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2018-02-05 ArtNo.46161(2/12)

2018-02-05 ArtNo.46162(3/12)
◆Pre-election Budget: Sops for farm sector, seniors, health cover for poor

【New Delhi】A slew of measures for the agriculture and rural sectors, a new health insurance scheme for the poor and some relief in income tax for the salaried class and senior citizens, were announced by Finance Minister today (01-02-18) in the last full budget before the general elections
○Jaitley adopts a middle path
○Modi government plans mega expansion of rural infrastructure (...続きを読む)
2018-03-07 ArtNo.46202(4/12)

【ニューデリー】インド政府の主要シンク・タンク『インド改造全国評議会(NITI Aayog:National Institution for Transforming India Aayog)』は、土地登記や電子保健記録等の領域にブロックチェーン技術を応用する可能性に関するディスカッション・ペーパーの作成を計画している。
2018-03-07 ArtNo.46203(5/12)

【新德里】印度政府的主要政策智囊团『全国改革印度学会(NITI Aayog:National Institution for Transforming India Aayog)』正在计划关于在土地记录(land records)和电子健康记录(electronic health records)等领域应用『区块链(Blockchain)』技术的可能性制作一篇讨论稿(discussion paper)。
2018-03-07 ArtNo.46204(6/12)
◆Niti Aayog plans paper on blockchain technology for land, health records

【New Delhi】Niti Aayog, the government’s premier think tank, is looking to bring out a discussion paper on the prospective use of blockchain technology in areas such as land records and electronic health records.
○Wallet companies feel the pinch of full KYC guidelines(...続きを読む)
2018-06-01 ArtNo.46253(7/12)

2018-06-01 ArtNo.46254(8/12)

2018-06-01 ArtNo.46255(9/12)
◆Modi, Putin talk multi-nation trade corridor being built by India via Iran

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘informal summit’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin was heavy on defence and geopolitical discussions, at a time when US sanctions on Russia’s military have been picking up pace and Washington DC has turned up the heat on a trade war with India.
○Modi-Putin summit: Energy cooperation, terrorism, geopolitics discussed(...続きを読む)
2018-06-01 ArtNo.46265(10/12)

【ニューデリー】カルナタカ州のHDクマラスワミー首席大臣は5月25日、117人の州議会議員が国民会議派と世俗主義人民党(JDS:Janata Dal Secular)の連立を支持したことから州議会における過半数の信任を証明した。
2018-06-01 ArtNo.46266(11/12)

【新德里】卡纳塔克州新首席部长HD库马拉斯瓦米于5月25日在该州议会上获得多数议员的信任票,117个议员支持国大党(INC:Indian National Congress)和人民党世俗派(JDS:Janata DalSecular)联盟。
2018-06-01 ArtNo.46267(12/12)
◆New CM's winning of trust vote rests the aftermath of the Karnataka election

【New Delhi】Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on May 25 comfortably proved majority on the floor of the Legislative Assembly with 117 MLAs voting in favour of the Congress-JD(S) alliance.
○Mumbai Development Plan gets the green signal, finally(...続きを読む)
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