストローク、自動変速スクーター『Kristal』を御披露目、スクーター市場に復帰した。(...続きを読む)
◆Bajaj makes a comeback into the scooter market
【CHENNAI】Two-wheeler major Bajaj Auto Limited has launched a four-stroke 95cc un-geared scooter — Kristal — and is re-entering the scooters segment.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38927(35/1140)
【ムンバイ】地場家電大手Videocon Industries Ltd(VIL)は液晶テレビに用いるLCDパネルの設計・製造に関わるLCD関連特許40件をIBMから取得した。取得金額は明らかでない。(...続きを読む)
◆Videocon acquires 40 LCD patents from IBM
【MUMBAI】Durable major Videocon Industries has acquired 40 LCD technology patents to design and manufacture high technology LCD panels used in LCD TVs from IBM for an undisclosed amount.
2007-01-15 ArtNo.38928(36/1140)
◆Hindujas、Hutchison Essar買収も.Telecom Italiaにも食指
【ムンバイ】金融/運輸/エネルギー/情報技術/メイディア/通信ビジネスを手掛けるHinduja Groupは12日、国内第4位の携帯電話会社Hutchison Essar Ltd(HEL)を100%買収する用意があることを表明した。(...続きを読む)
◆Hindujas to buy Hutch and eye stake in Telecom Italia
【Mumbai】The Hinduja group which is involved in finance, transport, energy, infotech, media and communications, on Friday said it was willing to acquire 100 per cent stake in Hutchison Essar Ltd, India's fourth-largest mobile operator.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38930(37/1140)
【ニューデリー】Wal-Martがインド最大の民間電話会社Bharti Tele-Venturesを傘下に収めるBharti Enterprises Ltd(BEL)と提携した後、アジアのトップ小売り企業、世界最大のヘルス/ビューティー・チェーンとして知られるAS Watson Ltdがドゥバイ拠点のLandmarkと組み、インド市場開拓に乗り出そうとしている。(...続きを読む)
◆Watson to zero in on Landmark for an India entry
【NEW DELHI】After Sunil Mittal-led Bharti Enterprises, which runs the country's largest private telecom firm Bharti Tele-Ventures, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with world's largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc., one of Asia's top retailers and the world's largest in the health and beauty segment, AS Watson Ltd, part of Hutchison Whampoa, has zeroed in on Dubai-based Landmark for an India entry.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38931(38/1140)
【ニューデリー】Tataグループの小売り子会社Trent Ltdはそのハイパーマーケット・フォーマット『Star Bazaar India』のパートナーを求め、国際小売り大手と交渉を進めている。(...続きを読む)
◆Tatas' retail arm Trent looking for global partners
【NEW DELHI】Trent, the Tata group's retail arm, is negotiating with international biggies for a tie-up in its hypermarket format, Star Bazaar India.
【新德里】塔塔集团旗下的Trent零售公司正在跟国际零售大企业商量在特级市场领域合作。Trent现在经营只有一店特级市场名叫『Star Bazaar India』。
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38932(39/1140)
【ニューデリー】年商5500クロー(US$12.42億)のFMCG(fast moving consumer goods)大手Godrejグループも向こう数ヶ月間にグローバル・リテーラーと提携し、新たな事業展開を図る見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Godrej talks with global retailers, including Carrefour, Tesco
【NEW DELHI】The Rs 5,500-crore FMCG powerhouse, Godrej, too is set to enter into a formal agreement with one of the global retailers over the next few months.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38934(40/1140)
◆Essar Steel320万トン鉄鋼プロジェクトに新たな難題
【ニューデリー】National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)はチャッティースガル州政府がEssar Steel Ltd(ESL)に鉱業リース権を与えた鉱区の一部はNMDCに帰属するものであるとして、異議を申し立てた。(...続きを読む)
◆Essar's 3.2 m ton steel project faces new problem
【NEW DELHI】National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) claims to have the mining lease of some of these blocks which has been offered to Essar Steel by Chhattisgarh government and has challenged the state government's decision to award Essar the mines.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38935(41/1140)
◆Rs 10,000 cr investment in Container rail is likely
【Mumbai】It is anticipated that privatisation of container rail operations is entailing an investment of over Rs 10,000 crore in the next three years, primarily in procurement of wagons and setting up of inland container depots (ICDs).
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38936(42/1140)
【ニューデリー】ホンダはインドにおける第2工場の建設地としてラジャスタン州を選び、このほど同州政府と関係同意書(letter of intent)を取り交わした。(...続きを読む)
◆Honda to zero in on Rajasthan to set up its second plant
【New Delhi】Honda Motor Co has zeroed in on Rajasthan to set up its second plant in India. The company has signed a letter of intent with the State Government to this effect.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38937(43/1140)
【ニューデリー】韓国LG Electronicsはインドに三つ目の工場を設ける計画で、候補地をすでに物色している。(...続きを読む)
◆LG looking for a site for its third plant
【New Delhi】Korean consumer electronics major – L G Electronics has started looking for a site to set up its third facility in India.
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38938(44/1140)
【ニューデリー】LG Electronics India Ltd(LGEIL)のカレンダー・イヤー2006年通年の売上げは前年比10%増の8250クロー(US$18.62億)をマークした。(...続きを読む)
◆LG sales at US$1.862b in 2006
【New Delhi】Consumer durable company LG Electronics India Ltd increased sales by 10 per cent last year(calendar year 2006)to Rs 82.5 billion ($1.86 billion).
◆LG 全年的销售额18.62亿美元
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38939(45/1140)
【ニューデリー】Max GroupのAnaljit Singh会長が、英国Vodafone Group Plc(VGP)によるインド携帯電話会社第4位のHutchison Essar Ltd(HEL)支配権益買収計画に、決定的役割を演じるものと予想されている。(...続きを読む)
◆Max Group chairman to play catalytic role in Vodafone's quest for Hutch-Essar
【NEW DELHI】Max Group chairman Analjit Singh is understood to play decisive role to seal the Hutch Essar Ltd deal in favour of UK's Vodafone.
【新德里】Max集团主席Analjit Singh据说对英国沃达丰公司的收购和记埃萨尔有限公司计划会扮演关键性角色。
2007-01-17 ArtNo.38940(46/1140)
【ニューデリー】統一進歩連合(UPA:United Progressive Alliance)政府は公共部門電力会社の政府持ち分を引き下げるキャンペーンを開始した。これらの電力会社は公募を通じて増資を行い、政府がその持ち分を直接売却することは避ける。(...続きを読む)
◆Centre ready to dilute stake in power cos
【NEW DELHI】The UPA Government began its campaign to dilute centre's stake in major state-owned power companies without resorting to divestment. These companies will offer 10 percent additional equity through Initial Public Offer (IPO).
2007-01-19 ArtNo.38942(47/1140)
【ハイデラバード】目下インド・ポートフォリオ25社に約5億米ドルを投資しているCitigroup Investments India(CII)は、向こう2~3年間に新たに10億米ドルを投資することを計画している。(...続きを読む)
◆Citigroup to pump in another $1 b in 2-3 years
【Hyderabad】Citigroup Investments India has invested about $500 million in some 25 portfolio companies in the country and now prepares to pump in another $1billion over the next two-three years.
2007-01-19 ArtNo.38943(48/1140)
◆Vodafone/RComm、Hutchison Telecommunications権益買収?
【ニューデリー】インド携帯電話市場シェア第4位のHutchison Essar Ltd(HEL)の支配権益買収を目指す主要プレーヤー、英国のVodafone Group Plc(VGP)と地元Reliance Communications Ltd(RCL)は、直接HELの株式を買収するのではなく、親会社のHutchison Telecommunications International Ltd (HTIL)の権益を手に入れることを検討しているようだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Vodafone, RCom eye HTIL instead of Hutch-Essar
【NEW DELHI】The major suitors for Hutchison Essar Ltd, UK's Vodafone and Reliance Communications are contemplating picking up stake in Hutchison Telecom instead of buying HTIL's stake in the India's fourth-ranked mobile services provider.
2007-01-19 ArtNo.38944(49/1140)
【コーチ】ケララ州を拠点にするNeSTグループのグローバル・エンジニアリング・ソフトウェア部門Network Systems and Technologies Pte Ltd (NeST)は、富士通ヴィエルエスアイ(FVL:Fujitsu VLSI Limited)のためにケララ州ThiruvananathapuramのTechnoparkにオフショア・デベロプメント・センター(ODC)を設置した。(...続きを読む)
◆NeST sets up design centre for Fujitsu
【KOCHI】Network Systems and Technologies Private Limited (NeST), global engineering software services wing of the Kerala-based NeST group, has set up an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for Fujitsu VLSI Limited, Japan, for rendering dedicated VLSI design services.
【科钦】位于喀啦啦州的NeST集团旗下的全球工程软件服务企业Network Systems and Technologies私人有限公司为了富士通VLSI有限公司设计超大规模集成电路而设立了岸外发展中心。
2007-01-19 ArtNo.38945(50/1140)
【バンガロール】Sanyo India Pvt Ltd(SIPL)は親会社と中国家電会社Haier(海爾)との合弁はインド業務には影響を及ぼさないと声明した。(...続きを読む)
◆Haier JV not to impact Sanyo's Indian Business
【Bangalore】Sanyo India Pvt Ltd has stated that its Indian operations will not be impacted by parent's move to form a joint venture with Haier.
企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2007
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