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元のページへ戻る ►2010-01-08 ArtNo.42978(1/246)
【ニューデリー】鳩山由紀夫首相とManmohan Singh首相の会談に先立って、日本貿易振興会(JETRO)とDelhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC)は12月28日、デリー・ムンバイ産業大動脈(DMIC)プロジェクトの対象地域内に協力して24のエコシティーを開発する覚書を交換した。また国際協力銀行(JBIC:Japan Bank for International Cooperation)とIndia Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL)は、事業開発基金(PDF:Project Development Fund)を創設するため、前者が後者に7500万米ドルのローンを提供する覚書を結んだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Two pacts signed for Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
【New Delhi】Ahead of the meeting between Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) on December 28 signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop 24 eco-cities in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project areas. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and the India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) also inked another MOU for a $75 million loan facility to help establish a Project Development Fund (PDF).
2010-01-08 ArtNo.42987(2/246)
【ニューデリー】ジャガイモ、豆類、その他の野菜の価格が急上昇を続ける中、卸売物価指数(WPI:Wholesale Price Index)をベースにした食品インフレは、12月19日までの1週間に19.83%をマーク、前年同期の9.38%を倍以上上回った。(...続きを読む)
◆Food inflation at 19.83%
【New Delhi】Food inflation, as measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), rose to 19.83 per cent for the week ended December 19, more than double the annual increase of 9.38 per cent seen on the same date last year as items such as potatoes, pulses and other vegetables showed a big surge in price levels.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42993(3/246)
◆Real estate funds set to invest $1.5-bn
【Mumbai】In what seems to signal a rebound in realty fund activity in India after a lull in the last 12 months, the country's real estate sector is expected to see fresh investments to the tune of $1.5 billion in residential deals by exclusive real estate funds in the financial year 2010-11, three times more than the total quantum that such funds invested in FY 2008-09.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43003(4/246)
【ニューデリー】昨年12月の卸売物価ベースのインフレ率は前月の4.78%から7.31%に跳ね上がり、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)が今年末までに達すると予想した6.5%を呆気なく跳び越えた。ちなみに2008年12月のインフレ率は6.15%だった。(...続きを読む)
◆December inflation at 7.31 per cent
【New Delhi】Wholesale prices-based inflation leaped to 7.31 per cent in December, shooting past Reserve Bank of India's forecast of 6.5 per cent-level by this fiscal end and previous month's annual rise of 4.78 per cent. The inflation rate was 6.15 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43008(5/246)
【ムンバイ】ボストン・コンサルティング・グループ(BCG)の『グローバル後発医薬品製造業者調査報告』によると、過去3年間に高水準の株主総利回り(TSR:Total Shareholder Return)を実現した後発医薬品会社トップ9社中7社がインド企業により占められた。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian dominate global generics ranking
【Mumbai】Of the nine generic companies that gave good 'Total Shareholder Return (TSR)' in the past three years, seven are Indian companies, said a recent study of the major global generic drug manufacturers by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43017(6/246)
◆Centre limits Ultra Mega Power Projects to 3 per company
【New Delhi】The government has decided to limit the number of Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs), which one company can implement at any point in time, to a maximum of three projects.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43021(7/246)
◆Anil Ambani、MGMスタジオ買収目指す
【ロンドン】インドの指導的企業家Anil Ambani氏は世界の主要なフィルム制作者になることを目指し、MGM(Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer)ハリウッド・スタジオの買収を計画している。デイリー・テレグラフは最近以上の消息を伝えた。(...続きを読む)
◆Anil Ambani intends to take over MGM Hollywood studio
【London】Leading Indian entrepreneur Anil Ambani plans a takeover of the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Hollywood studio in an attempt to become one of the world's most powerful film bosses, the 'Daily Telegraph' recently reported.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43024(8/246)
◆India's inflation indicator confusing, inconsistent: ADB
【New Delhi】The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has suggested policy makers in India to consider making the Consumer Price Index the main barometer of inflation since the current system of measuring the rate of price rise on both retail and wholesale prices is creating confusion.
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43033(9/246)
◆Food inflation softens to 16.81%
【New Delhi】Food inflation (prices of non-processed food articles) softened to 16.81 per cent for the week ended January 9, led by lower fruit and vegetable prices, although pulses and potatoes continued to cost dearer. Annual food inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) stood at 17.28% a week ago.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43059(10/246)
【ニューデリー】外国企業のインド子会社が内部留保を再投資することが可能になった。ただし投資金は借入と見なされ、海外商業借款(ECB:external commercial borrowing)規則が適応される。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian arms of foreign firms now can reinvest internal accruals
【New Delhi】Indian arms of foreign firms now can reinvest internal accruals in downstream sectors. The reinvestment amount is reckoned as debt and complies with relevant external commercial borrowing (ECB) norms.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43060(11/246)
◆Food inflation rises to 17.4%
【New Delhi】After easing for three weeks in a row, food inflation reared up again, with the annual wholesale price index-based inflation in primary food products inching up to 17.40 per cent for the week ended January 16 against the previous week's annual rise of 16.81 per cent.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43061(12/246)
【ニューデリー】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)は1月29日、インフレ高進を抑制するため、支払い準備率(CRR:Cash Reserve Ratio)を2月末までに2段階に分けて5.0%から5.75%に75ベイシスポイント引き上げると発表するとともに、2010年3月末までに卸売物価をベースにしたインフレ率が8.5%に達すると予想、これ以前の予測値6.5%を上方修正した。(...続きを読む)
◆RBI raises cash reserve ratio to curb inflation
【New Delhi】Seeking to arrest inflation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has hiked the Cash Reserve Ratio of scheduled banks by 75 basis points from 5.0 per cent to 5.75 per cent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) in two stages in its third quarter review of Monetary Policy for 2009-10.
RBI also increased the baseline projection for Wholesale Price Inflation for end-March 2010 to 8.5 per cent from the 6.5 per cent projection made in the October 2009 review.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43082(13/246)
◆Mittal、Uttam Galvaの29%権益公開買付完了
【ムンバイ】ArcelorMittal Netherlands BVは1日、422クロー(US$9157万)でUttam Galva Steels Ltd(UGSL)の29%の権益を買収、公開買付を完了したと発表した。これにより同社のマハラシュトラ州Mumbai拠点の当該二次鉄鋼メーカー持ち分は34.42%になった。(...続きを読む)
◆Mittal completes acquisition of 29% stake in Uttam Galva
【Mumbai】ArcelorMittal on February 1 announced that it had completed to acquire a 29% stake in Uttam Galva Steels for Rs 422 crore through an open offer, taking its holding in the Mumbai-based secondary steel producer to 34.42%.
2010-02-10 ArtNo.43096(14/246)
◆Govt plans to set up a $651m pharma fund
【Hyderabad】The exclusive Rs 3,000-crore ($651m) pharma fund, which the government plans to set up to promote innovation, research and development (R&D) in drug discovery, will focus on key areas such as biologics, among others.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43102(15/246)
【チェンナイ】トラック販売の上昇に低利融資がどれほど重要な役割を果たしているかを立証するかのように、非銀行金融機関(NBFC:non-banking finance companies)の自動車ローンビジネスは2009-10年第3四半期に目覚ましい成長を遂げた。(...続きを読む)
◆NBFCs' low cost of funds boosts Q3 sales of trucks
【Chennai】In what tells that low cost of funds has played as much an important role as the upswing in sales of trucks, vehicle-financing non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) has reported a robust performance in third quarter of 2009-10.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43106(16/246)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は5万クロー(US$108.5億)のインド・インフラストラクチャー債券基金(IIDF:India Infrastructure Debt Fund)を創設、公共民間協力(PPP:public private partnership)プロジェクトの長期的資金需要に応じることを検討している。(...続きを読む)
◆$10.85b India Infrastructure Debt Fund to be set up
【New Delhi】The government is considering to set up Rs 50,000-crore ($10.85B) India Infrastructure Debt Fund to meet the long-term needs of public private partnership projects.
2010-02-12 ArtNo.43107(17/246)
【ムンバイ】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)は9日、対外商業借款(ECB:external commercial borrowing)規則を緩和し、引き出しや返済スケジュールの修正、借入通貨の変更を認めた。(...続きを読む)
◆External Commercial Borrowing norms eased
【Mumbai】The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on February 9 eased the guidelines for external commercial borrowings (ECBs), allowing corporates to modify the drawdown and repayment schedules and switch currencies.
2010-02-16 ArtNo.43112(18/246)
【ムンバイ】インフラ産業への資金の流入を促進する狙いから、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)は12日、2施策を発表した。すなわち商業銀行(scheduled commercial bank)のインフラストラクチャー部門に対するエクスポージャー上限を資本金の20%に引き上げるとともに、非銀行金融会社(NBFC:non-banking finance companies )に『インフラストラクチャー金融会社(IFC:infrastructure finance companies)』と言う新カテゴリーを設けた。(...続きを読む)
◆RBI uses two-pronged strategy to boost infrastructure funding
【Mumbai】To encourage flow of funds to the infrastructure sector, the Reserve Bank of India on February 12 introduced a two-pronged measure to facilitate funding for the sector. While the bank allowed scheduled commercial banks to enhance exposure to infrastructure companies up to 20% of their capital funds, it also introduced a new category of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), called the infrastructure finance companies (IFCs).
2010-02-16 ArtNo.43113(19/246)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は次期会計年度から月間対外投資統計を毎月発表する方針を決めた。産業政策振興局(DIPP:Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion)は、この点に関して中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)と密接に提携する。(...続きを読む)
◆Monthly investment outflow data from Apr
【New Delhi】The Indian government has decided to release the data on outward investments every month from next fiscal. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is closely working with the Reserve Bank of India on this regard.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43121(20/246)
【ニューデリー】今年1月の全ての品目を対象にした卸売物価指数(WPI)ベースのインフレ率は昨年12月の7.31%から過去13ヶ月来最高の8.56%をマーク、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)の今年3月末までの目標インフレ率を突破した。続きを読む)
◆Inflation at 8.56%, breaches RBI Mar target
【New Delhi】Inflation based on wholesale price index for all commodities surged to a 13-month high of 8.56 per cent in January from 7.31 per cent in December last year, outpacing the Reserve Bank of India's end-March inflation forecast.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43122(21/246)
◆Food inflation spikes to 17.97%
【New Delhi】Food inflation rose for the fourth straight week at 17.97% in the 12 months to Feb. 6, compared to 17.94 per cent in the previous week.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43128(22/246)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は17日、Bharti Airtelがクウェート企業Zain Telecomのアフリカ業務を107億米ドルで買収する計画を支持すると表明した。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian Govt ready to back Bharti's Zain deal
【New Delhi】The Indian government on February 17 promised to back Bharti Airtel in its attempt to acquire most of the African operations of Kuwait's Zain Telecom for $10.7 billion.
2010-02-19 ArtNo.43130(23/246)
◆Hinduja Ventures、IDL Speciality Chemicals買収
【ムンバイ】Hinduja Ventures Ltd(HVL)取締役会は、医薬品会社IDL Speciality Chemicals Ltd(ISCL)を買収することを承認するとともに、関係覚書を取り交わすことを認めた。(...続きを読む)
◆Hinduja Ventures to acquire IDL Speciality Chemicals
【Mumbai】Hinduja Ventures' board has approved the acquisition of pharma firm IDL Speciality Chemicals and also decided to enter into an MoU to that effect.
2010-02-24 ArtNo.43136(24/246)
【ムンバイ】報道によれば、Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)は破産したオランダの石油化学企業LyondellBasell Industries AFに対する買収提案額を145億米ドルに引き上げた。(...続きを読む)
◆Reliance revises LyondellBasell bid to $14.5 bn
【Mumbai】Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has raised its offer for bankrupt Dutch petrochemicals firm LyondellBasell Industries AF to about $14.5 billion, according to the reports.
2010-02-24 ArtNo.43140(25/246)
【ムンバイ】Bajaj Auto Ltd(BAL)はオーストリアの特製バイク・メーカーKTM Power Sport AGの支配権益買収を目指して来たが、プロモーターのCROSS Industriesが50.9%の持ち分を縮小する考えのないことを公に声明したことから、買収計画は暗礁に乗り上げた。(...続きを読む)
◆Bajaj's plan to acquire KTM's majority stake hit a snag
【Mumbai】In what Bajaj Auto's hopes of acquiring a majority stake in specialised bike manufacturer KTM Power Sport AG seem to have been stymied, CROSS Industries, the Austrian firm's promoter, publicly declared it would not dilute its 50.9 per cent stake.
2010-02-24 ArtNo.43142(26/246)
【ムンバイ】Bharti Airtel Ltd(BAL)はSingapore Telecommunications Ltd(STL)に自社株を売却し、クウェートの電話会社Zainのアフリカ資産を107億米ドルで買収する費用に充てる可能性がある。(...続きを読む)
◆Bharti may sell shares to SingTel to fund Zain Africa buy
【Mumbai】Bharti Airtel may sell shares to Singapore Telecommunications to part finance its $10.7-billion bid for Kuwaiti telecom major Zain's African assets.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43147(27/246)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は26日、2010-11年総支出110万9000クロー(US$2406.53億)、税収と非税収を含む総収入68万2000クロー(US$1479.94億)、財政赤字国内総生産(GDP)の5.5%の2010-11年度予算案を国会に上程した。(...続きを読む)
◆Govt to contain fiscal deficit at 5.5% of GDP
【New Delhi】The Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on February 26 presented the Budget for 2010-11 with a fiscal deficit of 5.5 per cent of GDP as he pegged the total expenditure at Rs 11.09 lakh crore while the total tax and non-tax revenue are estimated at Rs 6.82 lakh crore for 2010-11.
2010-03-01 ArtNo.43151(28/246)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は26日国会に新年度予算案を上程した際、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)が、非銀行金融会社(NBFC:Non-Banking Financial Companies)を含むより多くの事業体に新規銀行ライセンスを発行すると語ったが、その数時間後、RBI筋は銀行設立規則を緩和する考えはないとコメントした。(...続きを読む)
◆RBI may dole out more banking licences
【New Delhi】Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on February 26 the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will issue banking licences to more entities including the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). However RBI indicated that it had no intention of easing its norms barring companies from setting up banks, hours after the finance minister's announcement.
2010-03-09 ArtNo.43171(29/246)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は2010-11年度予算のインフラ開発支出を拡大強化した後、西アジア資金の誘致に力を傾注している。外務省筋によると、65億米ドルのインド湾岸基金(India-Gulf funds)の募集活動が間もなく完了する見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
◆$6.5 billion India-Gulf funds to boost infrastructure projects
【New Delhi】After an enhanced outlay to the infrastructure sector in Budget 2010-11, India is now working hard to attract investments from West Asia. According to external affairs ministry sources, $6.5 billion India-Gulf funds are set to be finalised soon.
2010-03-09 ArtNo.43172(30/246)
【ニューデリー】世界銀行の記録によれば、インドのSM Krishna外相は「インドは今後アルナチャルプラデシュ州に関わるプロジェクトに関しては世銀融資を求めない」と語ったが、世銀の中国代表は、Krishna外相の同発言に拘束力を持たせるよう要求した。(...続きを読む)
◆Sino-Indian dispute over WB's assistance for Arunachal ends in draw
【New Delhi】A World Bank document says external affairs minister SM Krishna has stated that "India will not pose any Arunachal Pradesh-specific project" to the Bank, and that the Chinese executive director at the Bank is pressing for the operationalisation of this statement.
2010-03-09 ArtNo.43173(31/246)
【ニューデリー】インフレが軟化するとの政府の見通しとは裏腹に、2月20日までの1週間の食品インフレ率は17.87%と、前週の17.58%から再度加速、中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)が4月の金融政策見直しに際して金利を引き上げる可能性が高まった。(...続きを読む)
◆Food inflation inches up to 17.87 per cent
【New Delhi】Food inflation inched up marginally to 17.87 per cent for the week ended February 20 from 17.58 per cent in the previous week, defying government predictions that price rises would start to moderate, adding to pressure on the Reserve Bank of India to raise interest rates in April.
2010-03-12 ArtNo.43181(32/246)
◆JFEスチール、JSW Steel権益買収協議
【ニューデリー】日本第二位の鉄鋼メーカー、JFEスチールは、Sajjan Jindal氏が率いるインド第二の鉄鋼生産者、JSW Steel Ltd(JSL)の10%前後の権益買収を目指しており、両者の協議は最終段階に入っている。まとまればインド国内鉄鋼市場における取引としては最大規模のものになる見通しだ。続きを読む)
◆JFE set to buy into JSW Steel
【New Delhi】Japan's second largest steel firm, JFE Steel, is close to acquiring around 10% stake in India's second largest steel producer, the Sajjan Jindal-led JSW Steel.
2010-03-12 ArtNo.43182(33/246)
【ムンバイ】インド第2の製鉄会社Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL)は、高付加価値製品の需要急増に応じるため、地元ライバルの後塵を拝し日本の技術パートナーを求め、合弁交渉を進めている。(...続きを読む)
◆SAIL seeks Japanese technology partner
【Mumbai】Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) wants to follow its local rivals in forging a technology joint venture with a Japanese partner to make higher value products amid surging demand.
2010-03-12 ArtNo.43190(34/246)
【バンガロール】野村證券は、インド経営管理学院バンガロール校(IIM-B:Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)の新卒に、年俸800万ルピー(US$17万3611)の国際業務副社長のポストをオファーした。これは今年各社がIIM-B新卒者にオファーした年俸中最高で、シンガポール政府投資会社Temasek Holdingsが2番目に高額な500万~600万ルピー(US$10万8507-13万208)をオファーした。(...続きを読む)
◆Nomura offers $173,611 to IIM-B grad
【Bangalore】Global financial services firm Nomura has made the highest offer of Rs 80 lakh ($173,611) per annum at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B) campus for the role of vice president finance in an international location, followed by Singapore state investment agency Temasek Holdings who offered Rs 50-60 lakh per annum.
2010-03-16 ArtNo.43195(35/246)
◆Headline inflation in February spikes to 9.89%
【New Delhi】Wholesale price-based inflation rose to 9.89 per cent in February from 8.56 per cent in the previous month due to increase in prices of certain food items such as sugar and the hike in excise duty on fuel announced last month.
2010-03-24 ArtNo.43218(36/246)
◆アルセロール、Bhushan Power権益買収協議
【ムンバイ】消息筋によると、ArcelorMittal Ltd(AML)幹部は最近、Bhushan Power & Steel Pvt Ltd(BPS)の幹部と会談、後者の戦略的権益の取得問題を協議した。(...続きを読む)
◆ArcelorMittal in talks to buy Bhushan Power stake
【Mumbai】ArcelorMittal's top executives have met officials of the unlisted Bhushan Power & Steel seeking a "strategic" stake in the company, said two people familiar with the development.
2010-03-24 ArtNo.43227(37/246)
【ニューデリー】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India(RBI)は19日、インフレ圧力を抑制する金融引き締め政策の一環として、短期貸出金利のレポ・レートと短期借入金利の逆レポ・レートをそれぞれ25ベイシス・ポイント引き上げた。(...続きを読む)
◆Repo, reverse repo rates hiked by 25 bps
【New Delhi】The Reserve Bank of India on March 19 raised its key short-term lending (repo) and borrowing (reverse repo) rates by 25 basis points each as part of its tight money policy to stem inflationary pressures.
2010-03-26 ArtNo.43229(38/246)
【ニューデリー】第12次五カ年計画(2012-2017)期間に必要な1兆米ドルのインフラ開発支出の需要を満たすため、政府は金融システムに広範な変更を加える用意がある。これには民間部門が発行する債券に免税ステータスを認めることが含まれる。Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は23日、以上の考えを語った。続きを読む)
◆Govt open to tax-free private sector bonds: FM
【New Delhi】To meet a $1-trillion infrastructure spending need during the 12th Five Year Plan ending 2017, the government government is open to far reaching changes in the financing and execution of projects, including possible tax-free status for infrastructure bonds by the private sector, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on March 23.
2010-03-26 ArtNo.43230(39/246)
【ニューデリー】インドの民間銀行と非銀行金融会社(NBFC:non-banking finance companies)は、免税債券の発行を認められた選ばれた公共企業のリストに名を連ねることになりそうだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Pvt banks to offer tax-free infrastructure bonds
【New Delhi】India's private banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) appear set to join a list of select stateowned firms which will be Private bonding allowed to offer tax-free infrastructure bonds to investors.
2010-03-26 ArtNo.43235(40/246)
【ニューデリー】Bharti Airtelはクエート企業Zain Telecomのアフリカ資産を終に手に入れた。Zain取締役会は24日の会議で107億米ドルで同資産を売却することを承認した。(...続きを読む)
◆Bharti clinches Zain's African assets for $10.7 bn
【New Delhi】Bharti Airtel has clinched a mega deal to acquire African operations of Kuwaiti firm Zain Telecom. Zain's board on March 24 cleared Bharti Airtel's proposal to buy its African assets for $10.7 billion.
2010-03-31 ArtNo.43245(41/246)
【ムンバイ】Tata Motors Ltd(TML)は、Telco Construction Equipment Company (Telcon)の約20%の権益をおよそ2億2000万米ドルで日立建機に売却する。これにより日立建機はTelconの支配権益を握ることになる。(...続きを読む)
◆Tata Motors to sell 20% in Telcon to Hitachi
【Mumbai】In what the Japanese firm moves from being a junior partner to majority owner, Tata Motors is selling about 20 per cent stake in Telco Construction Equipment Company (Telcon) to Japan's Hitachi Construction Machinery Co for roughly $220 million.
2010-03-31 ArtNo.43251(42/246)
◆Private cos not allowed to issue infrastructure bonds
【Mumbai】Only banks and financial institutions will be eligible to raise funds through issue of tax-free bonds for financing infrastructure projects. Private sector companies will not be allowed to issue such bonds.
● 私人公司不被允许发行免税基础设施债券
2010-04-02 ArtNo.43257(43/246)
【ニューデリー】インド政府はテイクアウト・ファイナンシング(takeout financing)の構造案をほぼ完成した。テイクアウト・ファイナンシングとは、特定プロジェクトに対する短期ローンを補完するために、India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL)が提供する長期性ローンで、インフラストラクチャー・プロジェクトに長期資金を供給するのが狙い。(...続きを読む)
◆Takeout financing cap to be put in place
【New Delhi】The government has finalised the broad contours of the proposed takeout financing scheme, which means using a long-term loan as a substitute for a short-term loan for any project, to be offered by India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) in order to catalyse long-term lending for infrastructure projects.
2010-04-02 ArtNo.43258(44/246)
【ニューデリー】日本は3月29日、デリー、タミールナド州Chennai、西ベンガル州Kolkataにおける地下鉄計画を含むインドにおける6件のインフラストラクチャー・プロジェクトに政府開発援助(ODA:Overseas Development Assistance)計画に基づく2150億円(US$22.86億)の借款を提供することを認めた。続きを読む)
◆Japan extends 215 bn yen ODA loan to India
【New Delhi】Japan on March 29 agreed to give financial assistance worth 215 billion yen ($2.286bn) for six infrastructure projects in India, including various phases of Metro rail projects in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.
2010-04-07 ArtNo.43273(45/246)
【ニューデリー】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)は1日、国内のテレコム企業が海外のパートナーと共同所有(co-ownership)ベースで海底ケーブルを敷設・保守することを認めた。(...続きを読む)
◆Central bank eases overseas investment norms for telecom firms
【New Delhi】The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on April 1 allowed telecom companies to build and maintain submarine cable systems with global players on a co-ownership basis.
2010-04-09 ArtNo.43277(46/246)
【ニューデリー】大きな成果を上げた米中対話の方式に倣って、インド米国戦略経済対話(SED:India-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue)が4月6日発足した。インドはこれにより米国企業の大規模なインフラ投資が行われるものと予想、米国は、インドが金融システム改革を加速し米国に返礼するものと期待している。(...続きを読む)
◆India-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue set up
【New Delhi】The India-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue, modelled on the highly successful economic dialogue platform that China has with the US., was set up on April 6. India expects it to encourage massive investment by US companies in Indian infrastructure, while the US wants to be reciprocated by deeper financial sector reforms.
2010-04-09 ArtNo.43288(47/246)
◆Food inflation hits 17.7 pct; RBI rate hike near certain
【New Delhi】Food inflation accelerated for the second straight week to 17.70 percent for the week ended March 27, higher than an annual rise of 16.35 percent in the previous week.
2010-04-14 ArtNo.43299(48/246)
◆New FDI norms queer foreign VC funds' India investment plan
【New Delhi】Foreign funds will now require prior approval for investment in Indian venture funds and they cannot invest in unregistered trusts.
2010-04-14 ArtNo.43300(49/246)
◆Over five lakh jobs to be generated by March next year
【New Delhi】Over five lakh jobs are expected to be generated in just four sectors --IT, telecom, banking and healthcare -- by March next year, experts said.
2010-04-16 ArtNo.43301(50/246)
【ニューデリー】インド証券取引局(SEBI:Securities and Exchange Board of India)と保険業監督開発局(IRDA:Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority)の間のユニット・リンク保険商品(ULIP:unit-linked insurace products/変額年金保険の一種)の監督を巡る論争は、収束にはほど遠く、SEBIは火曜(4/13)、ULIP取引に対する新たな規制措置を発表、15日には終に法廷訴訟に立ち至った。(...続きを読む)
◆New row brews over ULIPs between Sebi and Irda
【New Delhi】The dispute between Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (Irda) over the regulation of unit-linked insurace products (ULIPs) appears to be far from over with the capital markets regulator again seeking to assert authority over ULIPs on Tuesday.
金融 Finance in 2010
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