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内政法律軍事 Political/Law/Military Affair in 2010
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元のページへ戻る ►2010-01-08 ArtNo.42988(1/466)
【ニューデリー】テランガナ(Telangana)地区をアンドラプラデシュ州から分離し『州』に格上げする問題に関して、P Chidambaram内相は1月5日、アンドラプラデシュ州の公認政党8党の代表を招き、分離独立に反対する抗議活動等に関して協議したが、コンセンサスは得られなかった。(...続きを読む)
◆All-party meet on Telangana fails to reach consensus
【New Delhi】A crucial meeting of eight recognised political parties of Andhra Pradesh, called by the Union home minister P Chidambaram on January 5, on the issues that have arisen out of the recent agitations in Andhra Pradesh for and against the creation of a separate State of Telangana, ended without arriving at a consensus.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42992(2/466)
【ニューデリー】電力省と計画委員会(Planning Commission)は、燃料供給の便宜を提供せぬことを通じ亜臨界圧発電所の建設を抑制する新制度の導入を検討している。(...続きを読む)
◆Sub-critical plants may face denial
【New Delhi】The power ministry and the Planning Commission are mulling a new policy regime that would discourage new proposals for sub-critical stations by denying them fuel linkages.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42997(3/466)
◆Food processing sector set to attract $21.7b in 5 years
【Kolkata】The Union food processing ministry has set a target of attracting investments to the tune of Rs 1 lakh crore ($21.7b) in the sector by 2015.
◆食品加工业今后5年吸引$ 217亿美元投资
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42999(4/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は、国内のバイオマス資源の最適な開発とバイオ燃料生産への活用を促進する国家バイオ燃料政策(National Policy on Bio-fuels)を閣議承認した。(...続きを読む)
◆Cabinet nods national policy on bio-fuels
【New Delhi】The Union Cabinet recently approved the National Policy on Bio-fuels which will facilitate optimal development and utilisation of indigenous bio-mass feedstocks for production of bio-fuels.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43002(5/466)
◆Exporters get $108 m fresh incentives
【New Delhi】The government has offered duty benefits for 2,000 new products to sustain revival in exports. The measures will cost the exchequer about Rs 450-500 crore ($97.65m-108.5m) for the remaining period of this fiscal. Incentives have been announced to promote exports to China and Japan, too.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43006(6/466)
【ニューデリー】特別閣僚グループ(EGOM:empowered group of ministers)は12日の会議で、入札にかける各電信管区内のスロット数や支払いスケジュール等の問題について結論を出すことができなかった。このため第三世(3G)代移動体通信周波数域の入札期日が再度繰り延べられる恐れが生じている。(...続きを読む)
◆3G auction may delay again
【New Delhi】The Indian government may again delay the auction of spectrum for the launch of third generation telephony by private players, as the empowered group of ministers (eGoM) on January 12 failing to finalise 3G spectrum issues such as the number of slots and payment schedule.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43009(7/466)
【ムンバイ/ニューデリー】インド政府は全国の国際貨物ターミナルに製薬製品特区(special zones for pharma products)を設ける計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Govt to build special zones for pharma at int'l terminals
【Mumbai/New Delhi】The Indian government is planning to create special zones for pharma products at international cargo terminals nationwide.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43015(8/466)
◆Orissa seeks referendum on Posco project
【Bhubaneswar】The Orissa government on January 16 decided to seek a referendum on Posco-India's 12-million-tonne steel plant in the state in view of fierce local opposition. The decision seems to push the project back further.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43016(9/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は14日、国内の電力設備業者、例えばBharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(BHEL)を支援する狙いから、今後国内のメガ発電プロジェクト(mega power projects)に対する設備納入を輸出と見なし、税制優遇措置を適応すると発表した。(...続きを読む)
◆Power equipment firms get export sops on local supplies
【New Delhi】The Indian government on January 14 announced that it will consider domestic supplies to mega power projects as exports, which would entitle them to duty benefits, in a bid to help power equipment manufacturers like Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43017(10/466)
◆Centre limits Ultra Mega Power Projects to 3 per company
【New Delhi】The government has decided to limit the number of Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs), which one company can implement at any point in time, to a maximum of three projects.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43018(11/466)
◆Oil cos to supply Euro-IV fuel in 13 cities from April 1
【New Delhi】The country's oil retailers will begin supplying Euro-IV compliant auto fuel in 13 cities from the targeted April 1. However the sale of fuel compliant with Euro-III norms in rest of the country will be done in a phased manner between April 1 and October 1.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43020(12/466)
【ニューデリー】地元事業5社を含む情報技術(IT)企業7社が当初見積もりコスト2000クロー(US$4.34億)の電子政府プロジェクト、『犯罪刑事追跡ネットワーク&システムズ(CCTNS:Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems)』の一次選考を通過した。(...続きを読む)
◆Seven IT firms in e-gov shortlist
【New Delhi】Seven IT firms, including five of India, are in the race for the Rs 2,000-crore e-governance project CCTNS(Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems).
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43026(13/466)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相を長とする特別閣僚グループ(eGoM:empowered group of ministers)は先週当地で催された会議の席上、ウルトラ・メガ発電プロジェクト(UMPP:ultra mega power projects)が外国から電力設備を輸入するのを禁止する方針を決めた。こうした動きは、国営重電機会社Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(BHEL)やLarsen & Toubro Ltd(L&T)に恩恵を及ぼすが、電力料の上昇を生じさせるものと見られる。(...続きを読む)
◆Centre to curb UMPP imports
【New Delhi】An empowered group of ministers (eGoM), headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, decided at a meeting here last week to bar ultra mega power projects (UMPP) from sourcing equipment from abroad—a move that would benefit domestic suppliers like Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd and Larsen & Toubro Ltd, but could raise electricity tariffs.
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43027(14/466)
【ニューデリー】中央電力監督委員会(CERC:Central Electricity Regulatory Commission)は18日、再生可能エネルギー資源の利用と電力市場の開発を促進するための再生可能エネルギー証書(REC:renewable energy certificate)規則を発表した。(...続きを読む)
◆Renewable energy trade rules notified
【New Delhi】The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) on January 18 notified regulation on renewable energy certificate (REC) to promote renewable sources of energy and development of market in electricity.
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43028(15/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は外国直接投資(FDI)認可規則の緩和を準備している。目下のところ600クロー(US$1.302億)を超える投資プロジェクトは経済問題閣僚委員会(CCEA: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs)の最終認可を必要とするが、産業政策振興局(DIPP:Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion)は同上限を1000クロー(US$2.17億)から1500クロー(US$3.255億)の間の適当な額に引き上げるよう提案している。(...続きを読む)
◆FDI norms to be relaxed
【New Delhi】The government of India proposes to ease the norms for foreign direct investment (FDI) approval. At present, projects worth more than Rs 600 crore ($130.2m) require the final approval of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA). The department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) has proposed that this ceiling be raised to anywhere between Rs 1,000 crore ($217m)and Rs 1,500 crore($325.5m).
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43030(16/466)
【ニューデリー】1988年自動車法(Motor Vehicle Act, 1988)を改正するため昨年組織された委員会の提案を、陸運幹線道路省が認めるなら、車齢10年以上の商用車の運行が禁止される可能性がある。(...続きを読む)
◆CVs older than 10 yrs may face ban
【New Delhi】The ministry of road transport and highways may ban commercial vehicles older than 10 years from plying on roads if recommendations of a committee formed last year to propose changes in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is implemented.
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43036(17/466)
◆Centre considers judicial panel on Telangana
【Hyderabad】Normal life continued to remain paralysed in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh for the second consecutive day on Thursday. The Centre is considering various options, including appointment of a time-bound judicial committee to go into the Telangana issue.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43047(18/466)
◆3G auction on Feb 25
【New Delhi】The government has decided to go ahead with the auction of three slots of third generation (3G) spectrum for all 22 telecom circles on February 25.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43052(19/466)
◆Govt aims to double gas production in 5-years
【Mumbai】Indian oil companies have been mandated to double their gas production in the next 5-years which would require extensive investment in processes and technologies.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43053(20/466)
【ニューデリー】石油天然ガス省は、探査開発活動に対するより多くの奨励措置を新年度予算案に盛り込むとともに、喩え州政府の意向に反しても、燃料を『商品サービス税(GST:goods and services tax)』適応対象品目に加えるよう大蔵省に要求した。(...続きを読む)
◆More E&P sops, fuels under GST; Petromin
【New Delhi】The petroleum ministry has made a strong case for giving oil & gas producers and refiners a slew of tax breaks in the forthcoming Budget and including auto and jet fuels in the proposed goods & services tax (GST), against the wishes of state governments.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43058(21/466)
【ニューデリー】インド電気通信局(DOT:Department of Telecommunications)は、地元の指導的電話会社2社、Bharti AirtelとTata Communications Ltd(TCL)に対し、Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel)との国際長距離電話(ILD:international long distance)契約を破棄するよう求める可能性を検討している。伝えられるところによると、SingTelはライセンスを取得せずに違法にインド国内でILDサービスを提供しているとされる。(...続きを読む)
◆TataComm, Airtel may be asked to end ILD pacts with SingTel
【New Delhi】The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is considering to ask two leading private operators, Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications, to terminate their contracts with Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), which was allegedly offering international long distance (ILD) services here without a licence.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43059(22/466)
【ニューデリー】外国企業のインド子会社が内部留保を再投資することが可能になった。ただし投資金は借入と見なされ、海外商業借款(ECB:external commercial borrowing)規則が適応される。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian arms of foreign firms now can reinvest internal accruals
【New Delhi】Indian arms of foreign firms now can reinvest internal accruals in downstream sectors. The reinvestment amount is reckoned as debt and complies with relevant external commercial borrowing (ECB) norms.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43067(23/466)
◆3G bids may be pushed back to Sept
【New Delhi】Facing fresh hurdles that can derail the entire process, the much-delayed 3G spectrum auctions has been put off until next financial year and may now be held only in September.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43068(24/466)
【コルカタ】国営火力発電会社National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC)が完全出資する商社NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam Ltd (NVVNL)は、2013年までに1000MW(メガワット)のソーラ・パワーを購入、火力発電所の未配分電力と合わせて送配電網に供給する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆NTPC arm to procure 1,000 Mw solar power by 2013
【Kolkata】NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam Ltd (NVVNL), a wholly-owned trading arm of National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC) intends to procure up to 1,000 Mw of solar power by 2013, and mix it with the unallocated thermal power to produce bundled power.
【加尔各答】国家热电公司(NTPC)的全资贸易子公司NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam有限公司打算到2013年前购买1000MW的太阳能电力。它把太阳能电力跟未分配的火力发电站生产的电力混合一体然后供应给输电网。
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43069(25/466)
【ニューデリー】第4次炭層メタン(CBM)鉱区入札の審査を担当する次官クラス委員会は、入札業者の1社、Deep CH4コンソーシアムの入札資格を巡る物議に関して法務局(department of legal affairs)に意見を求めた。このため入札者は結論が出るまでより長い時間待機を強いられそうだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Controversy delays coal bed methane block auction
【New Delhi】A committee of secretaries deciding on the bids for the right to seek and produce coal bed methane (CBM) blocks under the fourth round of auction has asked the department of legal affairs to advise on the controversy surrounding one of the bidders, the Deep CH4 consortium. The bidders may have to wait longer for the outcome.
【新德里】审查第四轮勘探和开发煤层气区块拍卖会投标的一个秘书委员会对竞购者之一的Deep CH4联盟关联的争议已向法律事务局要求提供意见。所以投标人可能要更长的时间等待结果。
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43072(26/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は、2週間以内に公共企業4社、①Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)/②Steel Authority of India (SAIL)/③National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC)/④Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)に、財務・経営面でより大きな裁量権を認めるMaharatnaステータスを付与する見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
◆SAIL, ONGC, IOC, NTPC identified for Maharatna status
【New Delhi】The government is likely to confer 'Maharatna' status on four central public sector firms—Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Steel Authority of India (SAIL), National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)—in the next two weeks in order to grant a higher level of financial and managerial autonomy.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43077(27/466)
【ニューデリー】Kirit Parikh委員会は3日、燃料価格に関する報告書をMurli Deora石油天然ガス相に提出、小売業者に自動車燃料価格を決定する裁量権を認めること、また灯油を1リッター当たり6ルピー、家庭用液化石油ガス(LPG)を1シリンダー当たり100ルピー即時値上げするよう提案した。(...続きを読む)
◆Panel recommends total decontrol of oil prices
【New Delhi】The Kirit Parikh committee on February 3 presented the report on fuel pricing to Petroleum Minister Murli Deora to recommend measures to allow auto fuels retailers freedom to decide their own pricing and an immediate increase in prices of kerosene by Rs 6 per litre and LPG rates by Rs 100 a cylinder.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43078(28/466)
◆Parikh's flat tax could be disastrous: Diesel car makers
【Mumbai】If the government accepts the Parikh committee's recommendation of a flat tax of Rs 80,000 on diesel cars, manufacturers that mainly sell diesel cars anticipate a significant fall in sales, because of a widening cost differential with petrol variants.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43084(29/466)
【ニューデリー】内務省は、B N Srikrishna元最高裁判事を長とする5人のメンバーから成るテランガナ問題専門委員会(expert committee on Telangana issue)を組織した。同委員会は、アンドラプラデシュ州のあらゆる階層の人々、異なる政党やグループ等、幅広い意見を聴取する。(...続きを読む)
◆Govt constitutes expert committee on Telangana issue
【New Delhi】Home Ministry constituted a five-member expert committee on Telangana issue headed by former Supreme Court Judge B N Srikrishna. The committee will hold wide-ranging consultations with all sections of people and different political parties and groups in Andhra Pradesh.
2010-02-10 ArtNo.43086(30/466)
【ニューデリー】「...食品インフレの最悪期は既に終わり、我々は間もなく食品価格を安定させることができる、と私は確信している。」Manmohan Singh首相は6日、ニューデリーで催された食品価格問題に関する首席大臣会議の席上、以上の見通しを語った。(...続きを読む)
◆Worst of food inflation over: PM
【New Delhi】''... the worst is over as far as food inflation is concerned. I am confident that we will soon be able to stabilise food prices,'' the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh on February 6 said addressing the Chief Ministers' conference on food prices in New Delhi.
2010-02-10 ArtNo.43091(31/466)
【ニューデリー】広帯域無線アクセスWiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)の世界組織、WiMAX Forumは4日、特別閣僚委員会(EGOM:empowered group of ministers)に対し、WiMAX周波数域入札と第三世代(3G)移動体通信周波数域入札を分離し、今会計年度内にWiMAX周波数域入札を実施するよう要請した。(...続きを読む)
◆WiMAX, 3G spectrum auctions should be delinked
【New Delhi】The WiMAX Forum—on February 4 urged the empowered group of ministers (eGoM) looking into the matter to delink the spectrum auction for WiMAX services from 3G spectrum and hold it within this fiscal itself.
2010-02-10 ArtNo.43096(32/466)
◆Govt plans to set up a $651m pharma fund
【Hyderabad】The exclusive Rs 3,000-crore ($651m) pharma fund, which the government plans to set up to promote innovation, research and development (R&D) in drug discovery, will focus on key areas such as biologics, among others.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43104(33/466)
【ニューデリー】インド電気通信監督局(TRAI:Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)は10日、既存技術や第3世代(3G)移動体通信技術を遙かに上回る高速広帯域サービスを提供できる第4世代(4G)技術の導入に対する業界の意見聴取を開始した。TRAIのこうした動きは3G計画に冷水を浴びせることになりそうだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Trai seeks industry view on 4G rollout
【New Delhi】In what may pour cold water on the third-generation (3G) mobile telephony, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on February 10 started consultations for the fourth generation (4G) technology that offers broadband services at much faster speed than the existing technologies or 3G.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43105(34/466)
◆IT spend could triple to $4 b next fiscal
【Mumbai】For information technology and e-governance, the planned expenditure for 2010-11 should be around $2 billion, more than three times the outlay for such projects in the current financial year, and a similar amount is envisaged on the non-planned side.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43106(35/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は5万クロー(US$108.5億)のインド・インフラストラクチャー債券基金(IIDF:India Infrastructure Debt Fund)を創設、公共民間協力(PPP:public private partnership)プロジェクトの長期的資金需要に応じることを検討している。(...続きを読む)
◆$10.85b India Infrastructure Debt Fund to be set up
【New Delhi】The government is considering to set up Rs 50,000-crore ($10.85B) India Infrastructure Debt Fund to meet the long-term needs of public private partnership projects.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43107(36/466)
【ムンバイ】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)は9日、対外商業借款(ECB:external commercial borrowing)規則を緩和し、引き出しや返済スケジュールの修正、借入通貨の変更を認めた。(...続きを読む)
◆External Commercial Borrowing norms eased
【Mumbai】The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on February 9 eased the guidelines for external commercial borrowings (ECBs), allowing corporates to modify the drawdown and repayment schedules and switch currencies.
2010-02-16 ArtNo.43112(37/466)
【ムンバイ】インフラ産業への資金の流入を促進する狙いから、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)は12日、2施策を発表した。すなわち商業銀行(scheduled commercial bank)のインフラストラクチャー部門に対するエクスポージャー上限を資本金の20%に引き上げるとともに、非銀行金融会社(NBFC:non-banking finance companies )に『インフラストラクチャー金融会社(IFC:infrastructure finance companies)』と言う新カテゴリーを設けた。(...続きを読む)
◆RBI uses two-pronged strategy to boost infrastructure funding
【Mumbai】To encourage flow of funds to the infrastructure sector, the Reserve Bank of India on February 12 introduced a two-pronged measure to facilitate funding for the sector. While the bank allowed scheduled commercial banks to enhance exposure to infrastructure companies up to 20% of their capital funds, it also introduced a new category of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), called the infrastructure finance companies (IFCs).
2010-02-16 ArtNo.43113(38/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は次期会計年度から月間対外投資統計を毎月発表する方針を決めた。産業政策振興局(DIPP:Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion)は、この点に関して中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)と密接に提携する。(...続きを読む)
◆Monthly investment outflow data from Apr
【New Delhi】The Indian government has decided to release the data on outward investments every month from next fiscal. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is closely working with the Reserve Bank of India on this regard.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43123(39/466)
【ニューデリー】ロシアとインドは16日、ウラジーミル・プーチン(Vladmir Putin)首相の来月の訪印時に、核反応炉と第五世代戦闘機の供給に関わる2つの主要な協定に調印することで合意した。(...続きを読む)
◆Two major pacts to be signed during Putin's visit to India
【New Delhi】Russia and India on February 16 decided to firm up two major pacts — on nuclear energy and a fifth generation fighter plane — when Russian Prime minister Vladmir Putin visits New Delhi next month.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43124(40/466)
◆Centre to develop 25,000 MW of gas fired plants
【New Delhi】The Power Ministry is working on plans to develop 25,000 MW of new generation capacity using gas as feedstock over the next three-four years on the back of firm supplies of gas on the horizon.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43128(41/466)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は17日、Bharti Airtelがクウェート企業Zain Telecomのアフリカ業務を107億米ドルで買収する計画を支持すると表明した。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian Govt ready to back Bharti's Zain deal
【New Delhi】The Indian government on February 17 promised to back Bharti Airtel in its attempt to acquire most of the African operations of Kuwait's Zain Telecom for $10.7 billion.
2010-02-24 ArtNo.43133(42/466)
【ニューデリー】Manmohan Singh首相の経済諮問委員会(PMEA:Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's economic advisory panel )は、電力不足に悩む国内経済の持続的成長を確保する上から、原子力発電市場を開放し、民間部門の原発事業への投資を認めるよう提案した。(...続きを読む)
◆Open up nuclear power sector for private players: PM's panel
【New Delhi】Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's economic advisory panel suggested that the nuclear power sector should be opened up to private investments which would help the power-starved economy to grow on a sustained basis.
2010-02-24 ArtNo.43141(43/466)
◆3G auction process to start this week
【New Delhi】The government will start the process of third-generation mobile spectrum auction by this week-end by issuing bid document, as all issues with the law and the finance ministries stand resolved. The auction itself is likely to happen during the next financial year beginning in April.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43145(44/466)
【ニューデリー】「インド経済は過去数ヶ月間に顕著な景気の復調を実現、向こう数ヶ月間には一層の回復が望める。政府が目下直面する2つ課題は、第1に国内経済を迅速に9%の成長軌道にのせること、第2の課題はより幅広い、安定した成長を実現することである。」国内総生産(GDP)の5.5%にのぼる財政赤字を抱えながら、個人や企業の税負担軽減にも配慮した2010-11年度予算案を26日国会に上程したPranab Mukherjee蔵相は、政府の優先課題として以上の2点を指摘した。(...続きを読む)
◆Highlights of 2010-11 Union Budget
【New Delhi】Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who presented the Union Budget for 2010-11 with a considerable relief to individual and corporate tax payers and yet a fiscal deficit of 5.5 per cent of GDP in the Lok Sabha on Friday, said "We have seen impressive recovery in the past few months and can witness faster recovery in the coming months," adding, "the first challenge before the Government is to quickly revert to high GDP growth path of 9 per cent and the second challenge is to harness economic growth to make it more inclusive and consolidate gains."
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43146(45/466)
【ニューデリー】インドは2011-12年には9%台の経済成長の軌道に復帰するとともに、4年内に世界一急成長する経済体に変身する見通しだ。Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は木曜、予算案の発表に先だって2009-10年経済報告書を国会に上程、以上の見通しを明らかにした。(...続きを読む)
◆India to be the world's fastest growing economy: Economic Survey
【New Delhi】India will bounce back to a high nine per cent growth in 2011-12 and will become the world's fastest growing economy in four years, according to the pre-budget survey (2009-10) laid before the Parliament by the Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43147(46/466)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は26日、2010-11年総支出110万9000クロー(US$2406.53億)、税収と非税収を含む総収入68万2000クロー(US$1479.94億)、財政赤字国内総生産(GDP)の5.5%の2010-11年度予算案を国会に上程した。(...続きを読む)
◆Govt to contain fiscal deficit at 5.5% of GDP
【New Delhi】The Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on February 26 presented the Budget for 2010-11 with a fiscal deficit of 5.5 per cent of GDP as he pegged the total expenditure at Rs 11.09 lakh crore while the total tax and non-tax revenue are estimated at Rs 6.82 lakh crore for 2010-11.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43148(47/466)
◆FM changes tax slabs to provide relief to taxpayers
【New Delhi】In a relief to individual and corporate tax payers, the government changed the tax structure by raising the slabs at two levels and reduced surcharge on corporate tax.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43149(48/466)
◆Govt starts stimulus rollback, raises excise duty by 2%
【New Delhi】In what seems part of withdrawal of stimulus measures, the government increased excise duties by 2 per cent to 10 per cent on all non-oil products under the 2010-11 Budget.
◆政府撤回刺激政策的一环,把消费税提高 2%
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43150(49/466)
【ニューデリー】インドの製薬会社や研究機関は、社内研究開発(R&D)費の税額控除率が150%から200%に引き上げられたことで恩恵を受けるが、その一方で、非石油製品に対する消費税率が8%から10%に引き上げられ、最低代替税(MAT:minimum alternate tax)率も上方修正されたことで、コスト上昇に直面する見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Drugmakers to benefit from tax incentives for R&D
【New Delhi】Indian drugmakers and research establishments will benefit from the increase in weighted deduction on in-house research and development (R&D) expenses to 200% from the present 150%, as proposed in the union budget. However the gain from the increase in R&D exemptions may be negated by the hike in excise duty from 8% to 10% on all non-petroleum products and increase in minimum alternate tax (MAT).
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43151(50/466)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は26日国会に新年度予算案を上程した際、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)が、非銀行金融会社(NBFC:Non-Banking Financial Companies)を含むより多くの事業体に新規銀行ライセンスを発行すると語ったが、その数時間後、RBI筋は銀行設立規則を緩和する考えはないとコメントした。(...続きを読む)
◆RBI may dole out more banking licences
【New Delhi】Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on February 26 the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will issue banking licences to more entities including the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). However RBI indicated that it had no intention of easing its norms barring companies from setting up banks, hours after the finance minister's announcement.
内政法律軍事 Political/Law/Military Affair in 2010
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