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解説/論評 Interpretation/Commentary in 2009
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元のページへ戻る ►2009-10-09 ArtNo.42727(51/65)
【ムンバイ】ハリヤナ州Manesar工場における労働争議の処理に取り組んでいるHonda Motorcycle & Scooter India(HMSI)は、今月の生産量が50%落ち込むものと予想している。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/42727.htm(...続きを読む)
◆HMSI sees sales skidding 50% in Oct due to labour issues
【Mumbai】Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is grappling with a labour issue at its Manesar plant in Haryana. As a result, the company estimates its two-wheeler production to crash by 50 per cent this month.
2009-10-09 ArtNo.42734(52/65)
【ムンバイ】計画委員会(Planning Commission)のMontek Singh Ahluwalia副委員長は7日、干魃の影響は当初予想したよりも軽微と語った。(...続きを読む)
◆Drought impact less than thought
【Mumbai】Impact of drought is less negative than thought earlier, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the deputy chairman of the Planning Commission said on October 7.
2009-10-16 ArtNo.42758(53/65)
【ニューデリー】国際的な人材管理コンサルタント会社Mercerは、『インド会員モニター計画(India Monitor membership programme)』の一環として実施した調査報告の中で、「不景気にも関わらず、2009年通年の昇給率は8%前後に達し、来年は10.9%の伸びが予想される」と見通している。(...続きを読む)
◆10.9% salary hikes likely in 2010
【New Delhi】Despite the economic recession, overall salary hike for 2009 will be around 8% and 10.9% for next year, says a survey, undertaken as part of management consulting firm Mercer's India Monitor membership programme.
2009-10-20 ArtNo.42769(54/65)
【ニューデリー】工業生産指数(IIP:index of industrial production)が8月に10.4%の目覚ましい成長を回復した背景には、今年4月に商業生産を開始したKrishna-Godavari(KG)海盆D6鉱区天然ガス田の貢献が存在する。(...続きを読む)
◆IIP's strong recovery fuelled K-G gas output
【New Delhi】Playing a key role in the index of industrial production's strong 10.4% growth in August was gas pumped from the D6 block of the Krishna-Godavari basin, which started in April.
2009-10-20 ArtNo.42771(55/65)
◆India Inc's profit to grow 23% this fiscal: CMIE
【New Delhi】Because of the improvement in the margins due to fall in input costs, India Inc is likely to witness a 22.8% growth in its profit after tax (PAT) in the current fiscal, despite slowdown in the global economy and bad monsoon.
2009-10-23 ArtNo.42773(56/65)
【ニューデリー】首相経済諮問委員会(PMEAC:Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council)は、干魃の影響で農業生産の下降が予想されているにも関わらず、2009-10年の国内総生産(GDP)が6.5%の成長を遂げるとの、これまでに発表された公式の予測値としては最も楽観的な見通しを発表した。(...続きを読む)
◆PM panel sees India's FY-10 GDP growth at 6.5%
【New Delhi】The Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council, headed by former Reserve Bank of India governor C Rangarajan, said it sees gross domestic product (GDP) expanding by 6.5% in 2009-10, the most optimistic official projection yet for growth in the fiscal to March 2010, despite bad monsoon affecting farm sector output.
2009-10-23 ArtNo.42775(57/65)
【ニューデリー】指導的自動車/耐久消費財/FMCG(fast moving consumer goods)ブランドのディーラーや小売り業者は、祝祭日シーズンがスタートする9月の販売がかなり大幅に増加したことから通年の販売目標を上方修正している。(...続きを読む)
◆Sep sales pick up by 30%, retailers upgrade targets
【New Delhi】The dealers and retailers of leading automobile, consumer durable and FMCG brands have noted that September, the first month of the present festive season, saw a substantial jump in sales for products across segments. They are now revising upwards their year-end targets, according to a survey conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
2009-11-03 ArtNo.42809(58/65)
【ニューデリー】Pranab Mukherjee蔵相は10月30日、「第2四半期と第3四半期の経済成長率を検討した上で出口戦略(exit strategy)を決める。このため2009-10年度末以前に景気刺激措置を停止することはない」と明言した。(...続きを読む)
◆Stimulus may not end by March: FM
【New Delhi】Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on October 30 clearly hinted that the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus packages might not come before the end of 2009-10 as he would take a call on the policy issue only after scrutinising the growth numbers of the second and the third quarters.
2009-11-10 ArtNo.42843(59/65)
【ニューデリー】ソフトウェア・サービス会社全国協会(NASSCOM:National Association of Software and Service Companies)の最新レポートによると、インドの情報技術(IT)企業は、カレッジ卒業生(college graduates:学士レベル)の90%、理工系学卒(engineering students)の75%の求職申請を、訓練に値しない(not good enough to be trained)として棄却した。(...続きを読む)
◆75% engineering students unemployable: Nasscom report
【New Delhi】Indian IT firms reject 90 percent of college graduates and 75 percent of engineers who apply for jobs because they are not good enough to be trained, National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) said in their recent report.
2009-11-20 ArtNo.42880(60/65)
◆Rebound in hotel occupancy in metros
【New Delhi】In a development that could be termed as the fastest turnaround for the hospitality sector, key metros in the country are once again facing a shortage of hotel rooms, compared with a 50% drop in occupancy at its peak last year.
2009-11-24 ArtNo.42885(61/65)
◆Strong local demand to drive commercial vehicle sales
【New Delhi】The strong growth momentum posted by the commercial vehicle (CV) segment in October is expected to further improve over the next half of the fiscal by the strong domestic demand created by the investments in infrastructure announced by the Government and the robust performance of the industry boosted by the continuation of the fiscal stimulus.
2009-11-24 ArtNo.42892(62/65)
◆China overtaking India in English usage:British Council
【London】India is falling behind China in its attempts to increase the use of English. China may now have more people who speak English than India, says the study by the British Council.
2009-12-04 ArtNo.42927(63/65)
◆Dubai crisis; Least impact on Indian workers
【Mumbai】After the Dubai crisis, although fears have been raised about the job situation in Dubai where Indians make up of more than 42% of the population, Indian employees seem to be not much impacted.
2009-12-11 ArtNo.42942(64/65)
【ニューデリー】このほど前任のAnil Kakodkar氏に代わり原子力委員会(AEC:Atomic Energy Commission)委員長に就任したSrikumar Banerjee氏は、「インドは核設備のグローバル・ハブに成ることができるが、適切な方式により後押しする必要がある」と語った。http://www.seanewsonline.com/seanews/fulltext/42942.htm(...続きを読む)
◆India can become a global hub for nuclear supplies
【New Delhi】"India can become a global hub for nuclear supplies. But the right sort of push is required", said Dr Banerjee who has just taken over the post of chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission from Dr Anil Kakodkar.
2009-12-11 ArtNo.42952(65/65)
◆India Inc will step up hiring next quarter: Manpower
【New Delhi】India Inc is all set to step up hiring in the last quarter this fiscal as employer hiring expectations across all industry sectors are improving in the first quarter of 2010, and job seekers in key sectors can look forward to the most favourable hiring environment in over a year.
解説/論評 Interpretation/Commentary in 2009
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