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企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2010
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元のページへ戻る ►2010-01-08 ArtNo.42978(1/789)
【ニューデリー】鳩山由紀夫首相とManmohan Singh首相の会談に先立って、日本貿易振興会(JETRO)とDelhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC)は12月28日、デリー・ムンバイ産業大動脈(DMIC)プロジェクトの対象地域内に協力して24のエコシティーを開発する覚書を交換した。また国際協力銀行(JBIC:Japan Bank for International Cooperation)とIndia Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL)は、事業開発基金(PDF:Project Development Fund)を創設するため、前者が後者に7500万米ドルのローンを提供する覚書を結んだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Two pacts signed for Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
【New Delhi】Ahead of the meeting between Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) on December 28 signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop 24 eco-cities in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project areas. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and the India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) also inked another MOU for a $75 million loan facility to help establish a Project Development Fund (PDF).
2010-01-08 ArtNo.42979(2/789)
◆Mitsui's logistics projects cleared
【New Delhi】The Government on December 30 cleared Japanese firm Mitsui and Co's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) proposals to set up two entities in India with an investment of $70.7 million.
2010-01-08 ArtNo.42981(3/789)
【ニューデリー】Steel Authority of India Ltd(SAIL)/Tata Steel Ltd(TSL)/Essar Steel Ltd(ESL)/Bhushan Steel Ltd(BSL)/JSW Steel Ltd(JSL)等の主要鉄鋼メーカーは、国内需要の増大に乗じ、鋼材価格をトン当たり最大2000ルピー引き上げた。(...続きを読む)
◆Steel cos hike prices by Rs 2,000 a tonne
【New Delhi】Leading steel producers Steel Authority of India Ltd , Tata Steel, Essar, Bhushan and JSW have hiked prices of their products by up to Rs 2,000 a tonne on rise in demand in the domestic market.
2010-01-08 ArtNo.42982(4/789)
【ニューデリー】Maruti Suzuki India(MSI)、Hyundai Motor India(HMI)、Mahindra & Mahindra(M&M)、General Motors India(GMI)等の主要乗用車メーカーは何れも12月の月間販売台数が二桁成長を遂げたと報告した。正式な統計数字はまだ出ていないが、業界は12月の月間販売台数が11月に次ぐ今会計年度2番目の高成長を遂げたと見ている。これまでに発表された数字からすれば、2009年12月の乗用車輌(passenger vehicle)の国内販売台数は11万9930台と、前年同月の8万402台に比べ49%の成長を記録した。(...続きを読む)
◆Domestic passenger vehicle sales grow 49% in December
【New Delhi】Car manufacturers such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra and General Motors reported high double-digit sales growth in December. The industry sees second-highest monthly growth after November. Domestic passenger vehicle sales for December 2009 grew 49 per cent to 119,930 units.
2010-01-08 ArtNo.42983(5/789)
◆The two-wheeler sales jump 68% in December
【New Delhi】India's major two-wheeler makers posted a growth 68 per cent at 727,164 units in December as against 432,353 units in the previous year.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42989(6/789)
【コルカタ】ArcelorMittalや韓国のPoscoのインドにおける独自製鉄所の建設計画が、さしたる進展を見ない中、日本のJFEスチールと住友金属工業は、地元のJSW GroupとBhushan Steelが国内に建設を計画する新製鉄所に、それぞれ26~40%出資する交渉を進めている。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/42989.htm(...続きを読む)
◆Japanese steel cos take a different approach in India
【Kolkata】While ArcelorMittal and Posco had tried to set up projects on their own, but have made little headway, so far, Japan's leading steel companies JFE Steel and Sumitomo Metal Industries are negotiating with JSW Group and Bhushan Steel, respectively, for picking up equity stake of anywhere between 26% and 40% in new plants in India.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42990(7/789)
◆Steel consumption increases 7.7% in Apr-Dec '09
【New Delhi】Steel consumption rose by 7.7% to 40.98 million tonne during April-December 2009 over the same period a year ago at 38.04 million tonne on strong demand from automobile, infrastructure and consumer durables sectors.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42991(8/789)
【ニューデリー】鉄鋼省が公共民間両部門鉄鋼メーカーの突然の値上げがインフレに拍車をかける恐れがあるとの懸念を表明する中、国営鉄鋼会社Steel Authority of India Limited(SAIL)は7日、近く一部の製品を値下げする可能性を示唆した。(...続きを読む)
◆SAIL may slash steel prices
【New Delhi】State-run steel maker Steel Authority of India Limited on January 7 said it may cut prices of some of its products in near future after the reports of concerns being expressed by the Ministry of Steel that sudden hike in steel prices in the public and private sectors could lead to spurt in inflationary pressures.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42992(9/789)
【ニューデリー】電力省と計画委員会(Planning Commission)は、燃料供給の便宜を提供せぬことを通じ亜臨界圧発電所の建設を抑制する新制度の導入を検討している。(...続きを読む)
◆Sub-critical plants may face denial
【New Delhi】The power ministry and the Planning Commission are mulling a new policy regime that would discourage new proposals for sub-critical stations by denying them fuel linkages.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42993(10/789)
◆Real estate funds set to invest $1.5-bn
【Mumbai】In what seems to signal a rebound in realty fund activity in India after a lull in the last 12 months, the country's real estate sector is expected to see fresh investments to the tune of $1.5 billion in residential deals by exclusive real estate funds in the financial year 2010-11, three times more than the total quantum that such funds invested in FY 2008-09.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42995(11/789)
◆The restoration of Entry-level motorcycle
【New Delhi】Two wheeler makers, which had formerly shifted the focus of their marketing strategies from the volume driven entry-level motorcycle segment to the high value power bike segment, are now introducing new models in the entry segment and competing to increase market share. The entry segment is in the limelight again.
2010-01-12 ArtNo.42996(12/789)
【ニューデリー】耐久消費財大手、Panasonic Indiaは、インドにおける製造拠点の候補地としてタミールナド州Chennai、マハラシュトラ州Pune、ハリヤナ州Gurgaonをリストアップした。(...続きを読む)
◆Panasonic to set up manufacturing unit in India
【New Delhi】Consumer durables player, Panasonic India has shortlisted three locations for its manufacturing unit — Chennai, Pune and Gurgaon — and is soon expected to take a final call in this regard.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43004(13/789)
◆アシックス、Reliance Retailと提携
【ムンバイ】Reliance Retail Ltd (RRL)傘下のフットウェア・チェーンReliance Footprintは12日、世界的なスポーツ用品メーカー、アシックス(本社神戸)と独占的なパートナーシップ契約を結んだと発表した。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/43004.htm(...続きを読む)
◆Japanese footwear maker ASICS partners Reliance Retail
【Mumbai】Reliance Footprint on January 12 announced an exclusive partnership with ASICS Corporation of Japan, one of the world's leading sporting manufacturers.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43005(14/789)
【マドゥライ】Tata DoCoMoは携帯電話コミック配信サービス『DOCOMICS』を開始した。顧客はダウンロード・スピード2.5Edge(Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution:GSM進化型高速データレート)の特殊効果(キャラクタバイブレーション/音響/ズーミング・テキスト・バブル等)付きコミックを全編閲覧できる。(...続きを読む)
◆DoCoMo launches comics service
【Madurai】Tata DoCoMo has launched DOCOMICS, the mobile-Comics service, wherein customers could read full comics books, along with special effects such as character vibration, sounds, zooming text bubbles, and above all downloads smoothly on a 2.5 Edge Network.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43007(15/789)
【チェンナイ】地場耐久消費財大手Videoconグループ傘下のUnity Appliances Ltd(UAL)は、タミールナド州に新工場を設け、テレビ、液晶表示装置(LCD)、プラズマ・ディスプレー・パネル、冷蔵庫、洗濯機、エアコンから携帯電話端末まで各種電気製品やその部品を製造する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Videocon alloted 70 acres in TN
【Chennai】Unity Appliances Ltd, an offshoot of consumer durables major Videocon group, plans to set up a greenfield plant in Tamil Nadu to manufacture electronic appliances and components including TV, LCD and plasma display panels, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners and even mobile phones.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43008(16/789)
【ムンバイ】ボストン・コンサルティング・グループ(BCG)の『グローバル後発医薬品製造業者調査報告』によると、過去3年間に高水準の株主総利回り(TSR:Total Shareholder Return)を実現した後発医薬品会社トップ9社中7社がインド企業により占められた。(...続きを読む)
◆Indian dominate global generics ranking
【Mumbai】Of the nine generic companies that gave good 'Total Shareholder Return (TSR)' in the past three years, seven are Indian companies, said a recent study of the major global generic drug manufacturers by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43011(17/789)
◆Airlines see 33% rise in passenger numbers in Dec
【New Delhi】In what proved to be the best month for the domestic aviation industry, domestic passenger numbers in December 2009 rose 33 per cent to 44.87 lakh from 33.73 lakh in the same month in the previous year.
2010-01-15 ArtNo.43012(18/789)
◆Surya Vijayanagar、500万トン鉄鋼プラント計画
【バンガロール】Surya Vijayanagar Steels and Power Ltd(SVSPL)は2万クロー(US$43.4億)を投じ、カルナタカ州北部のBagalkot県に年産500万トンの総合鉄鋼プラントと500MW(メガワット)の自家発電施設を建設する。(...続きを読む)
◆Surya Vijayanagar plans 5mt steel plant in Karnataka
【Bangalore】Surya Vijayanagar Steels and Power Ltd plans to establish a five million tonnes per annum (mtpa) integrated steel plant, along with a 500 MW captive power plant in Bagalkot district in north Karnataka at an investment of Rs. 20,000 crore($4.34b).
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43013(19/789)
◆India Inc investments more than double in 3 years
【Mumbai】The investment growth of top 25 industrial houses, chosen according to sales numbers, shows the growth rate increased from 56.1% in 2007-08 to 58.1% in 2008-09 and their aggregate investment numbers more than doubled in the three-year phase.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43015(20/789)
◆Orissa seeks referendum on Posco project
【Bhubaneswar】The Orissa government on January 16 decided to seek a referendum on Posco-India's 12-million-tonne steel plant in the state in view of fierce local opposition. The decision seems to push the project back further.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43017(21/789)
◆Centre limits Ultra Mega Power Projects to 3 per company
【New Delhi】The government has decided to limit the number of Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs), which one company can implement at any point in time, to a maximum of three projects.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43019(22/789)
◆8 bids received for Hyderabad metro rail project
【Hyderabad】Eight companies and consortia have applied for pre-qualification for development of the long-delayed Rs 12,000-crore ($2.6b) metro rail project of Hyderabad.
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43020(23/789)
【ニューデリー】地元事業5社を含む情報技術(IT)企業7社が当初見積もりコスト2000クロー(US$4.34億)の電子政府プロジェクト、『犯罪刑事追跡ネットワーク&システムズ(CCTNS:Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems)』の一次選考を通過した。(...続きを読む)
◆Seven IT firms in e-gov shortlist
【New Delhi】Seven IT firms, including five of India, are in the race for the Rs 2,000-crore e-governance project CCTNS(Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems).
2010-01-19 ArtNo.43021(24/789)
◆Anil Ambani、MGMスタジオ買収目指す
【ロンドン】インドの指導的企業家Anil Ambani氏は世界の主要なフィルム制作者になることを目指し、MGM(Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer)ハリウッド・スタジオの買収を計画している。デイリー・テレグラフは最近以上の消息を伝えた。(...続きを読む)
◆Anil Ambani intends to take over MGM Hollywood studio
【London】Leading Indian entrepreneur Anil Ambani plans a takeover of the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Hollywood studio in an attempt to become one of the world's most powerful film bosses, the 'Daily Telegraph' recently reported.
2010-01-22 ArtNo.43025(25/789)
【ブーバネスワル】Tata steel Ltd(TSL)と南アフリカのSynfuels Internationalの50:50の合弁に成るTata-Sasolは100億米ドルを投じてオリッサ州に石炭液化工場を設けることを提案した。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/43025.htm(...続きを読む)
◆Tata Steel-Sasol plans $10-bn coal-to-liquid fuel unit in Orissa
【Bhubaneswar】Tata-Sasol, a 50:50 joint venture between Tata steel the South African company Synfuels International, has given a proposal to the Orissa government to set up a coal-to-liquid fuel facility in the state with an investment of $10 billion.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43039(26/789)
◆India Inc's Q3 results even better the peak performance
【New Delhi】In what may even better the peak performance of December 2007, corporate India's December quarter results show a 25 per cent growth in sales and 47 per cent expansion in adjusted net profits compared with a year ago num2007bers.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43040(27/789)
【ムンバイ】インド企業のコスト削減努力に関わらず、トップ25社の人件費率(manpower-output ratio:生産額に対する人件費の比率)は2006-07年の6.98%から2008-09年の7.37%に上昇、労働資源運用効率の低下が窺える。(...続きを読む)
◆India Inc's manpower-output ratio increases
【Mumbai】Even as corporate India is trying to minimise costs, the manpower-output ratio for 25 major corporate houses, that indicates personnel cost compared to production value, increased from 6.98% in 2006-07 to 7.37% in 2008-09—indicating lower manpower utilisation.
【孟买】虽然印度公司正在努力降低成本,25家主要企业的人力成本率,就是相比产值的人事费用率,从 2006-07年的 6.98%上升到2008-09年的7.37%,指明人力资源的运用下降。
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43042(28/789)
◆NMDC&Tata Steel、鉱業・製鋼領域で合弁
【コルカタ】公共部門の鉱山会社National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)とTata Steel Ltd(TSL)は、国内および国外の鉱山の買収や開発、国内における製鉄所の建設等の領域で協力することで合意、22日関係覚書を交換した。(...続きを読む)
◆NMDC & Tata Steel form JV for mining and steel making
【Kolkata】Public sector mining major National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) and Tata Steel on January 22 signed a memorandum of understanding to explore opportunities for acquiring and developing mines in India and abroad besides venturing into setting up of greenfield steel plant in India.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43043(29/789)
【ブーバネスワル】Vedanta GroupはLarsen & Tourbro(L&T)をパートナーに引き入れ、オリッサ州における製鉄プロジェクトを進める方針を決めた。Vedanta GroupのAnil Agarwal会長は22日オリッサ州のNaveen Patnaik首席大臣に会見後、記者団に以上の方針を語った。(...続きを読む)
◆Vedanta to rope in L&T for Orissa steel plant
【Bhubaneswar】The Vedanta Group has already decided to take Larsen & Toubro as a partner for the proposed steel project in Orissa. The group's chairman Anil Agarwal revealed after after meeting chief minister Naveen Patnaik on January 22.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43044(30/789)
【New Delhi】国営National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco)は20日、アンドラプラデシュ州で鉱業/精錬事業を実行するとともに、オリッサ州に第2のアルミニウム精錬施設を設けると発表した。(...続きを読む)
◆Nalco to set up mines and refinery in AP, Orissa
【New Delhi】State-run National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco) on January 20 announced its plans to set up mines and refinery project in the Andhra Pradesh and a second aluminium smelter in Orissa.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43046(31/789)
◆Durables industry posts double-digit growth in Jan-Nov '09
【New Delhi】Benefited from robust demand for high-value goods such as LCD televisions, split air-conditioners and frost-free refrigerators, the consumer electronics industry marked a double-digit volume growth in January-November 2009.
2010-01-26 ArtNo.43048(32/789)
◆Nuclear generation surges 39% in December 2009
【New Delhi】Following the doubling of uranium supplies from the Turamdih mill in Jharkhand, nuclear power generation surged 39 per cent in December 2009 and 19 per cent for the April-December period this fiscal.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43049(33/789)
【アーマダバード】韓国政府が100%出資するKorea Land & Housing(KLH)、旧社名Korea Land Corporation(KLC)は、グジャラート州南部のGujarat Vittal Innovation City (GVIC)内に『韓国工業コンプレックス&テクノロジー・ゾーン(KICTZ:Korean industrial complex and technology zone)』を開発する。インドのManmohan Singh首相と韓国の李明博(Lee Myung-bak)大統領は27日、同プロジェクトが二国間の貿易と投資を飛躍的に加速させるとの共同声明を発表した。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/43049.htm(...続きを読む)
◆Korean industrial park to accelerate bilateral trade
【Ahmedabad】The Korea Land Corporation(KLC), now Korea Land & Housing, 100 per cent owned by the Govt of Korea, is setting up a "Korean industrial complex and technology zone" in south Gujarat at Gujarat Vital Innovation City (GVIC). The project is expected to accelerate the bilateral trade and investment linkages between the two countries in a big way, says a joint statement issued by Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh and Lee Myung-bak, President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) on Wednesday.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43050(34/789)
【ニューデリー】今年の共和国記念日祝賀行事のメインゲストとして招かれた韓国の李明博(Lee Myung-bak)大統領は、オリッサ州Paradip近郊のPosco工場起工式に出席する予定だったが、現地の状況が険悪なことからParadip訪問を見合わせた。(...続きを読む)
◆Korean President abandons to visit Posco's plant site
【New Delhi】Lee Myung-bak, President of the Republic of Korea (ROK), who was the chief guest at this year's Republic Day celebrations and had evinced an interest in visiting Posco-India's proposed plant site near Paradip and participate in the "ribbon cutting" function, could not come to the area, as the situation was not conducive for his visit.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43051(35/789)
【ジャムシェドプル】Tata Steel Ltd(TSL)はオリッサ州Kalinganagarに年産600万トンの総合鉄鋼プラントを設ける工事を2ヶ月以内に開始する。TSLのH.M.Nerurkar重役(MD)は1月26日にジャールカンド州Jamshedpurの同社施設で催された第61回共和国記念日の行事の席上、三色旗を掲げ以上の消息を語った。(...続きを読む)
◆Construction for Tata's Orissa project within two months
【Jamshedpur】The construction work of Tata Steel Limited 's six million integrated greenfield plant at Kalinganagar in Orissa will start within the next two months, the company's managing director, HM Nerurkar on January 26 told company workers while unfurling the Tricolour on the occasion of 61st Republic day function at its premises in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
【贾姆谢德布尔】塔塔钢铁有限公司董事经理HM Nerurkar于1月26日在贾坎德州贾姆谢德布尔的公司房地场内举办第61次共和国日典礼时扬起了三色旗而告诉公司职工,该公司今后两个月内在奥里萨州加普县卡林加那加开始兴建年产600万吨总合性钢铁厂的工作。
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43054(36/789)
◆Haldia Petrochem、今月末に操業再開
【コルカタ】総投資額1230クロー(US$2.6691億)のSupermaxプロジェクトを進めるため、昨年11月にナフサ・クラッカーの操業を停止していたHaldia Petrochemicals Ltd(HPL)は、エチレンの製造能力を高めたプラントの操業を再開する。(...続きを読む)
◆Haldia Petrochemicals to reopen with higher capacity
【Kolkata】Haldia Petrochemicals (HPL), which shut down the naphtha cracker plant in November last year to commission the Rs 1,230-crore ($266.91m) Project Supermax, is all set to reopen by month-end with higher ethylene capacity.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43055(37/789)
【コルカタ】トヨタ自動車はオリッサ州に、モナズ石(monazite)から生産される中間材の希土類塩化物(rare earth chloride)を加工処理する施設をオリッサ州に設けることに、強い関心を表明した。(...続きを読む)
◆Toyota may set up a rare earth chloride processing plant
【Kolkata】Toyota Motor Corporation has evinced interest in setting up a processing plant for rare earth chloride, one of the intermediate products of monazite, in Orissa.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43056(38/789)
【ニューデリー】Samsung Indiaは、今年3月末までに海外市場で、また今年6月までにインド国内市場で3D(three dimensional)技術対応のLCD(液晶)/LED(発光ダイオード)/プラズマ・テレビジョンを発売する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Samsung to launch 3D televisions by June
【New Delhi】Samsung India is planning to introduce 3D(three dimensional)-enabled LCD, LED and plasma television sets in the overseas markets by March-end, and will launch them in the domestic market by June.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43057(39/789)
【バンガロール】Videocon Mobile Phones(VMP)は、今年2月末までに携帯電話端末の販売で全国的なプレゼンスを築くことを目指している。(...続きを読む)
◆Videocon plans pan-India presence by Feb-end
【Bangalore】Videocon Mobile Phones plans to achieve a pan-India presence in mobile handset market by the end of February.
2010-01-29 ArtNo.43058(40/789)
【ニューデリー】インド電気通信局(DOT:Department of Telecommunications)は、地元の指導的電話会社2社、Bharti AirtelとTata Communications Ltd(TCL)に対し、Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel)との国際長距離電話(ILD:international long distance)契約を破棄するよう求める可能性を検討している。伝えられるところによると、SingTelはライセンスを取得せずに違法にインド国内でILDサービスを提供しているとされる。(...続きを読む)
◆TataComm, Airtel may be asked to end ILD pacts with SingTel
【New Delhi】The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is considering to ask two leading private operators, Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications, to terminate their contracts with Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), which was allegedly offering international long distance (ILD) services here without a licence.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43064(41/789)
◆Tata Steel取締役会、新日鐵との合弁計画を承認
【ムンバイ】Tata Steel Limited (TSL)取締役会は1月28日の会議で新日本製鐵株式会社との合弁事業のフレームワークを承認した。両社は合弁会社を設立し、ジャールカンド州Jamshedpurにおいて自動車用冷間圧延鋼板製品を製造販売する。(...続きを読む)
◆Tata Steel forms JV with Nippon Steel
【Mumbai】Tata Steel's board on January 28 approved a framework for a Joint Venture between Tata Steel Limited (TSL) and Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC) for the production and sales of automotive cold-rolled flat products at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43065(42/789)
【ムンバイ】マーケットリーダー、Maruti Suzuki India(MSI)、Hyundai Motor India(HMI)、Mahindra & Mahindra(M&M)、Mahindra Renault、Honda Siel Cars India Ltd(HSCI)、General Motors India(GMI)、Fiat India Automobile Ltd(FIAL)を含む主要カー・メーカーの1月の乗用車輛(car/sports utility vehicle/multi utility vehicle)国内販売台数は合計17万5526台と、昨年同月の13万1636台に比べ33%増加した。(...続きを読む)
◆Passenger vehicle domestic sales rise 33% in January
【Mumbai】Passenger vehicle domestic sales including sales of cars, sports utility vehicles and multi utility vehicles from market leader Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra Renault, Honda Siel, General Motors and even Fiat together grew 33 per cent to 175,526 units in January against 131,636 units sold in the same month a year ago.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43066(43/789)
【ムンバイ】二輪車市場では、Hero Honda Motors Ltd(HHML)、TVS Motor Company Ltd(TVSMC)、Suzuki Motorcycles India Pvt Ltd(SMIPL)等が1月に堅調な販売成績を実現した。(...続きを読む)
◆Two-wheeler segment shows a buoyant performance in January
【Mumbai】In the two-wheeler segment companies like Hero Honda, TVS Motor and Suzuki Motorcycle India, witnessed robust sales in January.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43068(44/789)
【コルカタ】国営火力発電会社National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC)が完全出資する商社NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam Ltd (NVVNL)は、2013年までに1000MW(メガワット)のソーラ・パワーを購入、火力発電所の未配分電力と合わせて送配電網に供給する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆NTPC arm to procure 1,000 Mw solar power by 2013
【Kolkata】NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam Ltd (NVVNL), a wholly-owned trading arm of National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC) intends to procure up to 1,000 Mw of solar power by 2013, and mix it with the unallocated thermal power to produce bundled power.
【加尔各答】国家热电公司(NTPC)的全资贸易子公司NTPC Vidyut Vapyar Nigam有限公司打算到2013年前购买1000MW的太阳能电力。它把太阳能电力跟未分配的火力发电站生产的电力混合一体然后供应给输电网。
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43069(45/789)
【ニューデリー】第4次炭層メタン(CBM)鉱区入札の審査を担当する次官クラス委員会は、入札業者の1社、Deep CH4コンソーシアムの入札資格を巡る物議に関して法務局(department of legal affairs)に意見を求めた。このため入札者は結論が出るまでより長い時間待機を強いられそうだ。(...続きを読む)
◆Controversy delays coal bed methane block auction
【New Delhi】A committee of secretaries deciding on the bids for the right to seek and produce coal bed methane (CBM) blocks under the fourth round of auction has asked the department of legal affairs to advise on the controversy surrounding one of the bidders, the Deep CH4 consortium. The bidders may have to wait longer for the outcome.
【新德里】审查第四轮勘探和开发煤层气区块拍卖会投标的一个秘书委员会对竞购者之一的Deep CH4联盟关联的争议已向法律事务局要求提供意见。所以投标人可能要更长的时间等待结果。
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43070(46/789)
【ニューデリー】国営Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd(HPCL)は、マハラシュトラ州Mumbaiの既存製油所が直面するスペース不足を補うため、西海岸、取り分けムンバイとゴアの中間の何れかの場所に2万5000クロー(US$54.25億)を投じて年産1500万トンの新製油所を建設することを計画している。(...続きを読む)
◆HPCL mulls to set up $5.4b refinery
【New Delhi】State-run Hindustan Petroleum Corp plans to invest Rs 25,000 crore ($5.4b) in setting up a 15 million tonnes a year refinery anywhere between Mumbai and Goa on the west coast and is mulling to make up for space constraint that its Mumbai refinery faces at present.
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43071(47/789)
◆Tata Chemicals、US$7.6億投じ尿素生産能力倍増
【ムンバイ】Tata Industries Ltd(TIL)は3500クロー(US$7.595億)を投じ、ウッタルプラデシュ州Babralaにおける尿素の年産能力を2倍の240万トンに拡大する計画だ。(...続きを読む)
◆Tata Chem investing $759.5m to double urea capacity
【Mumbai】Tata Chemicals plans to invest Rs 3,500 crore ($759.5m) to double its urea production capacity to 2.4 million tonnes at Babrala, Uttar Pradesh
2010-02-03 ArtNo.43072(48/789)
【ニューデリー】インド政府は、2週間以内に公共企業4社、①Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)/②Steel Authority of India (SAIL)/③National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC)/④Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)に、財務・経営面でより大きな裁量権を認めるMaharatnaステータスを付与する見通しだ。(...続きを読む)
◆SAIL, ONGC, IOC, NTPC identified for Maharatna status
【New Delhi】The government is likely to confer 'Maharatna' status on four central public sector firms—Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Steel Authority of India (SAIL), National Thermal Power Corp (NTPC) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)—in the next two weeks in order to grant a higher level of financial and managerial autonomy.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43073(49/789)
【ニューデリー】米国ノースカロライナ州Wilmington拠点のGE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy(GHNE)は、最先端の『経済的単純化沸騰水型軽水炉(ESBWR:economic simplified boiling water reactor)』をインド市場に投入する。(...続きを読む)
◆GE-Hitachi to bring new generation reactor to India
【New Delhi】Wilmington, North Carolina-based GE-Hitachi Nuclear is planning to bring its new generation ESBWR (Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor) model to India.
2010-02-05 ArtNo.43076(50/789)
【ニューデリー】欧州最大のエンジニアリング会社Siemens AGは、インド市場向け風力発電タービンの製造に向こう3年間に500クロー(US$1.085億)を投資する。(...続きを読む)
◆Siemens to invest $108.5m in wind power business
【New Delhi】Europe's largest engineering conglomerate Siemens AG plans to invest Rs 500 crore ($108.5m) over the next three years to build wind turbines for the Indian market.
企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2010
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