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金融 Finance in 2014
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2014-09-05 ArtNo.45322(102/114)
◆RBI forecasts 5.5% growth for FY 15; but monsoons, geopolitics may play spoilsport
【KOLKATA】The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that the Indian economic growth is poised for a take-off amid signs of economic reforms, fiscal consolidation and projected improvement in investments.
○Expedite reforms to make India $4.5 trillion economy(...続きを読む)
2014-09-26 ArtNo.45344(103/114)
【ニューヨーク】インドの新政府が壮大な改革の全体像を明らかにするには多少時間がかかるかも知れない。新政権は目下500億~700億米ドルの停頓しているプロジェクトの実行に専念している。これらのプロジェクトは短期的に配当が望め、インフレ抑制や歳入の補填に役立つ。インド準備銀行(RBI:Reserve Bank of India)のラグラム・ラジャン総裁は、シカゴ・グローバル問題評議会(Chicago Council on Global Affairs)が5日シカゴで主催した催しにおいて『インドとグローバル経済』に関して講演した際、以上の見通しを語った。
2014-09-26 ArtNo.45345(104/114)
2014-09-26 ArtNo.45346(105/114)
◆Big-picture reforms in India may take some time, says Rajan
【New York】India’s new government may take some time to unveil “grand, big-picture reforms” as it is currently focusing on implementation of stalled projects worth $50-70 billion that will pay dividends in the short run by helping on the inflation and income fronts, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan has said during a speech on India and the global economy at an event organised in Chicago on the 5th of September by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
○Govt, RBI to make monetary framework: Rajan
○Jan Dhan Yojana opens a new door for RuPay gateway
○Jan Dhan Yojana: KPMG to validate number of accounts opened by banks(...続きを読む)
2014-12-12 ArtNo.45380(106/114)

2014-12-12 ArtNo.45381(107/114)

2014-12-12 ArtNo.45382(108/114)
◆GDP grows at 5.3% in September quarter

【New Delhi】For the quarter ended September, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 5.3 per cent, compared with 5.7 per cent in the previous quarter. However, the July-September quarter growth rate was higher compared to 5.2 per cent in the same quarter previous fiscal.
○April-Oct fiscal deficit at 90% of full-year target
○Forex reserves down by $672.4 million to $314.87 billion(...続きを読む)
2014-12-12 ArtNo.45383(109/114)

2014-12-12 ArtNo.45384(110/114)

2014-12-12 ArtNo.45385(111/114)
◆After record deal, more India bank takeovers on cards

【MUMBAI】India is set for more banking acquisitions after a record $2.4 billion takeover last week ended four years of a deals drought, as lenders fight for market share and wider reach amid looming competition from a new breed of players.
○RBI issues final norms for uniform payment collection system(...続きを読む)
2014-12-12 ArtNo.45386(112/114)

【ムンバイ】中央銀行Reserve Bank of India (RBI)は11月28日、『80:20』スキームとして知られる金輸入制限を即時撤廃すると発表した。
2014-12-12 ArtNo.45387(113/114)

2014-12-12 ArtNo.45388(114/114)
◆Reserve Bank scraps 80:20 norm for gold imports

【Mumbai】The Reserve Bank of India announced withdrawal on the 28th of November with immediate effect of the gold import restrictions popularly known as the “80:20” scheme.
 Introduced in August last year to control the country's widening current account deficit (CAD), the rule enjoined all gold importers to supply at least 20 per cent of the quantity brought in to jewellery exporters.
○Bank stocks cash in on oil's wild slide(...続きを読む)
金融 Finance in 2014
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