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企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2017
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元のページへ戻る ►2017-01-30 ArtNo.45911(1/51)

2017-01-30 ArtNo.45912(2/51)

2017-01-30 ArtNo.45913(3/51)
◆Amazon.in sees 160 per cent growth in seller base in 2016

【Mumbai】Global marketplace Amazon today (Jan 05, 2017) said that the seller base on Amazon.in grew by 160 per cent in 2016 from the previous year.
○Flipkart logistics arm suffers massive Rs 810-crore loss
○Need to bring down entry-level smartphone price to $30: Pichai(...続きを読む)
2017-01-30 ArtNo.45914(4/51)

【ムンバイ】タタ・グループ会長ポストを最近解任されたサイラス・ミストリー氏は、『国家会社法審判所(NCLT:National Company Law Tribunal)』に提出した宣誓供述書の中で、タタ・グループの持株会社Tata Sons Ltd(TSL)の元会長で現暫定会長を務めるラタン・タタ氏が、タタ・グループを彼個人の投資ビジネスに改変したと主張している。
2017-01-30 ArtNo.45915(5/51)

【孟买】根据印度教徒报的报道,最近被撤销任职四年的塔塔集团主席一职的赛勒斯·密斯特里先生在向国家公司法庭(NCLT:National Company Law Tribunal)提交的誓章中指控说,“塔塔子孙公司(TSL:Tata Sons Ltd)的前任主席和现任临时主席拉坦·塔塔,把全都向他自己投资的事业里扔进去。”印度教徒报获得该誓章的副本。
2017-01-30 ArtNo.45916(6/51)
◆‘Tata pushed group towards businesses he had invested in’

【Mumbai】Ratan Tata, the former and current interim chairman of Tata Sons, pushed the Tata Group into businesses in which he had personal investments, Cyrus Mistry alleged in an affidavit filed with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), a copy of which has been seen by The Hindu.
○No breach of confidentiality, says Cyrus Mistry
○Who says Cyrus Mistry has fared badly?(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45926(7/51)

【ニューデリー】我々は技術革新の最先端に立っている。我が国は、既存の『即時支払いサービス(IMPS:immediate payment service)』技術に基づいているが、最終的に『バーラット現金決済インターフェース(BHIM:Bharat Interface for Money)』、いわゆるビームに昇華することになる『統一支払いインターフェイス(UPI:United Payments Interface)』と称するものからスタートした。
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45927(8/51)

【新德里】我们处在技术革新的尖端。我国从所谓的『统一支付接口(UPI:United Payments Interface)』开始这个革新。UPI是基于现有的『即时付款服务(IMPS:immediate payment service)』。不过最终升级到所谓的『比姆(BHIM)』,就是『印度现金支付接口(BHIM:Bharat Interface for Money)』。
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45928(9/51)
◆Blockchain revolution: How India, others can change the world

【New Delhi】We are at the cusp of a technology revolution. The country started off with something called Unified Payments Interface, based on a long existing technology of immediate payment service (IMPS), ultimately graduating to Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM).
○Higher charges on cards may deter kirana shops
○Note ban has taken the fizz out of India biz: Pepsi’s Nooyi(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45929(10/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45930(11/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45931(12/51)
◆Emerging technology is keyword: Demand for experts in robotics & big data up 50%

【New Delhi】Software jobs are still pretty lucrative: Only that robotics, artificial intelligence and Big Data now rake in the money, while mature application services sink fast in the pronounced migration of value toward emerging technologies.
○Capgemini India chief says 65% of IT employees not retrainable
○Indian Story of Digital Transformation with Hitachi(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45932(13/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45933(14/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45934(15/51)
◆SoftBank-backed Snapdeal's tale snaps; hands out pink slips

【Mumbai】A pall of gloom lay over the shiny office complex in Gurgaon that houses the corporate office of online marketplace Snapdeal, as employees struggled to deal with the news of layoffs and cost cuts announced this week by the SoftBank-backed company.
○Paytm throws lifeline to Snapdeal, Stayzilla ex-staff
○LIC booked profit in SBI, GAIL, DRL, when you were lining up at ATMs(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45938(16/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45939(17/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45940(18/51)
◆No more extravagant wedding? Bill in Lok Sabha seeks cap on guests, spending

【New Delhi】A Bill in the Lok Sabha seeks to put a limit on the number of guests to be invited and dishes to be served in weddings to check “show of wealth” and wants those spending above Rs. 5 lakh to contribute towards marriages of poor girls.
○Govt thrust on rural infra to fuel kitchenware sales: TTK(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45941(19/51)

2017-03-10 ArtNo.45942(20/51)

【新德里】东芝公司属下西屋电气公司(WEC:Westinghouse Electric Company)的财务危机在安德拉州建设核电厂计划上投了阴影。
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45943(21/51)
◆Toshiba crisis dampens AP nuke plant prospects

【New Delhi】The crisis in Toshiba Corporation’s Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) has cast a shadow over the nuclear power plant, which was proposed to be set up in Andhra Pradesh.
○Farakka barrage is a curse for Bihar: Experts(...続きを読む)
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45944(22/51)

【ニューデリー】鉄鋼省傘下の合同プラント委員会(JPC:Joint Plant Committee)の発表によると、インドの2017年1月の鉄鋼輸出は88万9000トンと、2016年1月の27万4000トンに比べ224%、前月(2016年12月)比19%、増加した。
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45945(23/51)

【新德里】根据钢铁部属下联合工厂委员会(JPC:Joint Plant Committee)发表的数据,印度2017年1月的钢铁出口量为88万9000吨,比2016年1月的27万4000吨增长了224%。
2017-03-10 ArtNo.45946(24/51)
◆India's steel exports register three-fold increase in January

【New Delhi】"India's steel exports in January, 2017 (0.889 MT) was up 224 per cent over January 2016 (0.274 MT) and was up by 19 per cent over December 2016 (0.274 MT)," according to Joint Plant Committee data.
○Final call on strategic divestment of SAIL units by September
○Tata Steel gets EC for Haldia coke plant expansion(...続きを読む)
2017-04-03 ArtNo.45965(25/51)

2017-04-03 ArtNo.45966(26/51)

2017-04-03 ArtNo.45967(27/51)
◆China says CPEC will not affect its stand on Kashmir issue

【Beijing】China on the 27th of March defended its ambitious USD 46 billion CPEC project, saying President Xi Jinping's pet initiative was aimed at improving livelihood of people in the area and will not affect Beijing's stand on the Kashmir issue.
○IPGPL invites bids to select firm for Chabahar Port(...続きを読む)
2017-05-20 ArtNo.45998(28/51)

2017-05-20 ArtNo.45999(29/51)

2017-05-20 ArtNo.46000(30/51)
◆Wind power business: Rational exuberance is in the air

【New Delhi】One event changed it all. Until around mid 2016, the Indian wind power industry, which comprises wind turbine manufacturers and their customers, was mumbling and moaning about the future. Industry representatives were generally incorrigible whiners and they spoke endlessly of uncertainties in demand, vanishing subsidies, difficulties in land purchase and regulatory hurdles.
○Solar power tariff drops to record low
○Centre’s extension of tax benefits to mega power projects unlikely to effect revival
○Gujarat writes to Centre over electricity crisis(...続きを読む)
2017-05-20 ArtNo.46001(31/51)

【ムンバイ】インドの給与上昇率が産業界全体を通じて平均一桁台に落ち込む中、『商品サービス税(GST:goods and services tax)』専門職に限っては、トレンドに抗して高額の中間賞与やGST部門への移動に伴う昇給を手に入れている。
2017-05-20 ArtNo.46002(32/51)

【孟买】尽管印度的薪金增长率、全体工业界的平均而言下降到百分之一位数,但是消费税专家反抗这种趋势,获得高额中期花红,而且随着移动到担任『商品及服务税(GST:goods and services tax)』的部门又得到大幅度加薪。
2017-05-20 ArtNo.46003(33/51)
◆GST professionals getting huge salary hikes ahead of tax roll out

【Mumbai】As salary increments across Indian industries fall to, on average, single-digit percentage figures, goods and services tax (GST) professionals are bucking the trend, taking home hefty mid-term bonuses and increments for moving within the organisation into the GST team.
○SoftBank records $1.4 billion loss from India investments
○Nightmare on IT St: thousands to be sacked(...続きを読む)
2017-06-26 ArtNo.46028(34/51)

2017-06-26 ArtNo.46029(35/51)

2017-06-26 ArtNo.46030(36/51)
◆Tablet sales drop 16% in March quarter

【New Delhi】Sales of tablet PCs fell by 16 per cent year-on-year to around 7.6 lakh units during January-March, hurt by lack of any promotional activity by device makers, says a report.The tablet shipments in the March quarter were also down by 6 per cent compared to the previous October—December quarter, the report by research firm CMR said.(...続きを読む)
2017-06-26 ArtNo.46031(37/51)

2017-06-26 ArtNo.46032(38/51)

2017-06-26 ArtNo.46033(39/51)
◆IT companies exploring 'uberisation of workforce'

【Pune】Pune-based Persistent Systems recently broke away from traditional practices by including several freelancers and consultants in a team that worked on a short-term project, a relatively new idea that's steadily gaining popularity in the global technology services space.
○Top firms ‘fire’ 81 C-suiters in 2 years(...続きを読む)
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46094(40/51)

【ニューデリー】華為技術有限公司のインド子会社Huawei Telecommunications India(HTI)は9月27日、バルティ・エアテル社と提携、後者がカルナタカ州バンガロールにおいて、インドの第五世代(5G)通信開発にとって重要技術の一つとされるマッシブマイモ(Massive MIMO)を導入するのを支援すると発表した。
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46095(41/51)

【新德里】华为技术有限公司的子公司Huawei Telecommunications India(HTI)于9月27日发表说,与巴帝空中电话服务公司(Bharti Airtel)达成协议,它将协助后者在卡纳塔克州邦加罗尔采用大规模天线技术(Massive MIMO)技术。Massive MIMO被称印度部署第五代(5G)通信技术策略的最重要技术之一。
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46096(42/51)
◆Airtel, Huawei India tie up to deploy Massive MIMO

【New Delhi】Huawei Telecommunications India on the 27th of September said it has tied up with Bharti Airtel for the deployment of Airtel's Massive MIMO -- an integral component in India's roadmap to 5G deployment -- in Bengaluru.
○Airtel to acquire Tata's mobile business for free
○Government keeping watch on telcos' financial stress: Manoj Sinha(...続きを読む)
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46097(43/51)

【ニューデリー】eコマース企業アマゾン・インディアは9月27日、卸売市場『Amazon Business (www.amazon.in/business)』を開店すると発表した。
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46098(44/51)

【新德里】电子商务公司亚马逊印度(Amazon India)在9月27日宣布推出批发市场『亚马逊商业(Amazon Business :www.amazon.in/business)』
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46099(45/51)
◆Amazon India launches wholesale marketplace; now SMBs can buy material in bulk

【New Delhi】E-commerce firm Amazon India on the 27th of September announced the launch of its wholesale marketplace Amazon Business (www.amazon.in/business).
○If Amazon can buy into Shoppers, why not ease FDI policy in multi-brand retail?(...続きを読む)
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46100(46/51)

【ガンディーナガル】ジンダル財閥(Jindal Group)傘下のJSWエネルギーLtd(JSWEL)は、400億ルピー近くを投じ、グジャラート州に電気自動車を製造する工場を建設する計画だ。
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46101(47/51)

【甘地讷格尔】金达集团(Jindal Group)之下的JSW能源有限公司(JSWEL:JSW Energy Ltd)将投资接近400亿卢比,在古吉拉特州兴建电动车厂。
2017-10-16 ArtNo.46102(48/51)
◆Electric vehicles: JSW inks MoU with Gujarat, to invest Rs. 4,000 cr

【Gandhinagar】JSW Energy Ltd, a division of the Jindal Group, will invest nearly Rs. 4,000 crore for setting up a manufacturing facility to make electric vehicles in Gujarat.
○Tesla talks with govt for India drive
○Battery revolution that will power e-cars(...続きを読む)
2017-11-14 ArtNo.46118(49/51)

2017-11-14 ArtNo.46119(50/51)

企業動静 Corporate Affair in 2017
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